Alpha M’s Tailored: 6-Weeks To Living Lean | Trailer

– Just because you’re big,
doesn’t mean that you’re alpha. You gotta have the total package. I’m Aaron Marino, better known as Alpha M. I help men around the world build style, strength, but most importantly, substance. Now substance isn’t just
what you put in your hair, it’s also the way you lead your life. A man of substance
doesn’t neglect his mind, his relationship, or his
body, but here’s the thing, if you’ve been neglecting
your body a little, well, you don’t need six months or a year to get back on track. All it takes is a six week
dedicated lifestyle change. You’re gonna get in, you’re gonna get out and you’re gonna get the
best workouts of your life. Tailored is designed to
help you get your body where you want it to be,
but also lays the foundation for a whole life transformation. That means healthier on the inside, better looking on the outside, and walking tall every day. Tailored is about total
personal development so I’ll give you access to
videos covering grooming, style, confidence, as well as
fitness and lifestyle hacks. It’s about consistency, you
can’t do something for a week and expect like, crazy results. (intense music) Alpha M’s Tailored, Six
Weeks to Living Lean, only on All-Access. – [Narrator] Over 45 fitness plans, daily workouts, results for life, only $8.99 a month.


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