Beachbody On Demand Annual Accessvs Quarterly Membership Review

hi it’s Bethany Lyn from the fitness
focus and in this video we’re going to be going over the differences between
Beachbody on demand All Access Pass and there quarterly membership I hope you
enjoy and if you have any questions at the end please leave a comment below and
I’ll make sure to answer now that the annual All Access Pass and the quarterly
membership include the same programs here’s what you can expect to see as
soon as you log into your account you will notice there are a ton of programs
which means a ton of workouts which means you will never get bored and this
is coming from someone who gets bored easily now one thing I really like is
that you can customize your workouts you can choose the fitness level the amount
of time you have the type of workout you feel like doing for the day or even a
trainer and when you get these programs it’s not just you’re getting the
programs you’re also getting the materials that come with the program so
it is a total health and fitness solution let’s just take a look at the
21 day fix for example you’re not just getting the workouts you’ll see you get
all the workouts including the ones that would come with the upgrade and then here we go with the program
materials which has everything from the calendar the three day quick fix tally
sheets the food list eating plan and it’s even an espanol and that’s a program that’s already been
released so you have access to that but one other thing you should note is that
you also will have access to the new programs that are being released but you
won’t have the materials or the workout list just yet until the program is
released as you can see shift shop is coming soon at this point in time
another thing you’ll get with Beachbody on demand is the challenge du jour
option which just is you will do a different workout every day today’s
workout is resistance one from 22-minute hardcore tomorrow it could be a workout
from p90x Brazil Butt Lift 21 day fix it changes day to day but it gives you a
well-rounded routine if you choose to go that rope by now you might be curious about what
the difference exactly is between the quarterly membership in the annual
all-access pass and right now it’s only the price you’re either paying a
one-time annual fee or you’re paying smaller quarterly payments as you can
see there are a couple options when you buy the annual all-access pass you can
either purchase the Shakeology Beachbody on demand challenge pack or you can also
just purchase the on-demand membership which is $99 with the challenge pack
you’re saving a ton of money as you can see you’re saving $115 and when you’re
doing the on-demand membership it’s saving $57 but then you don’t get
Shakeology a couple things also about Beachbody on demand is you will get
access to the fixate cooking show that’s the only place you’ll be able to
see it which is really good we end your free personal coach like me who will be
there to guide and support you throughout your fitness journey other
purchasing options are the three-month challenge pack which is the quarterly
all-access pass with Shakeology then you have the six month plan so you’d build
semi-annual for $59 and the three month standalone plan which is $38.87 over three months every three months the good news is all
options include a 30-day money-back guarantee
except for the quarterly all-access Beachbody on demand membership which you
actually get a free 14-day trial that you can try out and the good news is
that even if after your trial you would like to upgrade to the annual all-access
pass you have that option and finally just a couple links if you
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youtube channel for new videos and if you’d like to learn more about the
14-day Beachbody on demand free trial there’s the link to my blogpost also to
the right for a couple videos including my official piyo review thanks for

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