Ask Splash | What weird bugs have you encountered?

One of the most impactful
ones was when I was on Dirty Bomb We released a update that basically anyone who logged on that day just got showered in crates Like I’m talking like hundreds of crates. So basically like a select few people just got everything in the game. Just that day I accidentally tied the “Please turn my Cow hides into leather” option on a Tanner that we were building into the game. I built that trigger onto his combat tag instead of onto his interact tag and as such you clicked on him and you said “tan hide” and you walked up to him and you punched him out. That would have to be we were developing Hunter on Dirty Bomb. Essentially his arrows didn’t have a lifespan on the first implementation which meant that players could actually have a thousand of these arrows just stuck in them running around the map looking like walking pin cushions, it was quite hilarious, but terrible for performance. So on Batman there’s a sequence where super villains would come out of a door in the side of the arena and For a long time we didn’t have any animations for Bane So when he came out the door, he just be T-posed so he’d just be standing like that And during play test when you’ve come out the door. Everybody would start yelling that it was the bane plane We regretted the day we put animations on because the t-post is just the.. the Bane plane should never have died. In Gears of War: Ultimate Edition I was working on Marcus Phoenix’s bedroom and I scaled up this it was just like a
like a like a pot next to his bed which looked like at the time kind of muscle gain powder or something and Then I got a bug back saying that actually had aspirin on the side of it. That didn’t make it in obviously. So sometimes like a character will get like hit with an impact force that the game doesn’t handle and your character model would just like stretch Across the entirety of the map. That’s great fun. There was quite funny one the other day where the customisation was slightly broken and All of the characters had whatever customisation you had picked yourself So all of the voices were the exact same and it was terrifying It was genuinely horrible and I wanted to kill it, wanted to burn it.


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