Ayurveda, Ojas and Okinawa by Yoga Energy

One of the most striking impressions
Okinawa leaves to its visitors is the vitality of the older population — you see
them everywhere walking, riding their bicycles working in the yard mingling
with children fending for themselves and their community,
while having a permanent smile on their glowing face. In Ayurveda this is a book
picture of healthy ojas. Ojas, according to Ayurveda, is that vital essence of our
body, that which gives us vigor. Ojas is not something that can be touched or
precisely measured. Ojas is felt, perceived, experienced. Ojas is physical,
mental, and emotional strength, stamina and resilience. Ojas is physical, mental
and emotional immunity. Ojas is the result of really respecting this life
and being grateful for it. Ojas is something we are born with and something
we can develop. The prerequisite for healthy ojas is a healthy digestive fire,
a healthy agni, Fortunately a healthy digestive fire, or agni is something we
have full control over — we can choose what we put in our body and in
our mind — yes it is called food for thought for a reason! Ayurveda says
that there are specific foods and specific practices that are highly
conducive to strengthening our digestive fire, our agni. Interestingly enough some
of these practices are completely free such as walking outside during daylight
for at least 20 minutes a day preferably without sunglasses and engaging in some
sort of regular body weight training or physical activity. Looks like the
Okinawans have it all figured out! For in-depth exploration of the ojas
and other timeless Ayurvedic principles visit our training library at SpartanMind Strength.com Until next time much much love from both of us! By the
way what else would you like to know about in terms of Ayurveda? Let us know
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