Autism Fitness Activities for Children with Autism to do in the Classroom

Thank you for continuing to watch this
workout series and what we’re gonna show you is an activity that you can do in the classroom before you go to the gym or the gymnasium or any physical activity environment with
us again of course is champion Dylan. Dylan would you say hi? Hi Say hi to everyone out there! Hi everyone! And of course coach Ashley and as I was mentioning we want to start sometimes in the
classroom to do activities because the gym can be very un-sensory-friendly and truly probably is one of the unsensory friendly environments in the school think about all the bright
lights sometimes there’s a flickr in that light which would could cause major distress and distraction for our children or adults. Also the sound echoing, all these things are some things that we may never experience or understand but these are things that we’re learning through individuals like Rachel who’s been on to share her experiences and all the the time that we’ve spent with these kids and the activity that we’re going to show you is one at Dylan’s favorites which is soccer And what are you and coach Ashley gonna do? Coach Ashley do you want to just take him through how you would set it up in the classroom. Absolutely. So in classroom we use the visual supports as well so they know exactly what direction they’re gonna be kicking the ball in and you actually color code as well, a red ball blue ball and yellow ball, so depending on the level at which a student is at to keep their
engagement and to keep them motivated color is also one of our motivating factors in exercise. So we have a red ball blue ball and yellow ball so I’ll actually put them in front of Dylan Alright Dylan can you kick the red ball? Nice job! Ready? Okay let’s go back Can you kick the blue ball? Nice job Dylan! What’s the last ball that you’re gonna kick? Yellow. Can you kick the yellow ball? Soft. Thank you so much! Very good! So doing that is really a good way like you said to educate children on their colors and if they’re trying to
learn it so and that’s what we’re seeing through research is learning through moving and again now let’s do it again. Now which foot did you kick with? His right foot? He kicked with his right foot Alright so now, Dylan do you know which one you’re left foot is? What is that? Very good. How about we kick with our left foot. Can you stand on your feet? Coach Ashley why don’t you take him through it again with his left foot Left foot. Ready? Can you kick the yellow ball? Nice job. Good listening Can you kick with your left foot the red ball? Thank you Dylan. And what’s the last color ball you’re gonna kick? What color was that? Blue. Can you kick the blue ball with your left foot? Thanks Dylan! Nice job. Well done Nice job buddy. So again we’ve said this in other segments is if you do something with their dominant side challenge them on
there non-dominant side if you do something forwards, backwards
That was excellent Dylan are you tired? Did we work you out too much? And remember always use any type of visual supports in all the series
in all the shows you’ve been watching we’re using different types of supports so whatever works best for your student. If there’s something that we haven’t shown you or there’s
something that you doing with your students thats a different structure different
visual different activities share with us, share with us the exercise
connection share with everyone at NCHPAD we want you to become better educators
but we also need your support. Every child with autism are different, they’re all unique I should say unique in their own creative ways so there may be something that you’re doing that we haven’t shown you, but share with us don’t forget always challenge autism
with exercise Can we say goodbye to everyone out there? Goodbye! See you next time


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