Ask Japanese GIRLS about their DIETING SECRETS

I did that for one month and lost 2-3 kilos. I lost 10 kilos! What 10?! Fall in love! When I am hungry, I go to sleep. Hey guys this is Cathy Cat! Today we will go and ASK JAPANESE girls to share their dieting secrets with us. So that’s gonna be something, I might have to take notes… Please give me some dieting advice. I don’t go on diets. I just eat. When I am hungry – I go to sleep. I won’t eat dinner, I will just sleep. Because I want to eat stuff, I will tell myself to sleep instead. When I had P.E. in school it was the only time that I could exercise. That’s why I really put all my effort into exercising. What does your diet look like? I ride my bicycle. I take my bicycle to school. I fall in love. Won’t you lose more when you have been rejected?! I eat less. I work part time, and then just skip dinner in the evening. I just work through the evenings. I won’t eat in the evenings, so I catch up on food in the mornings and during lunch. Have you been on a diet before? I don’t snack between meals and I eat less sweets. I start a meal by first eating my salad. I also half the amount of rice that I would usually eat. On top of that, doing some sports is best. I eat a normal breakfast and lunch but in the evening I will just have a salad or similar. … and then sports, right?! Well sports, … but don’t overdo it or you won’t keep it up. Just do it steadily. With the diet advice you just gave me, have you had some results? I dieted like this and lost 2-3 kilos. I lost 7 kilos. … but they came back quickly. Have you ever been on a diet? I never stopped being on one. Don’t eat. Walk as much as you can. Walking is the best for losing weight! WALKING! Don’t use escalators or elevators! After walking a lot, have you had any positive results? Yes I have! I lost 10 kilos! 10 kilos!? I am currently dieting! Wish me luck! Try your best! Ta-Da! Have you ever been on a diet? -Yes I have! YES. I just cut out all sweets from my diet. When I work at my part-time job I will skip dinner. And I do some muscle exercise. Last summer, I got a really slim face from all of that. My friends said I got really toned. I looked at some models in a magazine and then at myself thinking “What are you doing?!” And that’s why I wanted to become more beautiful. Have you ever been on a diet? -I have! I have! Do some sports and go to bed without dinner. I went jogging. When I fall for someone, I want that person to notice me… so … that’s why I went on a diet. With your dieting method, have you had any positive results? How many kilos… I think I lost about 6 kilos. But I want to lose a bit more. Have you had any results? Not at all. I got tired of it after three days. Thank you kindly! Everyone seems to be having different strategies of losing weight. Some of them are dropping the sweets, some of them are doing more sports. If you do a diet, be sure to take care of your body! What is your secret to dieting? Leave us a message in the box below! Bye!


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