Action Hour with Rachel Harshfield

hey guys am i on let me see you I’m
gonna get on my computer so I can see if I’m on with you guys and then I’m gonna
kill my feed and I’m gonna teach you guys how to do that – all right give you
guys a second to hop on all right there’s three of you four of you give
you guys a second oh my gosh it’s so funny because there’s like a delay kill
JT say hi when you guys get on so I can say
hi to you guys hey Erin alright give you guys a few minutes you guys you’re gonna
want to get your pens and paper out too so make sure you have those out with you
hey John so grab some paper and some pens we are
gonna work today we’re gonna work it work it work it hey Craig you guys can
all see me give me some thumbs up I guess you guys can all see me all right clean off my desk is anyone else really
unorganized like I am because I’m not an organized person we’re gonna talk about
that today like how to crush this with not being the most organized person cuz
I’m not so let me turn off JT though I like having him on all right so listen
guys I am super excited to talk to you guys today and I’m super super excited
to talk to you guys about being in this Power Hour thing because when I first
started as a coach and even still today I am NOT the most organized person in
the world like I can get my stuff done but I didn’t have a system and I don’t
don’t even ask me how I was able to get you know success Club ten
every single year every single month since I’ve been a coach was like what 56
months um and so what I looked back over it I was
like you know it all comes down to consistency over time equals success and
I feel like the biggest part that coaches miss the biggest like the
biggest loophole that coaches have in their business is one their consistency
and when this success Club tracker system came out I was like this is the
missing piece not just for me who at that time was you know three-time a
four-time elite coach it was missing for me but it was also missing for my
coaches because I didn’t have that system in place like I said I’m not the
most organized person I have all these great thoughts but to be able to put it
together on something that’s organized that is instructional is so so important
and if you’re not using the system if you are not having your coaches that are
being on-boarded using the system if you’re not talking about the system and
your calls and with every single person that you’re talking to that new coaches
or downline coaches then you’re really not doing the you’re not doing your
business and yourself you need any good service and so we’re gonna go over this
today and as more of you guys are jumping on there’s one other thing that
I wanted to say which is really really important and my lighting keeps coming
in and out and they keep seeing that it’s really driving me crazy um one of
the other things that I wanna say is that success leaves Clues and I’m sure
that you’ve heard other coaches say the same thing to you
and there’s things that I’m gonna say to you today that you know your coach said
to you I’m sure of it and it’s gonna sound different coming from me because
it’s me and you’re gonna think oh my gosh she said that that’s that’s gotta
be it but I’m sure your coach said it too it’s just it sounds so much
difference like kids it’s like when you have children and you can tell them
something and they don’t listen to you but then they go to their friend’s house
and they’re like oh my gosh you know mister
robertson said that you’re like I’ve been saying that to you for the last you
know three years and now you get it it’s the same thing so I’m really trying to
fix this light thing because I’m seeing a glow so if it’s blurry I’m sorry um
alright um let’s get started and then we’re gonna work I’m going to tell you
guys how to run through this how I run through this we’re gonna work and then
we’re gonna come back and then we’re gonna work and we’re going to come back
so your why guys if you haven’t figured out your why by now then that’s a
problem um your why is gonna change your why is not gonna be the same throughout
your entire journey as a coach my why today is so different than my why when I
first started we’re not talking about like that deep deep deep deep down in
your gut why we’re talking about why is it like right now what is going on in
your life and this is how I do it because that that deep why that in your
gut why I think it’s all the same for every single person but what’s going on
in your life right now some people example their cars broken down their
their family member is going through some medical needs maybe their kids need
braces whatever it is there is a current why so write that down and from week to
week from month to month this why could be different it’s not that deep why I’m
talking about I’m talking about what is resonating you with with you right now
what is it that you need to accomplish what is it going to help you get through
this weekly tracker this bat system for this week write that down so take a
second and like write it down if you guys haven’t filled out already write it
down right now um so your target market like who is it that you’re speaking to
who is that market that you’re talking to because your market is going to be
different than maybe your success Club part of success partners market your
market is going to change as your life and as things in your life start to
develop if you weren’t pregnant and a pregnant mom last year in this year
got a baby then your target market has changed so if you think that your target
market stays the exact same then that’s not true so what and who is your target
market and if you don’t know how to figure out your target market is some
great tips are write down what are the five things that you’re really into like
are you into photography are you into outside of your Beachbody
