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– Coach Jimmy here with
the amazing Amanda Bucci and our stump. And we’re talking about
beating the comparison game, stay tuned. (upbeat rhythmic music) You were amazing on stage.
– Thank you. – So we’re here at Angie Lee’s
event, It Pays To Be Brave. I think the people that
watch my show the most they just want to know
how did you get here? What’s a bit of your story
in a condensed version? – Yeah, so condensed version of the story. I started on YouTube and Instagram. I was just sharing about fitness. So I started in the fitness industry. – [Jimmy] Okay so we have that in common. – So fitness stuff, I did competitions. – [Jimmy] No way.
– [Amanda] Yes. Eight of them, it was a whole journey. And it’s all documented on YouTube. I did vlogs, daily vlogs for a while. – [Jimmy] Like in the prep? – Yeah the whole prep thing. So I went from 6,000 subscribers to 100,000 subscribers in six
months from my prep series. And it was incredible
but what I was trying to transmit on stage was
that when I was in that. Firstly the stage of life that I was in I was 22 years old, I just moved from Rhode Island to Los Angeles, I didn’t have a whole lot of friends, network, industry, whatever. All I wanted to do was share, and help, and teach, and show
people what I was doing. And I was kind of introverted, but social media is
really great for people that aren’t very extroverted, they don’t necessarily know
how to be out there just yet because you’re literally
talking to a camera and you get to not really be with people. But you get to discover
yourself in the process. So what I didn’t know
how to be anything else but authentic and that’s the one thing that everybody messages me about. You’re so authentic, I feel
like you’re the same in person as you are in your life. And it feels the same. – No, because I listen to your podcast and as you’ve said before, as we’ve gotten to know each
other over the past day, I’m like yep. And I feel like it’s one
of the biggest compliments when somebody comes up to me and says Jimmy, it feels
like I already know you. And I’m like aw, that’s so great. And so in sharing that, do you feel like you were authentic because you weren’t trying
to copy anybody else? This is all I know to be is me? – [Amanda] Honestly, so that’s something that I try to teach now. Because when I did it, I had the luck of having a beginner’s
mind and complete naivete. I didn’t know anything
about other YouTubers, I didn’t know YouTube existed. – [Jimmy] So there was no comparisons? – No comparison. So imagine if comparison was taken completely out of the
picture, who would you be? – [Jimmy] Yourself.
– Yourself. And you wouldn’t be worried about who already took this
concept for a YouTube video, who already talked about
this on their podcast, or who just made this post, or who’s doing it better than you. Like I had no concept
of other entrepreneurs. I was just like I’m being me over here. And that’s what I was
trying to transmit on stage. How can you really tap into yourself and diminish all of the noise? And really doing that is just uncovering what are those things people say that they love about you, what color nails do you like to put on, like what is your favorite
kind of coffee in the morning? All these little things that people will forcibly associate with you whether it’s just. Like for me when I in prep every single morning I had a waffle that I made with an
egg and protein powder. Because I was trying to
reduce all the calories and everything. But I called it the one carb waffle and I can’t even tell you
how many people tagged me in something like that. So it created user generated content. – [Jimmy] You were branding beautifully without even recognizing it. – No, all by accident. – [Jimmy] That’s the best
when it’s by accident. But I also think because we
live in this YouTube world, I talked a little bit about this on stage. Is that we can live in listening
to a thousand podcasts, watching all the videos,
and not taking action. Or feeling we have to take
action like somebody else. So what do you tell those people now it’s easy to watch everybody? Do you tell them stop watching everything and do your own thing? Or what would be a piece of advice? – [Amanda] So to an extent I think that everybody needs to go
through that consumption phase. But I try to tell people be careful with how their consuming and
how much they’re consuming. So there’s a lot of phases of course of your learning, and
your just so excited, and it makes you feel good. But when you’re trying
to create your own thing too much consumption doesn’t
make you feel good about it. It just makes you continuously compare how what you’re creating is sizing up to someone else’s creation. So I do recommend, when in
the I get how to do this, I need to go implement phase. Choose very specifically
who you’re following, who’s posts you’re reading,
who’s stories you’re watching, who’s podcasts you’re consuming. You’ll notice yourself start to do it less and less and less. And the more that you do that, the more that you can tap
