BEACHWAVER® PRO Rotating Curling Iron

This is the BEACHWAVER®. It’s a professional rotating curling iron that I invented and designed to make it easy for you to get
gorgeous hair at home. The BEACHWAVER® has a dualrotation technology. Theres a left and a right button based on the side your curling. Theres a digital temperature clock on the BEACHWAVER®. It heats up to a professional grade of 450º
degrees. It also has a Small custom designed clamp that actually holds the hair in at the bottom. The BEACHWAVER® has R30/70 speed rotation technology which means you can select the speed of the rotation. So to start, if it’s your first time or you have shorter hair you’re going to hold the L down for eight seconds. The digital temperature clock will flash low. and then it’s going at the slower speed. Select L to curl my left side. You can see I have a straight piece here. So you’re going to hold the BEACHWAVER® upright with the clamp facing in or facing the mirror. Hold it up. Take the hair, bring the hair over the iron never moves. It’s that easy. Then your going to clamp it at the bottom I usually leave a little bit of hair out and then I’m going to press go. you control it so it’s only rotating when you press that go button. You can even tap it just a little bit. You hold it just for a couple seconds, four, five seconds. and then you’re going to release the clamp and then you’re going to slide it out and you’re going to get a perfect wave every time.

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