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hi everyone welcome back to my channel
if you’ve never been here before welcome my name is Christine so today I’m
bringing you an Amazon favorites video I literally went on my computer and went
through all the stuff that I’ve ordered in the last two years and compiled all
the stuff that I have used and loved so much this is a long video make sure you
grab a snack and a drink some boba whatever suits your fancy breasts make
sure you hit the subscribe button and the little notification bell and let’s
go ahead and get into the video I have a little list written down okay first
thing I want to talk about is some of my filming gear I have my ring light here
which I ordered from Amazon I’m gonna link everything in the end up I’m gonna
go ahead and link everything down in the description box but it is a ring like
that since I ordered it I just love it for like selfies it’s the only lighting
thing that I use for my filming setup so the ring like that I have is really nice
and it has an adjustable light thing as well and then it comes with little panes
that you can put like white ones or yellow ones so you can just kind of the
warmth of it as well so I just love it it’s like one of my favorite things ever
some pets and ring lights I don’t know if you can tell but you can see kind of
like the ring in my eyes and so sometimes I like it and sometimes I
don’t so I just find the diffuser kind of softens it up a little bit and then I
also have my tripod that my camera’s on this one is really nice it’s really nice
and sturdy and he can get really really high as well and it’s nice that there
are so many adjustable things on it so I bring it with me if I am going on a trip
I use it to take my own pictures sometimes I’ll use like a bluetooth
clicker which I’ll show you guys in a second my boyfriend has one from Amazon
basics that he likes but personally I just never really liked the quality of
amazonbasics things like they are low priced for a reason like you’re paying
for the quality okay so I’m cleaning up my room and just now realizing I forgot
to talk about this Bluetooth clicker throw me on my iPhone really quick but
this clicker is the best thing that I have ordered and it’s only like five
dollars next to your iPhone and all it does is you can prop your phone anywhere
connect it bluetooth and then you can use the shutter to take your own photo
so this is really handy especially when Brandon’s out I needed to have photos
with stuff like that I will attach some photos that I’ve taken using this
clicker so if you don’t always have someone to take your pictures for you um
it’s just a great thing to have another thing that I have
is the mic that I’m currently using and I will go ahead and cut off the audio so
you can hear how it sounds just for my camera alone and then this is how it
sounds with the microphone and it’s just insane the difference and it makes and
so I actually ordered this one literally like a week ago I’m a good friend Cory
he’s a photographer on Instagram and him and I have done a lot of collabs on
Instagram so I’ll go ahead and link his channel down below he has been so useful
because he actually studied film and videography and stuff like that so he’s
a pro on cameras camera gear editing all that good stuff so be sure to check out
his channel and he actually recommended this mic and ever since I got it I just
loved it that’s a big difference in the quality of the sound which is something
that I never really thought I needed to upgrade another thing that I have is an
HDMI cord this is the thing that connects my camera to my monitor over
here and this monitor that I have it’s just like an old TV thing it’s just a
random monitor but I’m sure if you guys search on Amazon like usable color
accurate monitors or something like that you’d be able to find a good one I have
a mini HDMI cord that connects my camera to my monitor a link the one that I have
right now that I love and I haven’t had any problems with it and then the camera
that I use is the sony a6000 and i love it i used to have a canon rebel which I
also really liked but it didn’t autofocus I I know I had a really old
model but that one was just like a bigger bulkier camera this Sony camera
is so nice because it’s so small and compact so I brought it with me to Japan
really nice really small camera and you can buy lots of big lenses to upgrade
the quality of the photos and then be is another thing that I ordered from Amazon
so it’s massive I don’t know if you can like tell how big it is and I probably
need to order like a smaller one but I just have it here sitting in my lap and
it just helps to reflect the light from my ring light up onto my face and it
just helps the lighting look a little bit bigger the only thing is this one is
so stinkin big that sometimes I forget to use it because it’s kind of like in
the way I’d recommend getting a smaller one it ended up on a little like table
or coffee cube or something that would be really nice for taking photos as well
and this one I think was like twenty dollars and then also another thing I’ll
insert a little clip of me setting up my little filming studio but I ordered a
backdrops and of course from Amazon and it’s a big heavy-duty one like there
was one that was $30 but the one that I have I think it’s around $70 but it is
awesome it is so heavy-duty and you can set it up super wide and super high
cliffs that come with it are a little bit dinky so I ended up buying these
heavy-duty clips that I like much much more so I use that to set up my backdrop
for my Instagram videos if you guys follow me on Instagram I do like quickie
