Ballet Technique – Posture in parallel

The music is recorded. There will be royalties on it. Hello ! Hello ! So, today we’re going to talk about placement And we are going to explain why it is so important to have a good placement if you’re a ballet dancer or any kind of athlete. There you go ! So, why ? Well, first: it looks much better. See! It speaks for itself. Then, there is no movement possible, no dance possible, no coordination possible without proper placement, which comes with postural alignment! You postural muscles are not under voluntary command. So you need to give them directions all the time, all the time, all the time. And you need to think about it. So what directions: crown of the head, foramen magnum, crown of the head, Spock’s ears, very important. You must think if necessary, to slide your ribs back, the last ribs at the back and to reach them towards the ceiling, and to relax the quadratus lumborum here so that your pelvis tilts back and naturally levels itself. When you are in alignment the ear hole, the shoulder, the greater trochanter that is here, the knee when you’re in parallel, turn in parallel, and the malleolus, so 5 points, one, two, three, four, five, aligned! And that’s all the time. Of course it requires some adaptations depending on your movements. You must adjust your posture to always be straight. There you go, and there you free up your gesture muscles. If your postural muscles control your joints alignment you free up the other muscles under voluntary command hence, your movement will be better, better coordinated. And in ballet, or for any other athlete, it’s not because of your body abilities, it’s not because you can lift your legs it’s not because of incredible extensions that you are a great dancer. It will be because you’re well coordinated, so the coordination, especially in ballet, is essential. You must think about it. Also the dancer, unlike the musician, must build their instrument. Your body is your instrument. The musician goes to the shop and buy their instrument. You, you must build your instrument. If an instrument is misaligned, it will be out of tune. And it’s important to be in tune. Otherwise: you get no job! So you must think about it.


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