business like are you into writing do you like to write do you like poetry do
you like going to the beach do you like to travel those are things that will
identify who you are and that’s gonna help you identify who your target market
is you know if you’re not into cats per se and you’re you know talking to cat
people you may not you may not have a strong connection with them do you know
what I’m saying so if you’re a highly spiritual person or if you’re really
into yoga and somebody and you’re talking to a market who maybe doesn’t
even know what yoga is which would be crazy but it happens then that’s not
necessarily your target market right so you have to make sure that you’re being
very specific with who your market is okay so I want you guys to take a second
and I want you guys to fill that part out fill out who is your target market
and what is your why and who is who is it that you are looking to speak to who
would you love to have on your team and that’s what you need to write down okay
so as you guys are writing that down I’m just going to talk about being proof the
product works because that’s next in the system
and guys being proof the product works I think that at this point right now if
you are here and you’re inside this page that is an absolute no-brainer right
like it’s a no-brainer you should be working out you should be drinking your
Shakeology and you know there’s been a there’s a new video out on Shakeology
and I highly suggest that you guys go and watch it if you’re on my team I put
it in our page yesterday it’s amazing the new clinical studies that are out on
Shakeology so do your homework and make sure that you understand you know that
part of it and that you’re showing it on so
because it’s really important that you show that the products work because we
are coaches and that’s what coaches do is they show up big for their teams they
show up big for you know those things that are if you want your coach to grow
you have to mimic and you have to model the behaviors in which that you want
them to do which is drink your Shakeology and do your workouts because
that’s what we do we’re a health and fitness company so you want to make sure
that you’re modeling that behavior so other people can see it and that they
can do it as well okay so if you guys haven’t had your Shakeology or you
haven’t done your workouts yet then that’s an area and that’s a box you’re
gonna want to check off each and every day unless it’s your rest day if it’s
your rest day obviously you’re not going to check that box off but that isn’t
easy those are easy to check off so you guys so like those should be checked off
every day that should be something that’s super easy for you to do um the
next area area number two I know is the biggest and the biggest bulk of this bat
system and I want to really dive into this because this is something that is
really important I know a big group of people are very there’s a big group of
coaches that are on Instagram and I am still one of those who builds just as
equally on Instagram as I do on Facebook I am just as active on Facebook as I am
on Instagram and I use Instagram and Facebook stories I know it sounds crazy
but I use them both and both have been very successful for me so what I do and
how I do it is what I’m gonna teach you guys today I’m gonna tell you guys how I
have been able to connect and how I’ve been able to utilize those platforms of
of the stories of Instagram stories and Facebook stories to really grow not only
my market that target market wait we just talked about but also how I’ve been
able to just connect and network with so many people that I didn’t even think
we’re watching or following me okay my stories you guys if you’re like how no
one watches my stories but my friends and
family that’s how everyone starts out every single person starts out from your
friends and your family list the problem is this you guys and I really want you
to understand this the problem is this the problem is that you start to do your
stories and you’re not consistent enough with it it’s kind of like when you start
posting on social media if you post one time and you don’t post ever like for
another four or five days the people who are following you that one time who are
getting like some value from what you’ve shared maybe three or four days ago and
then you didn’t share anything else they’re not following you anymore
because maybe you put in that that thought process if there’s an idea like
oh yeah you know what I really do need I’m really interested in this and then
they came back to follow up with you and a couple of days and they saw that you
didn’t post anything else or you’ve never posted anything else about your
health and fitness journey other than that one time because it scared you so
much to put it up in the first place that you don’t want to put it up again
that you just decided that you’re not gonna do it anymore then guess what
they’re probably signed up with somebody else right now and that’s the hard
honest truth would you have signed up with your coach if your coach wasn’t
posting and sharing in the feed think about it I wouldn’t have signed up with
my coach no way no way would I have signed up
with my coach if she was not posting and sharing in the feed if she wasn’t
showing what was possible if she wasn’t talking about the coaching journey if
she wasn’t talking about the how coaching has changed her life no way
would I have signed up not a chance so if you’re expecting your potential
coaches and your potential customers to sign up with you but you’re not giving
him any value or maybe you give them a value of like what you’re doing once
every you know three or four days and you’re not doing it consistently then
how can they trust you with their health and fitness it’s a really big deal you
guys and this system here is going to help you be consistent so initiating and
