Beachbody Coach Essential Skills (Part 2)

>>DAVE: What’s up guys? Dave Ward here continuing my video series answering your questions about being a Beachbody coach and I wanna just, again, start by thanking you. This has been really fun because I’m getting people who are messaging me with questions. So please keep that up. You can either send me an email at [email protected] or just post a comment wherever you are watching this video and I will make sure you get your questions answered. So, this is really Part 2 of what is probably gonna be…I don’t know how many parts is gonna get done but, I got kinda a really broad question about what are the essential skills that you need to have in order to become a Beachbody coach. And really, more importantly, a successful Beachbody coach, right? Like signing up as a coach is really pretty simple. You need a credit card and a social security number and if you’ve got those things, you’re good to go. And so, the question’s really broad. I could spend a lot of time. Instead I’m just gonna break it up into little segments. I think one of the most essential skills that you need if you’re gonna be successful as a Beachbody coach is communication. Communication is so important. The ability to one-on-one with people. Make a connection and make those people feel really, really important is just something that is essential. I mean it really is…it really is one of the most essential skills. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to be, you know, super articulate or, you know, some master, you know, psychologist or anything like that. What it does mean is that there are some essential skills of…related to communication you need to learn. I didn’t have those skills when I started in this business. I can remember actually when I first told my wife, “Hey, you know what? You’re doing really well with this Beachbody coaching thing. I think maybe I wanna be a Beachbody coach and I think that’s what I wanna do full-time.” And, you know, I was like 10 years into my…or, I guess about eight years into my law practice at that point, and her first thing was, “You know, that’s great, but you’re not very good with people, and in order to be successful with this business, you gotta be good with people.” And, I thought…okay, so that’s true and she was right. How do I get good with people? And, the thing of…the conclusion that I came to was I needed to learn some communication skills. So, I had…I was very fortunate. I had a good mentors, including my wife. And, all of them told me the same thing, which was just that you need to get better at communicating with other people. Now, how do you do that? Well, I did a lot of different things. I’ve been to a lot of seminars, I’ve read a lot of books, listened to a lot of books as well. Learning more about people and becoming a real student of people is what has helped me to become a good communicator. So, the first thing was learning personality types, right? I read Florence Littauer’s book “Personality Plus.” “How to Understand Yourself by Understanding Others,” I think that’s the one. There’s a whole series of these “Personality Plus” books, but that’s kind of the big one. I read that book. I read actually a couple other books. You know, there’s “Personality Plus
for Spouses” that I read. I read the one about how to communicate with your kids. 3:14>>Alright? “Personality Plus for Parents” I think is what it’s called. A lot of seminars. Danny Johnson’s seminars, you know, where Danny breaks down what she calls “gems,” which are very similar to the personality types and Personality Plus. You know? There’s a lot of different ways that people talk about these personality types. I’ve studied at least three of them. But, they all really fall in the four major personality types of, you know, the people who are Type A controller people. Your, you know, analytical type of people who think a lot. You know, your life of the party type of people, and then your more helpful sympathetic sort of others-focused types of people. Being able to recognize each one of those different personalities is just a skill and, like any skill, you can learn how to do it. You know? Four years ago I didn’t know how to surf and now I do. Why? Because it’s just a skill. And, if you go and you, you know, you really wanna learn something and then you put in the time to go learn it, you can do that. Communication is just the same. And it’s really, really important, to in our business, because our business…if you have seen the other video maybe where I laid out a hypothetical organization on a white board, you can see it’s a lot of people. I mean, you know, and there’s a big team of people and learning how to communicate with those…that many people is so, so important. I just had a conversation with a coach that I mentor the other day and he was asking me, you know, he wanted to make changes to sort of the culture of how his team was developing. Had some concerns about, you know, are we going in the right direction? And I said, “You know what I think you should do before you do anything… is the first thing you should do is sit down with the leaders on your team and get some buy-in from them. Because maybe they think it’s going in a great direction and when you try to take it in a different direction, they’re
gonna be real confused about what you’re doin’.” Okay? So important to have open, honest communication with people. This was something I really struggled with. I had a very hard time being honest with people. Okay? So if I was coaching you and I saw something that I knew was holding you back, whether that’s your not focusing on your fitness, and that can make this business more difficult than it needs to be, or you’re maybe ranting on Facebook, okay? Whatever it is that I see that was holding people back, I wasn’t able to tell them and give them that feedback ’cause I just didn’t know how to do it. Okay? Again, another skill I had to really learn because that is super, super important. If you’re gonna mentor people, you have got to have the ability to be honest with them and be able to communicate with them… what it is that they need to change or improve on. That doesn’t mean they’re gonna do it. You know? The first video I filmed in this series, I talked about having an entrepreneurial mindset. People have gotta decide to change. They’re either going to or they’re not going to, but my job as the sponsor and my job as the mentor, is to tell you what I see that needs to change. It’s also to tell you what I see that’s working for you and help you get better at that. But the other one, that’s pretty easy… telling people what they need to change is much, much harder and it’s a really important skill that you’re gonna have to nail if you wanna be a successful Beachbody coach. Alright, guys…once again, thank you for the questions. Please keep ’em coming in. Specificity is good. General questions like “What are the essential skills?” are gonna force me to kind of break things down. I’m really just looking to answer your questions whether you’re considering becoming a coach right now, or you’re already a coach and you want more information on how to get better. Let me know, I’m happy to help. Thanks again for your time. Have a great day.

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