Beachbody THE 20s – Episode 1

Fitness leader Beachbody has discovered some
of the greatest super trainers in the world
like Tony Horton, Shaun T, Chalene Johnson,
and Autumn Calabrese. Now, for the first time ever, Beachbody is expanding
their demographic and looking
for a new Super Trainer. They are opening their doors
to a select group of trainers, all in their 20s,
to compete for the title of the next
Beachbody Super Trainer. After a nationwide
casting search and rigorous fitness tests… Cardio got me today. Oh, my armpits! The top 20 finalists
were brought to the Beachbody Hot House
in Los Angeles, where they will be
pushed to their limits in head-to-head challenges, while developing their own
20 minute workout programs as they try to prove
they have what it takes to win a guaranteed product
development contract with Beachbody, the chance
to change people’s lives, and the opportunity to make
millions of dollars. Let’s go! Push through it. Your vote will help
choose the winner. And in the end,
there will be only one. This is The 20s: The Search for the Next
Beachbody Super Trainer. Welcome, 20s, how you doing? Yes, I’m your host Dan Cortese. Now, after a nationwide search, you were handpicked
as the top 20 finalists to compete to become the next
Beachbody Super Trainer. Let me hear it. Let’s meet the founders who are behind
the billion dollar success of Beachbody,
Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. Hi, 20s, welcome. When we created Beachbody, we didn’t know it would grow
into this revolutionary thing. Meeting everybody
from Beachbody, well, that was inspiring,
’cause it was like, I’ve read about these people,
but to actually meet them, I was like, oh my goodness,
do I look okay? What started as just a business
turned into a mission to help as many people
as possible lead healthy fulfilling lives
by doing three things, staying active,
improving their nutrition, and sharing the experience
with people around them. And it started with me and Carl, Beachbody isn’t run
by a group of people who love working out
and eating right. That’s why this competition
is tricky. You are not trying
to impress people who love fitness. We are looking for someone
who can inspire people like us, people who don’t love it to get
started, and get real results. Along with a panel
of expert judges, that will surprise you
when we reveal who they are, all of us will communicate
through Dan and let you know how you’re
doing along the way. In the meantime,
good luck and have fun. All right. And if the program
you develop with Beachbody becomes the next
P90X, INSANITY, or 21 Day Fix, you have the opportunity to earn literally millions
of dollars a year in royalties, bonuses,
and appearance fees. Your life
will never be the same. Do you have what it takes? Yeah! I’m beyond excited to be here, this is like a trainer’s dream
to be at a place like this. What we’re doing now
is looking for someone new, specifically from a select group
of prospects all in their 20s. Over the next few weeks, you go
head-to-head in challenges that will test your abilities
and push your limits. Now, along
with your personality, performance, and presentation, each of you will be expected
to create and star in two original 20-minute
workout videos. Those two 20-minute
workout videos will prove if you have what it takes to become the next
Beachbody Super Trainer. As far as I’m concerned,
I’ve got this. I’m not worried.
I’m here to win. All right, guys,
that was the good news, but, obviously,
now for the bad news. There are 20 of you
standing here today, but only 11 of you will move
into the Beachbody Hot House behind me, to participate
in this competition. I am so afraid nine people
are going to be eliminated. I hope I’m not one of them.
I don’t want to be one of them. I want to fight
for my chance to be here. Next, all of you will meet
with our casting team and you’ll have one final chance
to prove to them that you have what it takes
to be a Beachbody Super Trainer. That casting team
holds your key to the house, so don’t hold anything back. The 11 of you who show
the most potential will immediately move
into the house. If you don’t wow us now, this would’ve been
a very quick trip. Let’s get things started. Everyone head
into the house gym and get ready to go show us
what you’ve got. Oh! Look at this! Okay! Now this feels like home, baby. Shakeology! Absolutely phenomenal
to be here, I still think I’m in a dream. Just being around people that love the same thing
that you love, are into fitness,
enjoy doing it. It’s definitely gonna be
a lot of competition. Oh! Heck, no. Is that a joke? Man,
so you’ll be like here and he’ll just be
like holding here and just learning
how to talk. We do abs. Yeah, pike ups. I’m dying to live in this house
and ultimately win the prize. Just envision this
on one of those. This is it, you know, I’m going
into the casting session, and this is gonna make or break whether or not I get
into the Hot House. Quinn, right this way
for your audition. All right! Excellent! I want you to introduce
yourself, your name, your age, where you live,
and where you are from. My name is Quinn Biddle. I’m originally
from Knox, Indiana, it’s a really small town. I’ve always had a passion
for athletics and fitness. Cardio got me today. How would becoming the next
Beachbody Super Trainer change your life? I come from, like the number one
poorest county in the state of Indiana,
13th in the nation. I’ve always wanted
to give back to my mom, because she took care
of me my whole life. When I was younger,
when I was 17 years old, my father passed away
from alcoholism. That was really tough
for my whole family. The main thing for me
is to become successful, so that way I can
take care of her the way she took care of me. Two, three, two. Thank you, I appreciate it. My name is Deron Delvalle,
and I’m 24 years old. I was originally born in Miami. My whole family is Colombian.