connecting with your followers on stories and Facebook stories let’s start
there so all right I get this the most from my coaches I don’t know what to
post on Instagram stories or Facebook stories all right guys are you drinking
your shake are you doing your workout I don’t know how to post on my stories
doing my workout yes you do you absolutely do turn your camera around
set it up prop it up on something or get yourself up $10 tripod from Target cuz
we all go to Target so get yourself a tripod or turn your camera around prop
it up on a book prop it up on that that all those um personal development books
that you should be reading prop it up turn it around and push record I get so
much content from my from my videos I get still shots I get I can get content
for days from just one video you record yourself doing one video you can break
it up and you can do you could show three different exercises and if you are
slow enough like I am when it comes to push ups as I’m going down I can get a
really great still shot and I have a still shot now to share because all you
do is you scroll around and hit pause you scroll it like this until you find a
really good still shot you get rid of that little play sign and you hit screen
shot and you screenshot that now you have some content to post in your
stories and stories are so easy to post you guys because they’re up for 24 hours
you don’t have to worry about who sees it and who likes it because there’s none
of that like instant gratification if like oh my gosh I got 20 likes okay
so you already know who sees you you know who sees your stuff but nobody else
knows who sees your stuff and I think that’s a big deal for a lot of coaches
that fear factor of am I going to be accepted are people going to like what I
have to say are people going to I don’t want to put something up there and
nobody likes it or nobody comments on it it’s gonna make me feel really
uncomfortable okay well first of all no one can make you feel anything that
you’re not feeling about about about you that you’re not already feeling so if
you’re feeling comfortable about something it’s
probably something deeper not that somebody else is making you feel feel
that way but something that you’re dealing with that you need to work
through because anything that you post on social media as long as it’s positive
it’s loving its kind and it’s giving somebody you know a good direction then
there’s there shouldn’t be any weirdness about it if it’s weird then it’s
probably feeling weird to you for a reason so talking about those stories
and putting them inside of the of your of your feed every single day is going
to build that consistency so I want you guys to all do a story first of all
I want to see with it just a show of your guys’s comments here there’s flat
56 to 57 of you guys in here how many of you guys have done a story today I want
to know how many of you guys just I’m watching the feed so I’m scrolling it so
tell me who has done a story today and have you’ve done a story what was your
story on like what did you do a story on yes okay Danielle what was your story on
you did a story tell me you have okay um Kelly tell me what was your story I want
to know so tell me what was your story your story was on you Oh Tiffany said me
me okay so tell me what your story was did you do a story on your workout did
you do a story on your shake Leslie what was your story about tell me about your
story I want to know what your stories were a workout kit
getting the kids ready for school awesome great story um your shake and
your breakfast that’s awesome a motivational quote and your shake
fantastic okay so this is what this is I want to know guys keep putting up what
was your story about because by you sharing your story you’re gonna give
other coaches who are coming on here you know an idea of what they could be
sharing your pre-workout and how tired you were and then you worked out and
your kitten’s being so cute love it Renee that is awesome okay I posted on
my story already real Adana posted her pre-workout um and her work um posting
her workout now awesome so guys like check this out so now your knowing
Rachel quotes now you’re knowing what people are posting I am really into
sunsets and I’m really into sunsets and sunrises and so I I walked outside this
morning and I was like oh my gosh it was so beautiful out this morning that I
grabbed my camera like I had my phone you guys you have your camera with you
every single second of your day you have your phone in your hand so I
just took it and I started just recording you know that the skyline and
I shared it I do that often because that’s what I’m really into so making
sure that you’re posting the things that you’re really into is gonna help you
know because it’s then it’s fun and then it doesn’t seem weird and seem icky is
just being consistent and you know what else you’re sharing who you are and
you’re sharing your life so that’s really important um none yet but
yesterday pre-workout okay well Karen I don’t know where where you live but
right now it’s 10 o’clock so here in the Pacific Northwest so you want to make
sure that you’re never letting your stories go empty for the whole 24 hours
so I try to I try to time my my stories out you know every two to three hours I
try to share something okay so if I already have my workout done then I
won’t post my workout if and I just posted my Shakeology I won’t post my
workout maybe for you know half hour 45 minutes maybe even an hour because
here’s what I learned from stories once that 24 hours if you post all of your
amazing stories all in one block and then the 24 hours is up you lose like
six stories and you’re like oh my gosh all those stories now you get like like
a nice line of stories and then you lose all of them because the torn they’re all
only up there for 24 hours and then they’re gone so I try to make sure that
every couple of hours I’m refreshing my story I’m putting it up there and then I