skincare videos a lot of the times and for those videos I prefer to have like a
clean white background instead of like stuff in the back the one that I have is
super heavy duty and will not Bend unless the fabric you’re using is super
heavy I have this ring light that I picked up for him so I’m just gonna stop
saying that but this one is really nice it is a little bit like dinky ish like
this little when I put my phone on it sometimes it’ll sink down but if you
curve it right like you can curve it to be on top of this thing you can get it
to stand up so this is really useful because it has like a clamp so you can
clamp it on to like a table or a desk it has on here these little like adjuster
things so you can I can turn it from cool warm or like medium light and then
turn up the brightness and turn it down so it’s really nice that you can adjust
it and so I brought this with me to use to do my makeup or if you go on like
Instagram live a lot you can just proper fun on this and it’s like a mini
tabletop ring light which is really nice I’m also used s to do my like mask I
also use these to do like my masks with me in my Instagram story so this thing
was just been super useful and I believe it’s only like 10 to 20 dollars I do
wish it was brighter but for what you pay for I feel like it’s such a useful
handy thing to have as well you know those like charging cords for your
iPhones like those little nubs I lose them all the time and I left mine in
Japan and when it came back I realized I had none with me which is ridiculous
because everything that you need now to charge like even that little ring light
has a little USB it’s not even a wall plug so you need to have some type of
nub to plug it into the wall and so I bought this and I love it it comes with
it comes with six USB ports which is really nice especially if you’re like
traveling somewhere you and all your friends can
plug in your iPhone charger z’ earbuds feel like this is not really something
that you just go and search on Amazon to buy just when you really really need it
you kind of come across something like this I have read reviews that some of
them catch on fire obviously I have an experienced app that I also don’t leave
it plugged into my wall so just be wearing that I don’t know of this one
even does add but just to be safe when I’m not using it I just unplug it
another thing that has been highly requested is I have this phone case it’s
like a plain red color but it kind of has like this brushed material almost
but it’s not super silicone II feeling which I just noticed I just have the
scratch on it it’s not that type of rubber silicone II material where your
pop sockets won’t stick to it I love a strong case I’ve dropped my phone so
many times and my screen has been doing fine and then my camera is protected as
well and I just feel like it does a really good job of covering everything
that needs to be protected it’s a really cute color it makes my phone look super
thin as well I just really love this case everything goes around $10 I
recently picked up these reusable like bamboo cotton wipes and so there’s two
different kinds in here there’s a pack that’s like these smaller dinky er ones
which I don’t like as much these are the ones that I like and as you can see they
are much much bigger and then this big one is I think it was cheaper too I
think this one was only $10 and these smaller ones were like a top seller and
they were 13 I actually like these ones more because as you can see they’re kind
of like a terry cloth material so as soon as I pour like micellar water or
makeup makeup wipe some type of like toner or liquid material it sticks on to
this because when I try to put on here this one is more like a velvet material
when I try to pour liquids on it it just slides right off so I kind of have to
like cup it to pour me a look it’s on it and so it’s just it’s too much effort
it’s more expensive and it’s smaller so I just don’t like these ones as much so
these ones are really really good they come in a pack of sixteen and so what
they are is I don’t even describe what these are they’re reusable cotton round
I have these cotton pads this is like the square type but they’re like cotton
round today that I buy from Muji one of my followers Dan me she kind of told me
that I should try to make efforts to be more eco-friendly I kind of took it to
heart because I like so many of us don’t really make
that big of an effort because some of us think like Oh someone else is gonna do
it someone else is going to be the better environmental person but I feel
like we all need to make a collective effort because if everyone thinks like
that but nothing is going to change there’s all these issues that we need to
start being accountable for and so I think it’s awesome that they have
solutions like this that we can easily start integrating at arabic teens if i
have heavy eye makeup and it starts staining sink black i’ll just rub it and
like my Zoet laundry so if you guys have been around for a while i have been
raving about the pink soap laundry soap you can pick it out for Walmart for like
a doula and it’s like my favorite thing to clean my sponges and brushes with if
I stain this thing I will just pretreat it and rub it in my Zoltan der soap and
come to Georgia under the sink so this little laundry bag comes with these
cotton grounds and so I’ll just toss them all in here and then once I’ve used
all 16 of these I would just toss it in the wash with my laundry all of them
come out super super clean none of them have a stain on them anymore and so
these are just really really great this is gonna be such a long video okay going
off of that eco friendly I have these metal straws bought these so long ago
