Beachbody Health Bet

Hey everybody! So, September is just around the corner and
it’s a great time to get healthy and to start a new program if you haven’t already or to
continue program if you have. Beachbody is doing this great thing called
The Beachbody Health Bet. What it is, is that Beachbody has put up 1
million dollars and for every challenge pack that has been sold from the end of July to
the end of August Beachbody has added an extra five dollars to that million dollar pot. So, what does this have to do with us and
what does that have to do with you? If you join a challenge group that Mary Lang
and I are going to run along with our team you have to log 5 shakes a week for those
four weeks and 3 workouts a week for those four weeks. From September the 5th to October the 2nd
that is the duration of the challenge. If you do that and you follow those guidelines,
you log those 5 shakes and log those 3 workouts in the tracker that we will help you get through
our challenge group then you will get an equal portion of that pot from Beachbody. So its just a way to help people and encourage
them to get out and workout and eat healthy and drink those shakes and have some fun while
doing it. And you can get paid a little extra money. But better than that you will be part of a
great group with support and recipes and help and encouragement and you will,be getting
healthy for 30 days. Its a great way to encourage people and so
we hope you come join us. If you want in or you want more information
about the Health Bet challenge coming up next week. Then go ahead and leave us a message down
below, a comment, personal message us and we hope we can get you going and we hope you
join us!

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