know that in a couple of hours I’m going to share something else because that’s
also gonna bump my story back in that little line so you know how on Instagram
it’s got it goes across in a line so by by sharing your stories you know kind of
more sporadically throughout the day you’re gonna be able to have more
consistency up okay um you’re brand new to all this
Lisa says I’ve never done a story or used Instagram really okay so Lisa I’m
gonna let you know as a brand new coach when I first started four years ago I
didn’t even have an Instagram and I and I tell you guys I do most of my my stuff
on Facebook I start them on Instagram or I’ll meet them in Instagram and I’ll
bring them over in Facebook but I equally do Facebook and Instagram at the
same time and I share both stories to both pages I didn’t have an Instagram
and now I’ve got over 40,000 followers so Instagram is huge so don’t lose that
market Instagram is a great way to be able to network and be able to connect
with people who are just like you and that is your where you’re gonna base
we’re going to talk about how you make those connections in just a bit but this
is one part of it your stories and what you put in your feed is going to be a
huge huge benefit to you I know people I understand I am the same way I feel you
guys I know it’s hard sometimes to put yourself out there and post something
especially in the Instagram feed it can be very intimidating because all these
people have these amazing instagrams that all have these beautiful colors and
they all match in the templates and they’ve got this theme and it just it
seems so beautiful when you go to their pages that you’re like I don’t want to
put something up there because I feel like it’s not gonna be of value and I
get that and I understand that stories are not that way stories are where you
can actually just be you post you and be authentic you know the Instagram feed is
more its it’s more of like a visual like it’s visually stimulating like you’re
gonna look at it be like wow that’s really pretty and you’re gonna read and
you’re gonna see what it says and that might draw you to that person’s story
but I don’t want you to feel like if you’re not putting you know content out
there on your on your feed that you shouldn’t be doing your stories you
should definitely jump in to stories and Instagram and start off slow don’t
expect to have this big huge following all at once it’s going to take time to
build okay so stories are good every day I wake up with a picture of my kitten
mr. pre-workout awesome love it alright so if you guys have not done a story
here’s a great opportunity for you guys to do a story right now you guys can
turn your cameras around and take a picture take a picture of what you’re
doing right now and post it in your story posting or you know just take a
picture like a selfie you know I’m have you have your camera
your picture just do this take a little picture of you doing a training and say
you know what I’m in the Beachbody Champions page right now where I’m doing
my little work hustle right now and I’m getting training on you know on coaching
that I’ve loved so much has changed my life so much like utilize what you’re
doing right now because this is adding value so utilize this right now and you
know and talk about it and share about it because people you think that
everyone knows what Beachbody coaching is but I will tell you not everyone
knows what Beachbody coaching is and they don’t know that you’re a Beachbody
Coach but let them know like hey you know what I’m doing this really awesome
training so I want want everyone to take a couple of seconds take a real quick
picture and go post it on your Instagram stories and then tag it to your Facebook
stories too if you don’t have that set up already um you guys should definitely
set that up so go ahead and do that and I’m gonna answer any questions to if
there’s any questions in here I’m gonna scroll down you know what I’ll scroll on
here cuz it makes it easier for me to like not mess this up so if you guys
have questions too give me your questions as you go okay so
you guys should all have posted something on your stories one thing that
I really am very particular about guys your little profile picture should be
you okay if your profile picture is not you
you need to change that like yesterday your profile picture should be you it
should be a clearer picture of you it shouldn’t be your kids or your cat or
you know a picture of the sunset you’re building your business so you should do
you should make sure your picture is you Britney asked how do I grow my following
on Instagram I will tell you guys that in just a little bit when we get further
down to hashtags um okay so we’re gonna go into your your invitation process on
your stories okay for some of you guys who are brand new this is gonna be like
epic for you because this is how you’re gonna be able to build and for those of
you guys who have been doing stories for a long time again this is something that
I’m gonna share with you guys that I share with my team I want you guys to
grab a pen and a paper and I’m gonna tell you guys what I say to every single
person who’s watching my stories unless they’re one of my coaches or they’re you
know I’ve already you know been talking to them so here’s what I say hey girl or
hey so-and-so whatever you put insert their name I just want to say thank you
so much for following my stories so hey so-and-so I just want to say thank you
so much for following my stories it’s really hard to put yourself out there on
social media and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your
following me and you know and I appreciate your following me and if
there’s ever anything that I can help you with I just want to let you know I’m
here super simple you guys hey I just want to say thank you for following me