I started boxing at 13. And that’s when I was like,
you know what, one of these days I’m gonna
teach one of those classes. Left, right. Miami, baby,
this is what we do in Miami. When people first meet me,
they are probably like, man, this guy
is full of himself. If you got to second think
to take your shirt off, you are not in shape. Straight up. I’m confident like,
but with a splash of cockiness, you know, just a little
tight splash which is needed. I know I’m gonna have it. You know, so it’s just like, all right, there’s a process
in front of it, but I know I’m so confident
in this competition that I’m gonna win. I’m gonna be the next
Beachbody Super Trainer and the next era of fitness. This is The 20s: The Search for the Next
Beachbody Super Trainer. So are you training
at a gym right now, currently? My main thing, it’s been
a half-an-hour workout. It’s just that you
get in get out. Yeah, exactly. That’s what I’m working on. It is taking the hit training, but how can I get
the older generation to do it, how can I get the 16-year-old that’s never done a push-up
in her life. Everything in my life
has led up to this point. You know, I started
from a very young age, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, to doing all
of the Beachbody programs, as far Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, and then Tony Horton’s
P90X DVDs. I truly feel that I’ve learned
from the best. I do bikini. Well, can you show me
how to pose? Posing practice! Do it. – Okay. Well, show me the…
– Okay. Let’s look at the steps, okay? That’s not a catwalk. All right, and then we are just
taking one step forward, high kick. And then… Joe Carabase, 29 years old,
from Hartford, Connecticut. And I’m a body and life
transformation coach. You know, fitness is just like a natural kind of
conversion for me. I’ve grown up watching all
of these like alpha males, and I never really knew
about fitness. I just knew what I wanted
to look like. And I wanted to look like Rocky. I’m the next
Beachbody Super Trainer because I have the ability
to connect with all types of people. I know what it feels like
to not want to go and work out. And like really have to push
yourselves to get in the gym, go get like,
even if it’s 30 minutes. Looking around it’s a little bit
of both intimidation and a little bit of confidence. I do notice that I’m probably
one of the bigger girls. I think that they might take
that as a weakness, but I think it’s one
of my strengths. I teach physical education
and health to freshmen in high school. If you are trying
to get in shape, and I’m trying
to get into shape, why can’t we get
into shape together? It started off
when I was in sixth grade. I was diagnosed with scoliosis. So I was stuck in back braces. And I eventually
had spinal surgery, and I was told that I would
never be able to be fit or play contact sports. So that’s when I decided,
you know what, I’m gonna become a trainer and I’m going to be inspiration
for other people who have gone
through this surgery. I love that the girls
are better than the boys. Give me ten, ready? – Ten? Oh, my god!
– One, two, go. You are strong! I’m so sorry. Being the next
Beachbody Super Trainer will change my life, because I would, for one,
get to stop being a firefighter, which I love, but I’m
a personal trainer first. The fire department
is a boys club, and by me being a woman,
it is a little more extra that I had to do
to prove myself. The respect that I do get
from the guys now is because they’ve seen
my physical ability. You see that? You, you do pole? I do pole, contortion,
aerial fabric, I do everything. So I was like a circus person,
that’s my main thing. I’m Derick, I’m 25 years old. What do you think
your specialty is? Pole dancing,
that makes me different. I’m a male pole dancer. This is where I teach
my students the art of pole fitness. Hello, pole. They’re like,
“Are you a stripper?” I’m like “No,” never
a stripper, never will be, never had the desire to do that. Students get bored easily, so I try and keep them
entertained. And I have, I know
I’m having fun, they are having fun. I am the next
Beachbody Super Trainer. I thought everybody here
was single, I was like. Oh, really? Yeah, I’m hoping like… some of them are single. So at first, I thought
everybody was single, but that is not the case. But if Joe, Ajdin, or Deron
are single, I’d be very excited. This experience is interesting,
being a single guy, in a house full
of beautiful women. Some of which are single like
Shallamar, I believe is single. We had some good
connections already. We’ll see
how everything unfolds. Do you have
a favorite body part? Booties. I went from like pancake, nothing like back legs,
and I’m like… And I get a little
speed bump going on and that took a lot of work. It’s like I’m very proud of it. I’m gonna build a shelf. It’s gonna happen. It might take a few years,
but it’s gonna be there. You know, it’s got
a cup on there, and I’ll be like,
“Oh, right there.” Sorry. Hi, my name is Sabrina. I’m 27 years old and I live
in San Diego, California, I got stationed out
here in 2008, so… You mentioned you were
in the Marines, right? – Marines. Okay.