into what’s really true for you and how you’re actually being without the noise of what
everyone else is doing. – [Jimmy] Well see for me I
think it’s one of the reasons I appreciate female
entrepreneurs like yourself. And I enjoy the content so much or listening to Angie or somebody because I can be inspired,
but I know just being a dude I am going to execute differently. And of course there’s different guys that you know, everybody
watches Gary Boehner Chucker. What’s Grant Cardone doing or whatever. Those dudes gotta be them, you know. And so we have that piece to us so for me it was giving myself permission to like hey Jimmy you’re a performer. There can be this entertainment element, or there can be this song
and dance part to that. So I love the fact that you were like I just naive, I just started
moving and doing that. So one more question, is
you started in fitness. You obviously if people
are following you now its not really your lane now. Was the shift scary? And what made you decide to make the move? Especially if I’m really
successful right here, what happens if I do this other thing and people don’t follow me? – Yeah, the shift was terrible. (laughter) – [Jimmy] That’s it, last lesson. – It was also the best
thing I’ve ever done. So what was kind of happening was that as you grow and as
you’re in this kind of thing, personal development it’s a necessity. You can’t not choose to do it because you have to grow
more into the leader and you have to grow more into yourself. So as I was learning and growing more I was just stepping
more into myself really. You don’t become someone new,
you just become more of you. You become just the next version. And because of that it felt
way more painful for me to keep doing what I was
doing, even though that was me. And still parts of it. I’m still love fitness,
but the version of me that was obsessed with fitness, that was just so excited about it that wasn’t my excitement anymore. It wasn’t my highest excitement anymore. And I had to teach what was
in my highest excitement. My favorite thing is learning,
and mastering, and teaching. Learning, mastering,
teaching that’s the flow– – And that’s gonna continue
to shift in what it is. So it was fitness at one time, and then maybe it’s branding, and then as we continue to evolve. So we’re gonna have those lifers that are gonna continue
to follow us regardless, but every time you shift you
also have the opportunity to serve new people. You may leave some people
behind and that’s okay. just because maybe they got
from you what they needed. – Totally, and like
there’s always gonna be new people coming into your market. There’s always a new fitness
person that’s coming in, like a new trainer, a
new coach, or whatever that has their own gifts to share. And I can create space for them. And then me coming into a different market and create space for me to be in that. And it’s not something to
apologize for, be upset about. I had so many people that were so upset that with my 450 videos
on my YouTube channel documenting my workouts, my nutrition, and my meal prepping, and my life and now I’m not doing any of that– – [Jimmy] They were upset that you moved. – Yeah, it’s almost like I turned off their favorite TV show, you know. It’s just a new TV show
and a new opportunity for them to grow. And it can be triggering for
people if someone is pivoting. – [Jimmy] And that’s why
there’s reruns, syndication. – Totally, yeah exactly. People still go re-watch it. They’re like I still
re-watch your workout videos. I’m like cool, that’s awesome. But I want people to understand who are watching this to not be boxed in by what they’ve already
created for themselves. Because as humans we
need to evolve and grow, and if we don’t do that we stay stagnant. And you need to keep
feeling into what’s good and if what feels good
is pivoting that’s fine. There is something to be said about keeping to focus to focus. But if the focus becomes
out of alignment with you its maybe not the– – And if you’re not
excited about it anymore people smell that. They just know, oh she’s
just phoning this in. I feel like I’m getting my own little private coaching session, because I feel like I’m in that part of my career right now. Because it was fitness and working into high performance coach,
storytelling coach. It’s like oh this is what excites me. And sometimes you want to
say, oh I’m sorry guys. I know you followed because of this, but the people that need to come along are gonna come along as well. – And they do, and that’s great. You feel great about the
people that you’re serving and then the new
opportunities come in line. Otherwise you and I wouldn’t
be here speaking today in front of all these people
that were impacted by us. The right things just tend to happen. For those people who were upset, the right things tend to happen for them and it all just works cohesively that way. – [Jimmy] And we’re
friends now because of it. – And we’re friends now, yeah. And we had a stump
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