on my my stories it’s really hard for me to put myself out there sometimes you
know how social media can be I mean I’ll mate I’ll play with it a little bit but
it’s the exact same thing I will always send them a thank-you hey thank you so
much for sending or for liking my post if they like my post if they are liking
anything that I put with my health and fitness journey I will send them a
thank-you on Facebook and on Instagram hey girl thank you so much for like
my transformation picture it was so hard for me to post that but I know that if I
am helping one person then I’ve done my job today thank you very much I just
wanted to say thank you guys people like to be recognized and so recognize them
for that you know let’s thank them hey thank you
so much for doing that I really appreciate you taking the time out of
your day to like my my Instagram post I really appreciate you taking the time
out of your day to like my Facebook post hey thanks for the follow I really
appreciate you following me on social media if there’s ever anything that I
can do to help you or to you know to work with you or to give you any kind of
advice anything at all that you see that I’m doing please let me know I thank
every single person when they follow me I send them a thank-you and they respond
I can tell you that that is how I have been building my following because then
they don’t unfold the cause you thank them you’ve acknowledged them you’ve
appreciated them and that is part of our recognition right it comes out
recognition and shoutouts so I may not be recognizing and shouting out my
challengers or myself as often but I’m making sure that every day I’m
recognizing and challenge and recognizing and thanking and shouting
out in my inbox my new followers and people who are liking and commenting on
my posts and on my feed guys it’s so important I mean it really truly is
because this is network marketing you’re not trying to sell them on something
right you’re trying to you’re trying to become their friend you’re trying to get
to know them and in the world where everything is so digital and people
don’t know other than just that small little square that they see you know on
Instagram or on Facebook then it’s up to you to take the time to really get to
know them and the only way that you’re gonna be able to do that is by reaching
out to them and you know just because they were there it doesn’t mean that
they’re gonna stay there forever and if you’re like oh I’m losing my
I’m losing my my followers well have you reached out to them have you talked to
them have you said thank you to them well I didn’t know I was supposed to
it’s your business of course you’re supposed to so making
sure that you’re intentional with that you guys is going to be super helpful so
I want to take five minutes and I want you guys to go and I want you to go
through either if you’re on Facebook more than you are an Instagram or if
you’re on Instagram more than facebook wherever you are wherever your last post
was I want you to go and say that I want you to take five ten minutes and I want
you to go and say hey guys I just want to say thank you for following me on my
social media I just want to say thank you for watching my health and fitness
stories or I’m gonna have to say that I suppose say thank you for following me
on my stories it’s really hard to put myself out there sometimes but I really
enjoy this story aspect on social media I hope you do too
boom done so easy so non-invasive so like hey I just want to get to know you
hey thanks so much for doing that so we’re gonna take ten minutes you guys
are gonna go do that I’m gonna put JT back on and you guys are gonna go do
that and I’m gonna answer questions so as you guys have questions I’m gonna be
reading them and answering them so go do that and I am going to come in here and
read it challenge your recognition morning workout I have to click on that
again no questions on anything how do I grow
my Instagram okay Brittany we are gonna get to that okay
you guys are working you guys are thinking your customers and/or your
followers those who are following your those who are following your stories and
liking and commenting for those guys who are just hopping on we are going in and
liking and saying thank you for people who are following you who are for those
who are following your stories and liking and commenting on your post
moving people from IG to Facebook how do I move them is that what you’re asking
me Jen how do I move people from Facebook through my Instagram to
Facebook I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re asking so I simply will ask them
after we’ve had a few conversations um after you know we’ve had that initial
like hey thank you so much for a fun for liking my my post thank you so much for
liking my my stories or follow me on my stories then I’ll say hey do you have
but they’ll say hey girl what workout were you doing or hey what you know what
protein shake were you drinking and I’ll briefly go into it and then I’ll say hey
are you on Facebook because I do a lot of stuff on Facebook I would love to add
you or I’ll just say hey let’s follow each other on Facebook – are you on
Facebook usually they’ll they’ll come over and
say yeah I’m on Facebook or they’ll say I’m not really on Facebook very much or
they’ll big yeah I’m on Facebook all the time okay great
here’s my you know here’s my my link or here’s my profile thing at Facebook send
me a friends request and let’s connect over there as well um yeah I can’t
always find them either oh that brings me to another point so
this was from Julie Voris she did a really great Power Hour here and I was
watching it again last night guys and my coaches you guys are on here to
listen your Instagram handle needs to be your name because I’ve went to look
my coaches before and I’m like girl where are you on Instagram and like oh
