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Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen and today do I have a special treat for you today? We’re gonna make eggplant parmesan in the airfryer oven This is how it looks when it comes out, and I can’t wait to show you how this all comes together Okay before we get started on making the eggplant parm which I have actually already breaded and everything. I’m just gonna share with you How I did it because I have done an eggplant parm video a while back This is the power airfryer oven by Tristar product. They are the same people who make airfryer Excel and Also the power pressure XL that we have used in the past I use both of those I actually gave the other airfryer to my mom when the folks Contacted me and offered to send this to me to try out because my mom and dad are two people and that’s the perfect size For them and this is much bigger I can make a lot more food in it It’s perfect for families, and this thing comes stacked. I’m telling you this thing comes packed with extras and I was really impressed when I opened up the box of course you’re gonna get your airfryer oven and it’s gonna have the Digital readout and you’re gonna be able to choose. You know we’re gonna go over that in a minute it comes with this basket and I’m gonna do some experimenting in upcoming videos But you can air frying like french fries in this and then I’m thinking Maybe you could even roast your own coffee beans or roast nuts it has an automatic rotisserie So it will turn at an even pace while it is cooking and it comes with a rotisserie Rack and this this is just a stand so like if you roast if you do your your shish kebabs or your chicken Then when you pull it out. You can just rest it in this stand, but there you go, and it has the prongs Also, it comes with the prongs to hold your roast or your chicken or whatever you’re gonna be making in here it comes with ten skewers and They just fit in here. They actually go in pretty easy you put it in the hole down here in the bottom And then you kind of just squeeze a little with gentle pressure And it will it will pop right into that little crevice that they’ve made for it And it also comes with a lifter so when you when you lift out like if you use this Basket, you would use this lifter And you would lift it out like that the same holds true for the rotisserie that operates in the same fashion All these things are dishwasher safe these Extras these wire basket the skewers all of that good stuff And it comes with five racks that fit inside and that’s a good sized rack And it just it just fits in the side in these little grooves And then it has a little groove in the very back it also comes with three cookbook. Le’ts This is just a basic fried food recipes a dehydrator Cook booklet as well as a rotisserie cook booklet So you can make so many things in this and I was really kind of excited because know my ideas are going I’m thinking you know what summers come in my kitchen gets super hot in this summer I can set this in my carport And I can let this airfryer oven go and cook dinner out there bring it in the house and not heat up my kitchen I’m excited about that. I want to make a rotisserie chicken. I want to make a pork roast I have a lot of things I want to make in here And I can’t wait to share them with you if you have some ideas or suggestions of what I should make in this air fryer Oven Calise leave a comment down below and let me know what you think because I’m gonna put it on the list This just closes right up. What we’ll do is I’m gonna go get my eggplant parm, and we’re gonna load this up, and then we’re gonna go from there, okay? everyone Because I didn’t show you on camera. How I breaded the eggplant that went into the airfryer I thought it might be fun just to take some Stock footage that I have from a previous video this one is actually from several years ago Where I made a traditional version of eggplant parmesan in a casserole form actually fried the slices? But for all intents and purposes This is exactly the same way that I would prepare the eggplant for any way Of making it whether it was baked or fried or in this case air fried here I’m making up my bread crumb mixture. You can use fresh or dried bread crumb I’m seasoning it up like I always do with salt pepper onion powder garlic powder and Italian seasoning and Then you’re also going to need some All-purpose flour and then you’re gonna need a liquid for your dredging station as well in the video here. I’m using just plain milk and For the air fried eggplant, I did add an egg in there because I wanted to make sure That the breadcrumb and the coating got nice and crispy and stuck to the eggplant slices just the way I wanted it to Then it’s as simple as just making sure you dip the eggplant in the all-purpose flour to dry out the surface of the eggplant Dunk it in the liquid mixture then plunge it into your breadcrumbs that have been prepared and make sure that you turn it over a couple of times and give them a good press and make sure that you pay attention to The outside edge of the eggplant as well you want everything coated really really well And this is going to ensure that you have a nice crispy coated eggplant and again just into the flour into The liquid mixture then into the bread crumb and then once that’s happened I like to place the slices on a parchment lined baking sheet So that they can just sit out and wait they’re gonna hang out and dry out for a little while This is going to ensure that you have nice crispy slices of eggplant when you’re done okay before I move on I wanted to show you there is a drip tray in the bottom of this as well so if you’re Worried about the bottom getting dirty no problem because any of you make burgers in here or any kind of something That’s gonna drift, then it’s gonna go right into this pan, and you can wash this by hand or put in the dishwasher I’ve used three racks because my eggplant is cut a little bit thick so I have the two extras that I’ve just removed and taken out and Loaded it up. There’s 12 large pieces of eggplant in there right now So I’m going to give this a start, and I did want to show you that you can turn the light off or turn light on I Like leaving the light on I think it is very nice so what we’re gonna do now is find this that we want I’m gonna put this on chicken and Leave it at 370 and let it start doing its magic, but I’m not going to do it for 40 minutes Let’s see I’m going to put it down to 10 Another thing I wanted to tell you is you have your choice you can spray these on both sides with a little cooking oil spray Or you can leave them plain I have one train here that has been sprayed and one tray that has the others have not so we’re gonna See how they come out, I think they’re gonna be great and then when they’re ready to come out I’m gonna come back, and I’ll show you what they look like There you have it there’s our eggplant parm. I’ve got some here That’s already been topped off with sauce and cheese, and I’ve got some here that I baked off because I picked off enough I made up enough with the sauce and the cheese that we’re gonna actually have leftovers I made 12 pieces this way, and then I cooked the remaining off this way And we can either eat this like you know it’s great. Just the way it is like fried zucchini. You know you do like that Or you can actually freeze this after its cooled And then you can save it for another time you can pull it out You can top it with sauce and cheese and boom you’re ready to go This is another great way to freeze your bank With you’re just gonna do a whole bunch all at once or if you’ve got eggplant coming out of the garden like by the ton This is an option for what you can do with that But you don’t want to top it with the cheese, and then freeze it because then it gets kind of nasty and gummy When you freeze it just like this it comes out perfect because then you can thaw it out top it Bake it off in the oven and it’s perfect, so I just wanted to show you what this looks like It looks just like eggplant parm I Do want to move the cheese for you, so you can see what the eggplant actually looks like on the inside It is fully cooked it’s nice and soft And like do you want to take a bite? All right What do you think You didn’t see it’s nice and soft in there eggplants. Fully cooked breading is crispy You can hear that I cooked it for a total of 20 minutes in the airfryer oven It’s just come out beautiful and delicious, and then I talked it put the cheese on it And put it on a sheet pan And I just put it in the oven for about five minutes for the cheese to melt while this other batch was cooking. That’s it If you want more information about the power airfryer oven I’ll leave a link down below You can go check it out if you have a family and the other version of the airfryer Maybe is a little too small for you and doesn’t meet your needs this one might be better I’m excited to try out the rotisserie which will be coming in another video I’d like to do a roast I’d like to do a chicken. I’d like to make some shish kabob skewers We can really assess how well this machine works in total. I think for our family It’s gonna work out really really well I hope that you enjoyed this video want more information go down below if you liked it Please consider giving me a thumbs up if you’re new to my kitchen welcome always a pleasure to welcome new friends Please hit that subscribe button and if you are a trident remember of a nerine’s kitchen family Please be sure and go down below next to the subscription button and hit the bell Notification button because we don’t want any of you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope you give this airfryer of an eggplant parm a try sometime soon And I hope you love it and until next time. I’ll see ya


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