Advice to College Graduates: Community Contribution

(light music) – [Gary] I’m scared. I’m scared because I know that there
are so many of you that graduate this month and have no
(record scratching) idea what you want to do. I’m scared that
you don’t realize that you’re entering the greatest five year
window of your life. This next five year
window is when you don’t go practical and safe. This is not the time to get
the job mom wanted you to. This is the time to
be massively risk oriented and not all of you, I’m sure one of you
will leave a comment saying, “I’ve got a loan.” I get it, respect. But that loan is gonna
be there whether you go and try to build something
for yourself or not. One way or the other,
when you’re in your early 20s this is
when you can grind at your highest levels ’cause there isn’t
all the (record scratch) baggage that comes across with life. (bell bings)


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