yeah this it’s some long name I’m like no no no it has to be your name like if
you can make it be your name now Jennifer Wright might be too common but
you can say like Jennifer Wright something or if you’re wanting to do you
don’t want to put your team name you have to make sure that your name is
somewhere in your bio because when people go to search for you they can’t
find you then so make sure it’s something one that someone could
remember and two that it matches your name because when I’m reaching out to
people and let’s say it’s you know get out of debt you know dot org whatever
get out of debt underscore flowers I don’t know anything
whatever it is I’m looking to thank that person and I don’t want to say you know
hey thanks you know get out of debt underscore flowers like you want to know
who they are you want to call their for that person by their name so make sure
that your name is in your bio make sure if you can that your name is that your
name is the one that is being seen on your Instagram because that’s how people
are gonna remember you and you don’t want them to remember you by a name that
does not belong to you so make sure it’s your name this is your doing business
for yourself and you’re growing your business and your brand so make sure
that you are branding your self okay you’re not branding Beachbody
you’re not branding Shakeology you’re not branding you know the guys company
down the street you’re not you’re branding you this is you so make sure
that your name is the one that they see that they remember what if it’s the same
people do you thank them multiple times no I don’t usually so if it’s if I’ve
already thanked them I get usually initiates a conversation Megan so if
they thinks they’ll usually send me a heart back or they’ll say hey girl no
problem I love what you post it so inspirational or yeah hey girl keep
the great content okay so that makes him alright then down on the back of my BAT
sheet and I will put them up as a follow-up so if I see that they’re still
following me I will say to them in a week or two if I see they’re still
consistently following me I will invite them to hey I don’t know this is another
one so grab a pen and paper I’m all about giving you guys the words to say
especially since you guys are on this call right now I’m all about sharing
with you guys what it is I say so here is the words that I say when I am going
to make that initial contact I will say something like hey girl I don’t know if
this is for you but I know you’ve been following my stories and I’m so thankful
for that but I’m running a health and fitness challenge group next month or
I’m running a health and fitness challenge group in two weeks
I give them time and I don’t know if it’s for you or not but if it is I
wanted to give you a heads up that I have a group coming up on such and such
date if you would like more information about it
let me know if not I hope all is well with you and by that time you guys
listen this is another thing it’s important by that time I’ve already
followed them and I already know what’s going on I’ve watched their
stories so I and I’ve watched and I’ve been in their feed so I know well I know
what they’re doing like I already know so let’s say their daughter just got
just got her license you know if I say hey I don’t know if this is for you but
I just wanted to say thank you so much or give you the opportunity to you know
to let you know what’s coming up if it is for you let me know if you want more
information I’m happy to give you more information
hey I hope your daughter you know is driving safer I hope that you haven’t
got any gray hairs from watching your daughter drive away the other day that
was a great story that you shared I will make sure that I tie it in was something
that I’ve already seen of hers that’s another thing if you are wanting someone
to follow you then you have to be following them now you might say well
what if they don’t have any content at all then I would just leave it like hey
girl I have a group I don’t know if this is something you’d
be interested in or not but I I know that you’re following my stories and I
hope I’m continuing to inspire you and I just wanted to let you know that this is
the date that I’m gonna be starting my next challenge group if you want more
information on it let me know I would love to put you on my list to follow up
with boom again not salesy making connections
you’re seeing that they’re following you clearly they’re interested in what you
have to share but if you’re not making those connections with them and if
you’re not following up and initiating the conversation then how will they know
right alright um do I post the same stories on
IG s as I do on Facebook yes I do so I have a business I have like a business
page or a like page on Facebook so I have that tied in so it goes directly
onto my like page okay and then I have it saved directly on to my my camera
roll so then I will take whatever I put in face in Instagram I develop it in
Instagram I post it in Instagram I use all the geo tags and all the hashtags
which I’ll talk about in my Instagram stories and then I will pull them over
to Facebook now Facebook is not the same when it comes to hashtags when I see you
guys hash tagging on Facebook it like literally drives me crazy because
Facebook does not care about hashtags Facebook is not a place to hash tag okay
it doesn’t care about it it doesn’t utilize hashtags Instagram does so I
know they’d said how do I grow my following I grew my following through
hashtags okay so hashtags are a big deal this
call isn’t about hashtags but it is how I grew my it’s how I’ve grown my
following by utilizing the hashtags that are part of my target market so if
you’re not utilizing hashtags that are part of your target market then you’re
not going to grow your market because remember your target market is targeting
