#ADBEE’S: WEIGHT LOSS I Tukh Malanga Se Wazan Kam Karne Ka Tarika URDUI HINDI

سلام-HI-NAMASTE-Sat Sri Akaal-مرحبا-
안녕하세요-你好 basil seed for weight loss 1 Tea Spoon Basil Seeds 1 Tea Spoon Honey 1 Tea Spoon Psyllium husk 1 Tea Spoon Basil seeds put into 1 cup water for whole night then morning time don’t eat anything pick up the basil seeds glass add 1 Tea Spoon Honey add 1 tea spoon Psyllium husk mix well and then drink if you get organic more better do it 10 days continuously after 10 days do in twice in a week till 4 week result will amaze you sunscribed my channel

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