Annoying Things MLM Hunbots Say

Have you ever been approached by a hunbot? You know who I’m talking about. It’s a woman who says that she has her own business, but actually she fell prey to the multi-level marketing schemes. I mean, I honestly, like, things could not be any better. I am a boss babe … workin’ my business! Examples of such companies are It Works, LipSense, and Younique. The hunbot can often be seen trying to sell their wares to other unsuspecting ladies with the frequent use of the word … HON Have you tried these digestion plus packets? If you drink one you will be the boss babe of the toilet! Oh my god, hon! Have you tried these fizz sticks? Oh my god, hon! Get ready to get skinny, hon! You’re just the sweetest boss babe in the whole world, hon. Hon, have you tried this yet? I’ve never heard anyone else refer to going to their job or working their own small business as “working my business”. That is a very consistent phrase used by hunbots… despite the fact that they’re actually working for a huge company that makes them work non-stop hours towards an unreachable goal and make tons of money for their upline. And it’s all marketed as being a CEO of your own business … with empowering hashtags like: #bossbabe #bossbabejourney #bossbabeonfire #pleasebuymyproducts #Imonfire #Iminhell #theressomanyamazingproductsyouregonnathemlovesomuch Hashtag: I don’t have savings anymore! And they’re always rocking everything. Girl, you are rocking that glass of wine. Oh my gosh, no! You are rocking that glass of wine! And your lipstick is so rockin’ it! Girl, if you were a rock and you had a bunch of baby rocks and you all lived in a rock kingdom you would be the queen of the rocks. Rocking it! Rocking it ! I think what bothers me the most is that these multi-level marketing businesses frame their wares as empowering women and changing lives. I found the secret of life. It’s spiritual, almost. I am changing women from the inside, out. Don’t you sell skin cream? This cream will change the makeup of your very soul. And all hunbots will tell you… It’s not a pyramid scheme because pyramid schemes are illegal. But that doesn’t mean it’s not one. It just means it hasn’t been prosecuted yet. The business model is unsustainable in this marketplace. There’s a reason that legitimate companies do not function this way. So next time a hunbot says to you… I have a business opportunity for you. You can work from home, make tons of extra money and live your dream. Just say no. Hi! Thank you so much for watching! If you don’t know her already, this is Shea. We made a sketch about MLM on my channel about a year ago and we really enjoyed it so we decided to do a follow up on my channel and on hers! I make mostly funny, sometimes serious videos so come be my friend and subscribe to both of us. Do it, yeah, and as always have a lovely, lovely day


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