people who are like you who you want to sign up with you who are like you so
make sure that you’re using those hashtags that are going to bring people
that are just like you or that are they don’t have to be just like you because
there’s no one just like you but that are at least
into the same things that you are that you have a commonality listen every
single Beachbody Coach every single top Beachbody Coach every single coach in
any kind of market are using hashtags for health and fitness health fitness
and nutrition everyone’s using them so if you’re using a hashtag and when you
go to hashtag you’ll see how many people use that same hashtag if you’re using
that hashtag you guys it’s not going to you’re not going to get as much of a
return on your investment do you want to find something that’s unique and from
what I’ve learned that unless it changes this is this is what I do now I look for
hashtags that don’t have more than maybe 600 or 800,000 people following it the
reason why is because then I know I’m still gonna stay up and relevant in the
feed if you use a hashtag that has millions of people who use this hashtag
and follow and use this hashtag then once you post it it’s gonna go it might
hit like four five seconds up on the top of that feed but then it’s gonna go all
the way down so when you use hashtags in Instagram to find people that are like
you you want to use the hashtags that are most like you okay so for me i’m
syrian so I put Mediterranean girl or Mediterranean food or whatever something
that has to do with the Mediterranean culture that is going to be a lot like
me right so when I go to that hashtag and I put
it in the search bar up an Instagram and I can’t click I can see who’s using that
hashtag by their pictures so I can click on those pictures I can click on those
cute little faces and I can see if they have anything in common with me now I
might follow them right away if I really connect with them and then I will send
them a message hey I just want to let you know I just sent you a follow
request I think you’re absolutely awesome and I’d love to get to do any
more like I don’t I don’t mess around with that stuff if I’m following
somebody I want to let them know hey I’m not a creeper first of all I
want to let you know why I followed you I went to your page because I am
I’m Mediterranean or I love Mediterranean cuisine and I absolutely
love what you just posted okay or I’ll put in West Coast sunsets and I’ll go
look at some of this because I’m obsessed with sunsets and sunrises so I
will go through and I look and see and if I find someone that’s really there’s
a picture that it just captures my attention I will follow that person and
I will send them a message and let them know hey I just wanna let you know I
sent you follow request I absolutely love this picture that you posted would
you mind if I shared it at some point your work is great or wow that really
touched my heart and I just wanted to let you know that so again I’m not
talking about my business I’m not talking about Beachbody I’m not talking
about what I do I’m talking to people I’m getting to know people
I’m networking and I’m becoming friends with them and that is like really where
you guys need to live for a really long time because you shouldn’t have to sell
anything you shouldn’t have to ever sell anything you share and if you’re selling
then you’re not coaching so I want to say that again if you are if you’re
feeling like you’re selling then you’re not coaching coaching is not selling
coaching is sharing coaching is helping coaching is encouraging coaching is
motivating coaching is recognizing coaching is being with is finding a
person’s weakness and helping them become stronger that’s coaching all that
other stuff that fails we don’t do that okay so when you’re utilizing this bat
system and you’re in your power hour you know that’s what I do but the bulk of my
Power Hour is spent inside of connecting talking and relating to other people
okay that’s how I do my business I make sure that I am initiating contacts
inside of my my my facebook stories and my Instagram stories I do polls
in both eye I’m going to share this with you this is really this is great so I
know like we were like I hate Facebook stories are lame okay well if I would
have taken that same approach and not looked at it as a brand
new platform then the last I would say eight people that I signed up wouldn’t
have signed up with me because they signed up with me through Facebook
stories I started with my Facebook stories the only like five six people
were watching me and following me and now my Facebook stories are well into
the hundreds like over five hundred a day on Facebook okay new people because
my oh your guys has paid Facebook’s all better be public because if you’re not
public on Facebook or on Instagram I don’t know what you’re doing again you
guys need to go public if you’re worried about your kids you’re worried about
posting pictures of things that are too personal have a different page for that
on my facebook I have probably a hundred and fifty different photo albums but all
you guys see is like three or four because all those 147 photo albums are
all private and they’re all for me or I have them marked as family only and I
will post pictures up the wazoo of my kids I will post all sorts of stuff that
is personal to me and to my family and to people that because I want to have
those memories captured somewhere and not just in my iCloud so I put them in
those photo albums and every once awhile I’ll pull a picture out and people like
my gosh where’d you get that picture from I never saw that picture I’m like
yeah it’s um one of my private photo albums so you can keep yourself private
still and still have that luxury of being private inside of Facebook and
sharing pictures of just with just your family but put them inside of a separate
photo album don’t put them inside of you know your main feed but your main feed
