Beachbody Performance Line Pricing & Review

Hi, my name’s DAVE WARD and
I’m so excited to talk to you about, Beachbody’s new supplement line, the
performance line. This line of supplements is really designed
for athletes. People who want to get big, stronger, faster, quicker. Better functional
fitness and perform better in every, athletic area of their life. I am so
excited about this because I’ve been a coach, since the very beginning of 2007. I’ve
seen the company innovate over and over again. This new line is truly incredible. As an elite coach I had an opportunity
to beta test these line of supplements and I’ve been using them for two months
and I’m really, really impressed, after a long time using a lot of different
stuff. So here’s what we’re going to do. I want
you to watch this short video, it’s going to describe the different
supplements that are involved with the supplement line, then I’m going to come
back and I’m going to show you some, different ways you can save money on
this stuff. Be sure you stick around until, the end because if you do, I’m going
to show you how to save over $50 on the entire supplement line. Alright, let’s
do it. Alright, so hopefully that video has
you as excited about the performance line as I am after using it for a couple of months.
I’ve already noticed my workouts are harder, my recovery times are shorter, I’m faster
on my mountain bike and my road bike, and I’m super, super excited for ski
season, because that’s the big thing for me, something I really train hard for every
year and I’m looking forward to seeing what, the performance line can do for me as
far as athletic performance goes. So let’s talk about ways to save a little bit of
cash. The first one is Club Performance, Challenge Pack for $140 which is the
July special but I have a feeling they’re, going to continue that one. That gets
you Energize for pre workout, Recover, for post workout and a club membership.
So let’s talk about that really quickly. If you were to buy Energizer and Recovery
individually, they would cost you $119.90. The club membership is added in and so
you’re probably looking and going wait, $119 and $140, aren’t I paying more here?
Let me tell you what you’re getting, This is really more of a value play than
it is you saving money right up front. The club membership for $38.98 a quarter
gets you access to On Demand. I’ll talk about it really quickly. On
Demand, what we’re doing now, we’re known for our work DVDs and in-home
fitness. What we’re doing now is, we’re streaming those. Let’s say you
bought CIZE which is the new the Shaun T workout. When you buy that workout, it
gets unlocked in On Demand so you can, do that workout, you can stream it or
you can pop in the DVD. It’s up to you. I travel a lot so On Demand is fantastic
for me. I just go to my hotel, log into their Wi-Fi, pop up whatever
workout it is that I want to do that day and do it right there in their gym, which
is awesome. You can do it from your phone as well. Um, now what’s cool about On Demand
and why it’s got so much value, is there’s already a ton of content loaded
in there, that you don’t have to, separately buy, it’s yours for $38.98
a quarter, which is like $3 bucks a week. We’re talking P98X, X2, X3, Insanity,
Asylum 1, Asylum 2, Turbofire, ChaLEAN Extreme Brazil Butt Lift and the Master Series
and a ton of other workout DVDs, that are just loaded in there. Are you
bored with your workout? If you are, On Demand is a fantastic
option and this Challenge Pack thing is a huge value Here’s the other thing, when you
buy a challenge pack, if you decide at some point you want to become a coach, they’ll
waive the $40 sign up fee for coaches. So I wanted to give you the Challenge
Pack. Next we’re going to talk about some of the stacks. This thing is really where
the value is at though. Alright, the first stack is the Performance
Stack, it gives you Energizer for pre workout, Recover for post work
out for $109. Again if you were to buy those separately, which would be kind of silly
to do, you’d be paying $119, so you’re saving about $10 bucks. So if these two are
what you’re interested in, this becomes a pretty good value, but when you compare it to
what you’re getting with the Challenge Pack, there is so much more going on here.
Again, they’re going to waive that fee if you decide to become a coach. This is really
the better option between these two, but I’ll leave it up to you. Alright, third way you can save a little
bit of cash is the Advanced Performance Stack, for about $200. With that you get Energize
pre workout, Recover post work out, Hydrate, which is your during-exercise
electrolyte recovery drink and Recharge, which is nighttime monocellular protein
that you take at night and it helps you sleep. If you were to buy all of those separately,
again $224.80, so you’re saving like $25 bucks when you buy them as a stack.
