Bauer Vapor 1X Gloves // Locker Room Review

What’s going on guys? This is Chris with Total
Hockey. Today I’m gonna talk about the Bauer Vapor
1X Gloves. Free Flex Cuff This pad is segmented above your wrist to
offer full range of motion. 37.5 Technology This fabric dries up to 5 times faster than
similar fabrics by helping to evaporate moisture. Free Flex Lock Thumb A flexible lock thumb is pretty standard in
the industry but the 1X Vapors actually have a dual segmented feature that gives you additional
flexibility. Triple Density Protection A combination of XRD mid-density and AEROLITE
Foam technology allows for ultimate mobility and provides enhanced lightweight impact protection. Tapered Fit and 3-Piece Index Finger Most gloves just have one break in the index
finger. This glove has two breaks which provide additional mobility. With a wider fit in the cuff and standard
fit throughout the fingers, the Vapor 1X offers maximum control with ample wrist mobility. This fit represents the most popular Bauer
fit on the market today. Ax Suede Quattro Grip Palm Triple fiber blend construction provides an
exceptionally soft feel with superior abrasion properties. Additional grip coating has been added to
provide an enhanced feel and stick control. You guys can find the Bauer Vapor 1X Glove
at or at your local Total Hockey store. Make sure you hit that thumbs up if you liked
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