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Are you sick and tired of lame exercise DVDs that waste your time and money Would you rather get a ripped body get the perfect beach body Get them toned abs that you’ve always wanted It is the My name is Douglas Douchebag Lim and this is the Ah Beng Workout Okay your very first movement Your first movement is your right hand must like that Raise until 90 Then left hand also out like that 90 Okay then when you are ready you walk like that It’s warm up your arms Think of it just like you left school like that Your hair make nice nice already You should feel your shoulders burning Very good You go Cineleisure You see someone not happy Everybody can ah The second movement is what you call the Ah Beng squat Most importantly your legs must face out like this 45 45 Slowly down like this but remember to keep your torso straight Or else you will hurt your back until a really serious injury If you want to know where is the centre Your **** face down Face to earth is correct ready The hand like this Like you are outside Bugis like that you wait your friend come Your friend say coming but you know this **** is still on the way Once you find the correct position you feel the neck already like that Then you slowly up correct then go down one more time At this point you should feel your thighs all your thighs burning It’s not Thai massage ah it’s the these thighs must like that See the poo bor kia late Ah very good then you slowly up Remember your core and your gluteus ah and your gluteus Some of you want a challenge you flick like this Flick the cigarette like that The when you do this you can feel that your hands is relaxing At this point you should feel your gluteus aurelius is burn all burn Your hand like this very good very good Remember that your core must straight as you come up very good Slowly Ice princess very good Remember what I said the central you want to find you use your **** find The following phase is called the calisthenics Ya you just the thing You look at him like Hey you look at Xiao Ting for what got problem is it At this point you should feel the tension in the legs This is the resistance work out No must say Got problem ah You talk about who You talk about my mother ah You find your partner okay then your chest out You wanna fight ah Fight come ah Pay into attention that it’s not a personal thing It’s not like you really got problem he also got his own girlfriend it’s not as pretty la but it’s also okay one The next one is also in the series of the calisthenics It’s called the BLW also known as the buyao la wo (don’t pull me) You do until your hand big big very muscular Bobo Anjek come Your friend hold you back you Don’t pull me Let go Eh must say also Okay thank you not too much ah Ah you want what ah come The energy Ok thank you Noah Yap I think the Ah Beng work out really not bad Last time before this I was actually 0.2% body fat now I’m down to 0% body fat Ya that one my one Hor this one no ah I never bluff yall ok my parents don’t even recognise me anymore Maybe it was because of the five year lock up thing but then but no It really help me in my mental emotional physical Actually I come here find stead (boyfriend) only The next part right is you need your heart rate to work up It’s what we call the cardio You want your heart to We must all carry a timer because time is of the Time is of the herbal Time is the essence We must all set our timers And then we are ready steadies go Timers on Okay very good Police police Oh no oh no Wah oh no oh no I tell you all I never bluff you this work out is really good Ang mo Ah beng Mat rep and Anjek Because we are family Before we weren’t friends before we never joined a gang But now we have one already Correct before we weren’t friends but now I’m very happy to have found a brother to drink coffee and exercise together So I need to thank Douglas True true true Same as what he said Before we had no gang but now we’re from the same gang I’m from Hougang I’m from Sengkang I feel my bicep bigger My muscles bigger Then my stamina also better so I can Hoot my girlfriend longer Hoot what hoot You think you’re very big meh The Douglas still bigger Don’t embarrass me in front of the cameraman Go la probation time Yes there is I mean My friend like got say You can go and sell those repair the screen like that Also say that I can sell Hermes bag the Gucci bags Think of money money money Everyday think of money like is Life is not like that one I always tell them that no this is not the point of the reasoning for make this kind of workout I’m almost like a I’m a vessel I’m a vessel to channel I’m a like Not like channel 5 channel 8 like that la but like I’m a vessel to channel all the fitness the You know like this to the generation-generation Like inspiration the next next then you a lot of The generation generation generation in the future To join the Ah Being work out for free subscribe here Remember to thumbs up and share it to your gang Until next time keep rockin’ and God bless Police is here police is here Run run run


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