Beachbody Business Opportunity – My Alarming Wake Up Call

Hey my friends what’s up This is Coach Bob with Sweet Life Fitness and Team Sweet Life Beachbody Coaches settlers Beachbody Coaches an I started
thinking about something shouldn’t thinking about 20 2008 during
the 2008-2009 the economy was so bad this this week
America handed lately I speak the gunfire but it was nice to my
friends did not beachbody business opportunity there were layoffs downsizing I was
being kinda hair lives being torn apart scared me a
lot and just recently I was thinking about
that I was thinking back if I wanna got laid off in 2008 that was my only source to become a
full-time job and I wouldn’t high and dry there was no plan B the
plan anyways the plan so it comes down to be funny Persian and let’s say you want to become a
Beachbody Coach are you thinking about becoming a perch maybe you who are you you gonna think
about do you want to do this do you want to
make some income do you want to get the opportunity do you want to maybe because I’m
encourage one another one thing about this for I have to do this I have to be calm
something more beachbody business opportunity I have to inspire other people I have to
earn an income and you know what have to is much more
powerful much more serious than I want he’s won it it is very kind to do it you
dream about you but I think about you many days about it but you know if you
have to you can supplant and this year’s method of operation get
there and think about what you have to do this
think about what I share if you have a plan and a and that plan and fortunately
participate have to lay off or downsized I don’t
wish it on anybody but we got to be realistic that’s the happen what is the plan B my plan a bales my plan B will take over a plan B
is Beachbody it can be where you want to be but if
you look on to become occurred this is something to get serious about
something to think about as well Beachbody business opportunity those nights they just don’t know what
the business that they just feel it thing about why you have to do
this your sure it’s a to bounce at the well yes
but is also the legacy for your family it’s a legal legacy up under the care
about and so help inspire other people to live a healthy and fulfilling life there a lot about succeeding I want
you to as well whether you’re already occurred or not
but we need to do is going to retrain your mind to think I have to do this because is something
that will be beneficial to my life and to my future that doesn’t mean you
become why those annoying p90 excursion or do I
have to do snooping you are you were here how
here’s why because that is frustrating to be an
ongoing salesperson he some readers genuine that kieres that
takes this as a serious opportunity to be
successful that’s the key that’s what is always been about sure
your journey in your struggles Gaza Strip with work on all the time I
lost 70 pounds back in the day a city a floppy attache guy now a littler shape it I struggle a lot
there were times early my work and I can’t even finish my workout their times in the past three nights
camping out this business there are times these things are going to happen
but guess what the failure is what leads to success
every single time and that’s something to think about that
always think about what can I do to share my struggles with other people
because that is more genuine that is more real that helps move people
connect with you so you can become successful Gloucester
people that pay Hossa look at me I’m better than you I’m kicking butt I
did it why can’t you oh you too lazy excuses they will not
don’t worry about that stuff is I if you should go with me I’d like go
away don’t care I don’t like you but instead
I say you know what I i’ve been there before I know the struggle I’m currently in this trial you know
I’ve gone through a journey and I’m here to help you will of human
well are in this together all of family and will call at: so I see you at the top Beachbody if
you’re not already a Beachbody Coach in your interest in joining the team like
to sleep in this click the link below and you can get
involved into account free presentation when I walk into
everything that has to do with our team Team Beachbody everything in between but
I hope you come now you have this video I hope it helped inspire you to say you
know what that is true is something that maybe it
maybe if you’re just one is right now we’re not really going after him because
you have to do it the think about that for a second thing
about why it matters: to you your family entire life thanks
for watching guys have an awesome awesome day with the Beachbody Business Opportunity

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