Beachbody’s Shakeology My Review and Results

Hello Adrian and Naomi and all my friends
and workout buddies. Adrian and Naomi were asking me some questions about the SHAKEOLOGY
so I thought I would just tell you really quick my results with SHAKEOLOGY and some
of my friends. Now when I was a kid about 14 years of age
the doctors told my parents that I would continue to get bit by mosquitoes, and spiders and fleas
because my body does not assimilate vitamin B. So for years and years and many years all
the way up until five years ago I was constantly getting bit by mosquitoes spiders and fleas.
As a matter of fact, one morning I woke up I had over 100 bites on me between the mosquitoes
and spiders. I had to be rushed off to the hospital, into
the emergency room. And doctors were surprised they never have seen anything like it. As
a matter of fact the reason why I know it was exactly 106 bites because they counted
them, took pictures, and asked permission if they can use it in some kind of a medical
journal article that they were gonna try to get published. So I had all these pictures taken of me and that
Dr., This happened to me about 6 or 7 years ago, and that Dr. Told me the same thing that
the Dr. told my parents when I was 14. My body is not absorbing vitamin B. Well I started drinking SHAKEOLOGY and the
very first year I was drinking it I noticed I was not getting any more bug bites of any
kind at all. It was awesome! Also some other great results that happened
for me is; I was lucky if I ever got more than four HRS of sleep a night. Since drinking
SHAKEOLOGY I can get anywhere from 6,7,8 HRS a night’s sleep now. Another thing which is good but not so good
because it is inconvenient, is that I used to cut my nails once every two months, now
I have to cut then once every two weeks. My hair grows twice as fast, I use to get my
hair cut once every three months, now I have to get my hair cut once every six weeks. Now
these are some of the things I noticed from drinking SHAKEOLOGY. I have some friends that have fibromyalgia
and if you know anything about fibromyalgia there’s something they call an energy crash
and like brain fog. Since they have been drinking it they have no more energy crashes and they
say there able to think a lot clearer but some of them have to drink at least two doses
of SHAKEOLOGY a day to get those results. Now these are some of things that I have personally
experienced and some of my friends have experienced. But to answer your questions about SHAKEOLOGY
I felt the best thing to do was to leave a link in the description below. If you click
on that link you can go to my website that is dedicated strictly for SHAKEOLOGY. And
you can read about everything that you want to there and find out about how it was clinically
proven to be able to do the things that it says and does on the package. One more thing, if you think you do want to
get SHAKEOLOGY, don’t buy it at the retail! I didn’t. The reason why I enrolled as a coach
was to get the 25% discount prices on all of the Beachbody products. So if you are wanting to order your SHAKEOLOGY
then please please EMAIL me and let’s talk on the phone and I will share with you how
you can do it for the 25% discount. So take care and I wish you all the best on
your health and fitness journey and I will catch you later.

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