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Happy New Year from our crew
to you. It’s the new year Lets try new things. I love fitness but
I’ve never tried Pilates or
Barre we’re outside of the
Fayetteville Pilates and Barre
studio. Let’s give it a shot. Lisa is the director
of education here at Fayetteville Pilates and
Barre You’re a key role
in teaching people more and more about their bodies. And Pilates helps to do
that as well. Yes I think it’s been lovely
to watch Northwest Arkansas in general just elevate their
understanding and awareness of what good
safe fitness can be. And that includes how
to rehabilitate minor injuries not just working
through the pain but also learning how to. Create a lot of variety
within their workouts Pilates is a great foundation that allows you to enjoy Pilates but it allows you to enjoy
whatever else you’re enjoying. Tennis, Crossfit, Kickboxing, running, cycling
hiking, playing with your kids, Pilates can be a great
foundation to help you
do all of those other things. Safer with more enjoyment. Kids see what you’re saying.
It really complements you’re not asking someone
to change their hobby. Pilates can help you actually
get better at your hobby. And stay you know less injured when you’re doing
your other activities. So it seems to be like
the more you learn about Pilates the more you would
probably like it. For sure and the deeper
and more invested you become because the more you learn
the vocabulary of your body the more confident you become and troubleshooting
issues right like Oh my back feels
a little stiff today. I learned a couple of stretches
in Pilates class I should do those at home
and then suddenly your Saturday isn’t ruined from like yours
back being stiff. Right. So we really really tried
to educate our clients so that when they walk
out of the door they’ve got a few tools
in their tool belt to help them out
in the real world. Like I understand sometimes
you sleep on your neck wrong and when you wake up
in the morning it’d be helpful
if you’d had a couple of things that you could just do
to help you get on with your day and moving moving forward
without pain and being able to just enjoy the day
like you’re supposed to be. Yeah. Susanne and I were talking
about those first time questions you know should I try this I’m a little apprehensive
you know. What would your message be to someone
maybe with those thoughts? Yeah I would say that Pilates
is so accessible because we have
so many modifications. Whenever I have a client
come in for a one on one session to help them assess we’re usually starting
laying down on your back. And so people get really nervous
and I say Well can you lay down
on your back? I can do that right. And we build up from there
it’s not that Pilates is easy it’s not easy by any means
but we always start at a at a very attainable position
exercise and challenge level so that we know just how far up
we can amp it. We don’t start at the top
and then dial it down until we figure out
where you can be successful. We start at the bottom
and move it up so that we can meet you
wherever you are. On the day that you walk in. So I want to meet
your instructors and I know you have Susanne
here today. Yeah. She’s going to actually take me
to my first ever class. Yeah OK. I’m excited
for you. I’m excited about that First I want to chitchat
with her about what she does So let’s head that way. I’m here with Susanne Waller
and this is another interesting unique and great way
to get back in shape. I want to talk to you more
about this business and when it came
to Northwest Arkansas and what people
thought about it. Yes. So we are a local
Pilates and bar studio. Our founder started
this studio in 2012. We’ve been at it
for eight years here. So so you see
some of this stuff. You see the TRX cables
at a regular gym. You see some Pilates at a regular gym, yoga
a regular gym, barre at a regular gym
over on the side. But when you go to
a specialized studio like this. You’re getting the instructors
you’re getting knowledge and other like minded people
right? Right. Exactly. So when you walk in and come
into an open level mat class. Pilates mat you’re gonna
have just a few other people in the room it’s not going
to be a packed out room probably and an instructor that
is giving you very detailed cues they’re not barking at you
the whole time we’re walking around and we’re observing our clients
looking at how they’re positioned making sure that they’re not
hurting their joints but that they’re really getting
effective and efficient use of their muscles building
building strength and length. So we’re not just not just all
about strength we’re also about length. And that has to do
with a lot of the stretching that is incorporated
into Pilates. A lot of times you got
to bring your own gear. Here it doesn’t seem
like you have to. Right.
We have everything you need. We do like to wear gripper socks
here in the studio. Love the gripper socks. Yeah. And stretchy clothing
that you can move in. But once you come into
the studio we got you covered. Well I’m excited.
Look I got my gear on. Yes. Yes.
The gripper socks. That you gave me. I feel
like Spider-Man in sticky socks. So let’s go and give
Pilates and Barre a try. Sounds great. Yes. Now we’ve got
it going on. Great work. Great work. Last set. And relax when you’re finished
with that last set. Good. Lay it on back.
Awesome work everybody. All right. Good stuff.
Thank you very much. I learned a lot
in there of course. With the Pilates is this was
really fun and in the studio
what a great space. I feel great. Yeah. How do you feel now after all of
this? Unbelievable.
You know I’ll be back I think. That’s awesome. I think we’re walking out
of here about, about a half inch taller. Excellent.

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