Back and Arms Workout at Home No Equipment

– Hey guys in today’s video we are doing a back and arm workout at
home with no equipment. If you wanna know the best
diet and training program for you, then don’t forget
to check out the quiz below. (energetic music) Okay guys for this routine we’re doing 30 seconds on
back-to-back per exercise. So for the first one arms up and we’re just gonna be pulling down. So what I want you to
do with this movement is really squeeze your
shoulder blades together. So you just wanna bring
it down and squeeze. Really feel like there’s a force there that you’re pushing down on. We really wanna be working on
the back and shoulders here, so keep squeezing. (electronic dance music) Great work guys. Next move is just push those arms forward. So again, I want you to use some force, have your palms flat facing forward and just push forward and back. When you’re coming back, again, really squeeze those
shoulder blade together and push forward with some force. (electronic dance music) Keep that navel sucked in
guys, and remember to breathe. Great, now we’re just gonna
be slapping those arms up. So I want your palms
facing towards the ceiling, and you just wanna lift up, up, up. Do not drop those arms, guys. (electronic dance music) Great work, guys. And now let’s switch over
in a minute and slap down. So keep going, and down that’s it. Really slap down with some force here. This is really gonna burn those arms out. (electronic dance music) Great work guys, and now
you’re just gonna punch forward and up, so two forward, two up. You just wanna alternate
between those arms. Again, we wanna be using force. Keep that navel sucked in, and remember to breathe in and out. (electronic dance music) Up, up, out, out, that’s it guys. Keep going. Have fun with it, keep smiling. (electronic dance music) Let’s go straight down into a plank, guys, and all I want you to do is bring those hands back and down. So you want your palms to
be facing to the ceiling, switch it back, and then come
back down to a plank position. Keep that navel sucked in, you don’t want your bum too high or too low. You really wanna keep yourself grounded and your core engaged. (electronic dance music) Fantastic work. Switch arms, we’re just gonna be pushing them in front of ourselves now. So lift the arm up and down. Up and down. (electronic dance music) (house music) Great work, guys. Come to all fours and all I want you to do is use one arm and pull it
back like you’re rowing. That’s up, down, up, down. That’s it, really use some force here. Really pull it back. Switch arms. (house music) Back to the first arm, two. Other side, two. Back to the same arm, and the other one. One, two. Great work guys, come all
the way down to the floor, we’re gonna be doing supermans. So all I want you to do is
lift your bum up and down. Lift your shoulder blades up and you just gotta keep that
core touching the floor. Make sure to exhale on every lift. That’s it guys, keep going
you’re doing so well. You’ve only got one more exercise left. Amazing and for the final one, you’re doing snow angels. So all I want you to do
is do not touch the floor the entire time. Keep those legs up, and you’re just gonna open and close them and your arms are gonna come round and down. So just imagine that you’re
doing some snow angels. So keep going, keep breathing. And that’s it, guys. Well done completing
your short, but intense, back and arm workout at home. So if you liked this video,
then don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Just click on the button below. And if you wanna know the
best diet and training program for you, then check out the
quiz in the description box. Now I wanna turn over to you. Which one of these workouts
did you prefer the most? Did you like the classic supermans? Or did you like the punches
where we were alternating? Let me know in the comments below. (electronic dance music)


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