and it comes in a pack of eight so you get like a curved straw and then you get
a straight straw and then it also comes with two like cleaner so it’s really
nice that you can just shove them up there with some dish soap and get them
super clean and then I also toss them in the dishwasher as well as in California
and Seattle where I used to live they started implementing paper straws and
paper straws are I love the idea and I love that they’re more earth friendly
but they just disintegrate in your drink like you don’t drink your drink within
two hours it just starts falling apart especially an iced coffee with a little
like clamp in the lid when you try to like move it it just breaks if I make
coffee at home I’ll just pop one of these straws in and it’s like the nicest
thing ever because you can reuse them again and again and again and I’ve just
saved myself from using so many plastic straws and then when I have paper straws
that fall apart it’s nice to have these as well this thing is the best and my
little sister actually got it for me for my birthday and it’s as
compartmentalized like a car pen to put to monta Molalla compartment to mala
okay whatever it’s like a makeup travel back and it has all these slots that are
removable so like if I wanted to put something in here I can move outside
around actually for me I usually have so much makeup and skincare that I travel
with all the time here there’s like brush holders so you can put all your
brushes in here and then if you open the zip you can put like palettes in here
and stuff if you guys are into makeup or skincare as much as I am this is just
such a great travel bag to have and it’s really nice also because it has this
like slip right here so you can slip it right onto your suitcase super handy
love this thing it is really big but I know there are like different sizes that
you can purchase as well then go kind of going off the workout thing workout
thing was that workout I have makeup sponges that I love that I picked up
from Amazon it does come in a pack of four in my pink one currently is in my
vanity but these sponges are so balm they come in a pack of four for $12
which is four dollars sponge no three dollars a sponge which is in saying
these sponges are bomb especially this black one I would repurchase over and
over and over again if you guys watch my favorite sponges video I did it like a
year ago and I’m thinking about doing another one soon of like Aliexpress
brushes I have accumulated a couple other sponges so if you guys want to see
a part to do that let me know these two aren’t quite a soft but this shape one
and the pink one are bomb another thing that I have is this pimple popper set I
didn’t start using this a lot until this year but it has little tools in here
that you can use ARMA C to pop your pimples I never use the straight needle
set because that’s just like not my room but it has this loop which is really
nice and sometimes when I come out of a really hot steamy shower I will just run
this down my nose like push it into my nose and kind of like drag it down it’ll
pull out all the whiteheads and as I’m dragging it down will just accumulate on
the edge of this so I’ll clean it and then go again and so this is just the
best thing even if you have like whiteheads or you can see you have like
a clogged especially after washing your face and my pores are really wide open
it’s really great for pushing it straight into my skin and extracting any
type any type of pimples that you have and then this thing is also really
useful it comes with and it’s like a little tweezer type
situation and this was really great for when you have a zit that’s like about to
come out and the only type of pimples that I pop with these tools are like the
dried-up type if it’s like a fresh boozy gooey one I’ll just take tissues wrap it
around my fingers and then pop up my fingers that way but if I have like a
dried set or Whitehead or something like that that I know it’s gonna take a
little bit more effort more precision I use these tools I will use this and push
it into my nose and then when I feel it coming out I’ll pinch it and then you
can pull it out it’s not really that good to pick at your skin but when you
want to have good tools for it I have some Jim goodies that I can show you
guys I get so many questions all the time on like the band stuff like that
that I use first off I used to run a lot oh I have this running band and this is
something that you clip around your waist and you can put like your keys
your phone your wallet whatever you need in here it’s really nice because it’s
nice and compact this pouch actually gets really really wide and so if I
wanted I can put my phone in it and it’s like a cute little fanny pack that you
can run with so it’s really nice because I can just strap it on my belly and shop
it really really tight so when you run it doesn’t bounce and so it’s just one
of those things that you don’t really think about having but it’s really great
especially if you run like longer distances even short runs and you need
to have a lot of your stuff with you so I love having this and you can always
like puppet wraps or whatever so you’re never with that one this one is by a
brand SPI belt but sport to people also makes a really good one they have lots
of variations as well so I’ll link both down below I also have these workout
brands which I love and if you guys have seen my leg workout video I love leasing
these are really great for a glute activation stuff like that and these
ones are a little bit thicker they’re made out of like this nice material it’s
really great for if you want to do some heavy duty leg workouts like if you want
