Basic Aqua Fitness & Pool Workouts : Adding Arm Exercise to Aqua Fitness Workouts

Okay, in this segment we’ve just finished
up running; our heart is pumping, blood is flowing, we’re totally warmed up and we’re
ready to go. So we’re going to kind of cool down. You burn fat a lot quicker when your
heart rate is jumping up and down, up and down. So that’s why it’s good to change up
your workouts and isolate from high impact to a little bit lower impact. So we’re going
to meet more into the center of the pool, about waist deep where you’re comfortable
with where there’s enough resistance so that we’re actually still getting our workout.
We’re going to keep that heart rate going, we don’t want it to completely stop. So we’re
going to continue on. Still doing our high knee in the pool except we’re going to be
stationary this time. We’re not going to be moving from one end to the other. Now to change
this workout up we’re going to add in small circles. You’re going to put your arms out
horizontally and just rotate small circles forwards all while doing some high knee lifts.
Continue going. You can alternate doing bigger circles, smaller circles, bigger circles and
then you can even turn directions. You can go backwards, changing the muscles that we’re
working on. Now remember it’s so important to keep your core completely tight the entire
time while we’re doing all of the arm movements back and forth. Now you should be continually
running. I know it’s a lot to think about but think how much you’re doing for your body
and how much good this workout really is going to do.


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