– Yes, yes. You have somebody at home? Yeah, my daughter
and her dad, we live together. That’s cool,
you have a daughter? – I do.
– Oh, my god. – How old is she?
– What’s her name? Nadia, she is five. It’s gonna be so hard to be
away from my family, but I know
this short amount of time that’s gonna take
to become Super Trainer could possibly
change my entire life, and I could give
my family a life that I’ve never dreamed of. Oh, this way. That’s it. How you feeling, good? Yeah, little bit nervous. This is The 20s, The Search For The Next
Beachbody Super Trainer. The one thing
that I bring to the table is I can relate to people
that don’t like to work out, because when I used to be
one of those people, I’ve been overweight. I’ve been bullied
because I was overweight. I can relate to so many people
in America right now that are over weight
and struggling. And let them know that my body
is attainable without drugs, you know. So, I was you. I mean I can’t say
what’s gonna happen. At this point, we’re all good. We’re all strong.
We’re all with it. But they’re gonna pick
who they think is the best and how they think we are all gonna
interact together, nine of us, almost half
of us are leaving. When you hear
you’re gonna be almost half, you start looking around
at each other like, “One of us
isn’t gonna be there.” And one of those 11
is gonna be the winner, and so it just really
puts the stakes on it. Hey, Beachbody,
I’m Taylor Lugash. I’m 26 years old. I’m here in my hometown
of Atlanta, Georgia. I’m so passionate
about helping people and being physical, and being like connected
to yourself emotionally, until where you can
believe in yourself to be physically better. Oh, 100 steps. My name is Michael Bradley,
I’m 28 years old. I do like gymnastics and stuff. And I was doing a trick and I landed on my head
and I broke my neck. That was probably the best thing
that actually happened to me, so I was just like lost. And then when I broke my neck, I just felt like I kind of had
a better understanding of who I was and like
what I wanted to be. So I used to be fat
while growing up. There’s more to you really. Yeah, like an eighth grader girl
asked me if I wanted to borrow
her sports bra for gym class. My name is Frank Mentier,
I’m 28 years old. I am the next
Beachbody Super Trainer because I know what it’s like
to be someone that is buying
a Beachbody program. It’s in my heart,
it’s in my soul. My name is
Raymond TJ Fahnbulleh, I was born
in West Africa, Liberia. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. After I got out of college, and I didn’t get drafted in NFL, so I decided to transition
into this fitness. You might be talented but you are not gonna
outwork me. I used to be the only
fit person in my family. My dad had always been
a tremendous athlete when he was like in high school, and then it just got
to be a certain point in his life
that he let all that go. He had a 42 inch waist. I turned him and I said like, “Daddy, I feel
so sorry for you.” That was the motivation
that he needed. My dad went from this at 47,
when I said that to him, to being a body builder
and going on stage at 50. I can’t believe
that I haven’t gone yet, and I just want to like, I want
to audition, I’m ready and… How are you feeling about it? – I don’t know, anxious.
– Yeah. But it’s more I’m excited
to just show them what I got, like this is what I do. And, you know, I should
feel good about that. I feel like I have what it takes
and I’m really wanting someone to believe in me as much as
I believe in myself. I’m originally
from Princeton, New Jersey. I’m a barre instructor
and a professional dancer. I’m so different
than everyone else. You don’t want 11
of the same type of trainer. If I were picking, I would want
a little bit of everything and I’m definitely so different. Today is the day
that we find out who is going to be staying
in the competition and who is gonna be
heading home. Hey, 20s, how are we doing? – Good!
– Yeah! As you all know,
there is only 11 of you that have really
impressed us the most with your personality,
presentation, and performance, to become
the next Super Trainer. And we’ll be moving
in to the Beachbody Hot House. If I call you name,
please step forward. Deron, please step forward. Megan D, please step forward. Rachel, please step forward. And TJ.


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