Army Combat Fitness Test: Sprint-Drag-Carry (SDC) (Event 4)

On the command of “go”, the soldier moves
quickly from the prone starting position to sprint down to the turnaround line at
the turnaround line the soldier must touch at or beyond the line with a hand
before sprinting back to the start line to complete the first lap. The second lap
is a backward drag of a 90 pound sled. At the start line the soldier grasps the
sled strap handles and moves backwards quickly down to the turnaround line. At
the turnaround line, the whole sled must cross the line before the soldier is
allowed to move back to the start line. The third lap is the lateral, the same
exercise performed in military movement drill one. The soldier will move to the
left going out on the lap and to the right when coming back. The soldier must
remain slightly crouched with the hands positioned, palms out in front of the
chest. The soldier’s feet must not cross and must remain parallel to each other
and perpendicular to the direction of travel. The soldier can move quickly
bounding from the ground but must maintain hand and feet positions. At the
turnaround line the soldier must touch the line with the left hand before
performing the lateral to the right to return to the start line.
The fourth lap is a loaded carry with a 40 pound kettlebell in each hand. The
soldier moves quickly down the lane before touching the turnaround line with
either the left or right foot. The soldier returns to the start line with
the kettlebells placing, not dropping them on the ground
to complete the fourth lap. The fifth and final lap is a sprint touching with
either hand at the turnaround line before sprinting back to complete the
250 meter event, soldiers times are taken as they cross the line.


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