to use this for a leg workout this is really great you can also use this at
home as well and so sports and people actually sent it to me in a pack of
three but it’s the only one that I use because this small ones too hard and
this one’s too easy so this one is just like the perfect size I believe you can
buy it by itself as well so this is just really helpful really really love this
for doing leg workout and then they also have these like bands that you
use them so these are like the thinner elastic bands out of all the ones that
I’ve tried I really really like these in the colorway this was really cute as
well and I also love that these are such a affordable price point some of the
cute color like leg bands and elastic bands are priced a little bit higher and
it’s like okay like the colors but do I want to be paying that much more for
that comes in extra heavy heavy medium and light and so I use these two heavier
ones a lot and if I want something even heavier I’ll use that band right there
but these are really great for doing glute activation exercise and stuff like
that so if you guys want to know like what type of workouts you can use them
with I have lots of videos on my Instagram about it and then in my like
video as well another thing that I have is this thing from pale Bay oh and these
are these are ankle straps and these are things that I bring with me to the gym
usually do it around my leg so you clamp it around your leg just like that and
then you can attach this to the cable machine and it’s really good if you want
to do kickbacks or donkey kicks take a foam around it is really nice and
cushiony so I don’t really feel like something is that pulling out my leg too
much here I mean so it’s comfy and great for doing workout I also have these
Bluetooth headphones these are the best I have two pairs of them and I always
have them fully charged in my gym bag I carry two with me because when one runs
out of batteries I can just get my backup parent and then use those because
I cannot workout without music these are just the best they are bluetooth
headphones by the brand talked Ronix and these are really great because they’re
magnetical when you’re not using them they’re just really nice to hang around
your neck you don’t have to worry about losing them I’ve never tried ear pods
but I just like that these are connected because you’re less likely to lose them
it also has like a little ear jacket thing so when you put it into your ear
you just go like that and then you tuck this part underneath and then it stays
in your ear like really nice they’re only like 25 or $30 super affordable and
they’re waterproof these actually went to the washer and the dryer but when I
took them out I just soaked them and rice for like two days and now they’re
fine I don’t recommend doing that but if it does happen
these will survive I recently started boxing about eight or nine months ago if
you guys follow me on Instagram I post lots of like boxing videos on there and
so the one’s our raps that I picked up from
Amazon and I love these also ordered on another seller on there but I don’t like
them as much I just feel like these have a lot of really good cushions so I love
these another thing that I love is these biker shorts and I wore them in my last
Instagram photo and these are actually from the brand Hanes I love these
because they are high-waisted I don’t know if they’re squat proof but whenever
I wear buy four shirts always wear like bigger t-shirts over top they’re super
comfortable they fit me really well and they were only ten dollars so this is
the highlight of the whole video these are dupes to the Lululemon align I
did a video unlike all of my favorite leggings and activewear and stuff like
that I wish I had discovered these for that video because I for sure would have
included these and these are from the brand colorful koala I love these I got
them in a size small and I’ll put my measurements down in the description box
as well love these because in the back they kind of do a small dip ease they
remind me so much of the Lululemon Alliance I feel super super soft and
buttery some people have said that they pill up on them but I haven’t worn them
enough to experience that but if it’s this soft and comfortable and it means
that it’ll pill I’m fine with it because these are so stinking comfortable I
believe they’re only 25 or 30 dollars had girls message me after they ordered
it and they’re like these leggings are bomb these are life-changing another
thing that I got this is kind of fun but it is bangs I’ve always wanted to cut my
hair but I never wanted to commit to doing that and then having to grow it
out it has like a little clip on them so it’s really nice to clip onto your hair
I’ve ordered from another seller before and I found that it doesn’t really match
my hair but these actually really match it I think you get the point
if if I wanted to actually style them I’ve heard that if you spray dry shampoo
it gives it a lot of light lipstick texture so it looks better so I actually
posted a picture on my Instagram of these and so many people said they loved
my haircut so they look pretty realistic to me and the one thing that I do like
is that it’s nice and thin so it looks like real hair
I love these especially if you want a catfish so that is everything for all my
Amazon favorites I hope you guys enjoyed it and found some of this stuff helpful
I did just film how I edit my Instagram videos in an office lookbook part two so
be sure to check those new videos out but anyways thank you guys so much for
watching and I will see in the next video bye guys


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