Adam Ruins Everything – The Truth About Calorie Labels | truTV

Whoa! Where we goin’? I am off to
count calories so that I can lose weight
and look good for Marcy. (singers)
♪ Marcy ♪ Sorry, but calorie counts
are so difficult to measure, they’re basically
useless for weight-loss. Yeah, right. Everyone knows that you
need 2,000 per day, and if you have
less than 2,000, you automatically
lose weight. All I have to do is calculate
that number exactly. It’s like a fun little
math equation that
makes your hungry. Ah, yes, the fabled
2,000 calories. So clean, so exact, and so totally wrong. The way the government
got that number
is real stupid. Our citizens can’t
think for themselves. How much should they
eat in a day? Well, everyone’s body
has different needs, but I guess if you were
to grossly over-generalize
and average them, you’d get 2,350 calories. Oh, say, can I see that? 2,350? Yuck! How are you
supposed to remember
such a weird number? Let’s round it down
to 2,000. The fatties’ll
thank us later. So they literally
just rounded down? Yes, they quite
literally did. And the fact is, any single
number would be wrong, because there is
a massive variation in the number of calories
needed by men, women, the elderly, tall people,
short people, every people
in the background who aren’t supposed
to be part of our show. It’s basically impossible
to know with precision exactly how many calories
your body needs. Oh, but I can still
cut calories but reading labels. See, 100 calories. Simple, precise,
scientific. And essentially a guess. Calorie counts on labels
are often estimated based on century-old data. Well, this old one
is 100 calories. So I guess this one is
100 calories. And the FDA legally
allows calorie labels to be off by 20% Or maybe it’s 80 calories. Or 120. Who knows?
I’m lazy. And that’s just
packaged foods. Calories in fresh foods
can vary year to year or even item to item. Step right up,
try your luck! Guess which
farm-fresh meal is 700 calories
and which is 1,000. But beware! Guess wrong and you’ll
ruin your waistline. And restaurant food
is the worst. One study found that
menu listings are often off by hundreds of calories. Aren’t you worried
about misleading
your customers?


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