If you kinda just do the math, it makes sense if you’re interested in
Energize, Recover and Recharge, that you just go ahead and get the stack
and get the Hydrate thrown in there, because it’s kinda a wash that way. So
that’s actually a really good deal with, the Advanced Performance Stack.We’ll
go the next one, which is the Ultimate, Performance Stack. Alright, here’s the
last stack, the Ultimate Performance Stack. It’s the Advanced Performance Stack,
plus Creatine. So Energize, Recover, Hydrate, Recharge and Creatine. So a
little bit more complete stack. A lot of women don’t want to take Creatine,
they’re concerned it’s going to, kinda of pump their muscles up or whatever.
We’re guys, we want the Creatine, I personally take the Creatine,
I like it, I think it helps with hydration, if you’re an endurance athlete a little bit. So I take Creatine
as well so this is the stack I have, been taking and I will be continuing
to be taking. It’s $214.95. Again, if you were just going to buy all of
these separately, that’s $244. So when you get them in a bundle you’re
saving about $30 bucks. So the Ultimate Performance Package gives
you everything in the line. I know that video didn’t talk about the
Creatine. The Creatine is included, as well. It didn’t talk about it because
you’ve already had that in our supplement line for quite some time and I wanted to focus
on the new stuff. I have one more way for you to save a
bundle of money which is the best deal, on the four that I’m going to show you.
Here it comes. Alright, here’s the best deal in town.
It’s to become a Beachbody coach. I’m going to show you the crazy discounts
you get on all these stacks if you become, a coach. Why? Because you’re going to
get a 25% discount on everything. Not just this stuff, but Shakeology,
the workouts, everything Beachbody produces, you get a 25% discount on. So if you
want workouts too, this is an absolute no brainer To become a coach. Now it says here $40
or free. How would you get it for free? Remember, this guy up here? If you get
the Club Performance Challenge Pack, they waive this $40 fee. So this actually
is more like $100 bucks, right? Because it’s $140 but you’re getting
$40 of value included, alright? So you’re still going to pay $140 for
it but they waive the fee so that’s the deal here is to start yourself with the Club Performance
Challenge Pack. Now, you don’t need to become a coach
when you buy the Challenge Pack. If you just want to check out the supplements
and you want to check out the club membership and you don’t have to become
a coach now and at any point you can, upgrade and they’ll waive that $40 fee.
There is an ongoing $16 a month fee to be a coach, that’s just part of being a coach.
Let’s take a look at the discounts you can, expect to get if you decide to become
a coach. $109.90, that’s out, and we’re going to go to $82.46. That’s
a lot less. $199 is out. It’s $149.96. Sorry I had to consult my cheat sheet there.$149.46,
you’re saving like $50 bucks, on this Advanced Performance Stack which
has almost everything but the, Creatine in there, if you become a coach.
And again, if you start with this, you’re not going to pay this $40 fee. Here
we go to $161.21, which is a $54 or so discount on the entire line of
supplements. So here’s the deal. This is what I am recommending you do.
You start here with the Club, Performance Challenge. You get the Energize
pre workout, you get the Recover, post workout, you get the club membership.
Keep in mind that you’re going to be, $38.98 per quarter but you can cancel
that if you wanted to. You can just try that out if you don’t like it, cancel it, still
sign up to be a coach and then get whatever other supplement package you want. This one
has a ton of value, especially at that cost. You know if you go look at some of the
other supplements that are out there that, are comparable, that is a very, very
competitive price. This is where it’s at. And here’s something else, alright? Here’s
an income opportunity. Being a coach, is not just about getting a discount.
That’s a nice little benefit to that, but if you want to learn to do what
I do, I practiced law for 10 years before I did this business and I am making about
5 times as much money doing this as I was practicing law and I was doing really
well, working for the 8th largest law firm in the world at the time. There is a
legitimate income opportunity that I can show you how to do. Alright, so here’s what I
want you to do right now. If you already have, a coach, go talk to your coach. Get
ahold of them, tell them you saw my video, or you saw the Performance line and you’re
really interested in what we have to offer and particularly, you’re probably interested
in becoming a coach. If you don’t have a coach, send me an
email. My email’s right here on the screen, it’s [email protected] My
name is DAVE WARD and I’ll get back to you, and we can talk about this option or
any of these other options and I can answer any questions that you might have because
again, I’ve been using these supplements for, two months, I’m really, really happy
with them and if you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me even
if you have a coach already, it’s totally fine I will respect that
and hope you will reach out to your person, and thank you for taking the time to
watch this video. I hope I’ve saved you a little bit of time in breaking all this stuff down
and kinda showing you the numbers. Have a fantastic day. I look forward
to hearing from you and helping you with your health and fitness goals.

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