Author: Herman Swinney

LEGO is great for mouldmaking

En un par de semanas estaremos en el festival Internacional cine de Annecy intentamos ir cada año para descubrir nuevos cortometrajes, encontrarnos con nuestros amigos hacer negocios y cargar las pilas para seguir a tope todo el año y este año será muy especial, porque vamos a estar en un stand con Citoplasmas, así que

Why Some Men Can’t Grow Beards

Hi I’m Jules And I’m Julian And I’ve been growing my beard for 8 hours (months). What?! Minutes! Hi there follicly challenged friends, Jules here for Dnews. Its 2016, and beards have become ubiquitous. Forcing hundreds of hairs out of the bottom of your face has almost become a prerequisite in hip cities like Brooklyn,

Gentle Yoga for Bigger Bodies

Hi! I’m Zelinda. I’m the founder of The Yoga Room and today Denisse is with me she’s a friend of mine and she’s also a team member here at The Yoga Room. Today we’re doing Gentle Yoga for Bigger Bodies. Let’s go ahead and get started. So, go ahead and come up onto your mat,

Elise: Unlearning Bad Habits

When we come to the mat, we can exhale out the stress and worry, and realize that we don’t have to carry with us everything we have accumulated in our brain over 20, 30, 40 years. When we come to the mat, it’s an opportunity to unlearn stress, to unlearn worry, to unlearn doubts that


Vous avez été nombreux à nous demander : Qu’avons-nous mangé pendant nos transformations ? Donc voilà des choses que nous avons faites et que nous continuons d’appliquer, et que nous voulons partager avec vous ! D’abord on a commencé à s’entraîner Nos habitudes changeaient petit à petit ! Sucre blanc / Sirop d’agave Farine de