Atlanta Weight Loss Surgery at DeKalb Medical: Diana Oates’ Story

>>My name is Diana Oates and I’m married,
I live here in Lithonia, Georgia. My husband is David Oates. We have four children. I’m
a full time security director for a private security firm. I am 5’3″, and at one point
in my life I weighed 267 pounds. I had many health issues, I had back problems, my neck
hurt, couldn’t hardly walk, and I couldn’t hardly sleep. With the illnesses that I was having, the
doctor told me that I needed to make a lifestyle change. And that I needed to change the way
that I ate, the way that I was living. And I could either do it now, I could do it later.
But on the route that I was at, he said there would not be a later. Right there I was like,
in my mind I said to myself, do I want to leave my kids like this? And I didn’t want
to do that. And from that moment on, walking out the door, it was just hey, success from
here on out. I’m gonna do it. And I won’t stop until it’s done. I researched having weight loss surgery, um,
I started researching in 2005, and I knew that I would have to save up for it, because
you know it’s a big surgery, a big deal, and it costs a lot of money. My primary care physician knew of Dr. Steinberg
here at Dekalb Medical, so I signed up for one of his seminars. And I knew after his
seminar I definitely wanted Dr. Steinberg to be my physician. My recovery was very quick afterwards, I thought
that you know, I was gonna have a long downtime. But the next two days I was up, and I was
moving around. I was really, really excited ’cause I had had the surgery. And I knew that
I had to change my eating habits. I went and bought a scale, I weighed my food, and I counted
calories. Starting to make some changes within the family, first went out with all of the
snacks. I fried like 3 times a week, I went from frying to baking and steaming and grilling,
and the change was just like, overnight, and without any problems at all, they loved it. I want my kids to be healthy, I want to be
here for my kids, so what better way to do that than to lead by example. And they see
how I eat so they’re learning nutrition. They see how I work out so they’re learning how
to strength train and work out, and this to them now, seems just normal. I have a tremendous amount of support. My
husband has been there from day one. Saying that “you can do it. We can do it.” When I
needed to go and work out, my children, they went walking with me. With that came my YouTube
support. One day I just decided to type in Lap Band. And there was this big community
out there, and I never knew about, and I was like, wow. Now I have over 300 videos on YouTube.
And the purpose of these videos is so that I can be able to look back, and keep self-motivating.
And also wanna share my story with everybody. Even though they say that I motivate them,
they keep me motivated just as well. I’ve always failed at all the diets that I’ve
done, and for once in my life, I was going to complete this. I was embarrassed to get
a trainer, because I felt as if some trainer that’s already buff and in shape, how could
you know about me? So I got with a trainer online that could not see me. And he gave
me a plan where I worked out 3 minutes a day. And after those three minutes, became six
minutes. Six became nine, and we kept going. I’ve been keeping up my exercise routine,
working out six days a week for two years now. If it rains, I’m in a gym. If it’s snowing,
I’m in my house. Either way, I’m gonna make some time for me to work out. I used to dread
looking in the mirror to now, I love looking in the mirror. Sometimes I have to go back
and do uh, you know, a second take. The weight loss has played a very big role
in my love life and the companionship I have with my husband. And my husband said it’s
like, “I have a new girlfriend.” Now I no longer sit on the couch, I can actually
run around with my kids, I have just as much energy as they do.>>Son 1: My mom is a lot happier, because
we do a lot more together and uh, I really like that. I really love it, I love it!>>Daughter 1: I’m very proud of her because
she has accomplished so much. It taught me like, about my eating habits and to do better
and to see what she went through, I learned a lot from it.>>Son 1: It really makes me really happy
that she will be around longer, because my mom is the best thing in my life to me. My
baby sister, she gets to watch my mom grow as a woman, and as my little sister grows
up as a woman, my mom will actually get to be here to watch that, because she lost so
much weight, and it actually made her healthier, to be here. So it’s a blessing.>>Diana: I recommend Dekalb Medical’s Bariatric
Center to everyone. The staff at Dekalb Medical is very, very supportive. Um, and the facility,
it’s very homey. You know, it’s very, very welcoming. I just love visiting the center.
I would recommend that to anybody. I just have all of this energy, and I am completely
living life to the fullest. And uh, I just feel like a teenager! Even though I’m not,
I feel like it. I feel like I am finally living.

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