Beachbody Coach Training Tip #15 – Your Why

Hello Beachbody coaches and friends! Are you
stuck in a rut? Two main things about us being a Beachbody coach are us getting healthy and
fit and inviting others to do the same! If you’re stuck in your health and fitness
journey then you need to re-look at your why. Why you want to get your pre baby bearing
body back, and men; why you want to lose that gut! Why are you doing this? A lot of times we don’t think about why we’re
doing this. And when you don’t have a reason why to drive you, then you won’t reach your
goals. Your why needs to set you on fire! If you’re not on fire then the why you started
out with is not your real why.The same goes with building your Beachbody coach business. You are going to yoyo back and forth on your
health and fitness and on inviting people to the Beachbody business. So I want to encourage
you to dig deep inside yourself and find that why that will set you on fire! What would it mean to you to get over some
health issue you might have? To have more energy again! To be able to fit into those
jeans again! To run around the park with your kids and not be tired! What would that mean
to you? I can give you the best workout program, the
best nutrition, an awesome workout group, all the training you will need to succeed
as a Beachbody coach but until you dig deep inside and have your reason why you want do
this, it just won’t happen. So think about why you want to get healthy
and fit and why you really want to be a six figure, seven figure, income earner as a Beachbody
coach and apply the Beachbody coach training tips that I have previously given you. Also for accountability purposes repost in
our fitness group why you want to get healthy and fit. And in our coach group why you want
to be a successful Beachbody coach. Make your why you’re driving force! Now if you are not yet a Beachbody coach click
on the link in the description, what is team Beachbody coaching? And after watching that
video, you like it and are interested, contact me, I would love to have you as a part of
our team! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more
Beachbody training tips and exercises. You all have a fantabulous day!


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