all of your posts need to be public okay if you want to get that attention and
your stories need to be public as well and a lot of people didn’t know that you
can change your story setting that some of your stories won’t be public so we’re
just private if your Facebook or your Instagram is set to private chances are
your stories are set to private too and so only people who are gonna see your
stories are your coaches and your friends that you already have and that’s
not going to help you grow your network is it okay so making sure that you have
that those two feeds are public um all right do we have any questions as
before I go on to like hashtags and stories and polls and stories and what I
do there I’ll give you guys a second um I just watched the video regarding
growing hashtags yesterday in this group let me see if I push this down if it
won’t okay now I have more knowledge that I didn’t have before yeah
Lisa honestly um so here’s what I do with my my Instagram stories and
hashtags and this is what I found out hashtags in my Instagram stories when I
put them too down when I put them low on in the feed if I put them down way way
down low they won’t come up and if I use them more than once in the same story
block they won’t come up so for example if I’m doing like hashtag healthy
healthy mom if I put that hashtag somewhere on my story it has to be above
if you’re if you’re moving the hashtag around you’ll see there’s an outline it
has to be above the outline and somewhere centered see Instagram doesn’t
want you to hide your hashtags anymore we were they we’ve for the longest time
I was able to put like four or five hashtags and we’d hide it by using the
color picker and then picking it as the same color as the background and then
I’d hide my hashtag so nobody would see my hashtags well Facebook good Instagram
will Instagram Facebook listen carrot but Instagram doesn’t want you to do
that anymore so they they took that they took that away and now you’re insecure
of hashtags have to be if you want them to get the most return on your
investment they need to be somewhere that people can see them they don’t have
to be big I mean you can still make it small and it has to be within the
outline of the actual story so there’s a little there’s a little trick view oh no
my my Instagram is business and my personal is I’m more personal on my
facebook so that’s a really good question Rachel I like your name um
that’s a great question so my Instagram is all business all the
time you very rarely find my kids in my feed it’s not part of my branding for my
insta and I don’t want my kids on my feed my
kids are teenagers and you know they’re they’re gonna be sixteen in a month two
months I have twins and their friends all follow me so my kids follow me so I
have to be really careful now with what I post especially with having an almost
sixteen year old son so you have to be careful with what you’re posting and how
you’re sharing so on my act I don’t put my kids on my stories or on my my feed
because I don’t want to first of all embarrass them because they may not want
me to have it and plus every once a while if I put a picture up there it’s
okay but they’re not the ones who people are going there they’re following you
people are following you they’re not following your kids now if you’re a
young mom and you have your little babies and that’s a big part of your
brand that’s a completely different story it’s a completely different story
but I do share a lot about my kids in my feed or in my stories like my kids were
working out with me or you know taking to school or I’m waiting for them in the
car if you came up after practice or any other games because you’re sharing your
life it’s different than what’s actually in your feed I hope that answers your
question um how do you keep up with the IG trends okay so the IG trends you can
Google Google’s are great with that like Google as your friend you guys Google
away when it comes to IG and all those things so let’s go back in to responding
to all new likes comments and views okay so now that we’ve done the bulk we’ve
done the hash tag you are doing your stories throughout your day making sure
that you’re using your stories and you’re using the poll option in your
stories because the poll option is so big you guys people like to interact so
make sure that at least three or four times a week that you have some kind of
poll here’s a great poll hey guys I am going on vacation for those of you guys
who are going on the cruise hey guys I’m going on the cruise what is your
favorite brand of sunscreen that could be a question okay people will send you
their favorite brand of sunscreen here’s a great poll hey guys when you put on
sunscreen do you use waterproof or do you reapply
hello there’s a great poll for you guys every
one of you guys should have that and your you guys should go do that right
now go a screenshot just or go to the color just a color page and just say
question and then just say hey it’s almost summertime if you’re not going on
the cruise if you are then use the cruise thing hey question um I want to
know when it comes to sunscreen do use sunscreen we’re using waterproof
sunscreen or do you send screen using the reapply and that’s it or you can say
hey guys for your kids do you sunscreen them before they go to school yes or no
like if there’s so many things that you guys can use to bring in people and to
have them respond and then if they say I use waterproof then there’s a great
opportunity for you to send a message hey thank you for responding to my poll
what brand do you use and you and then if they say your brand do you what do
you like about it like is it does it last a long time oh I’ve heard about
that brand oh I’ve never heard about that brand does it last a long time what
do you like about it have you ever heard about some of these
more expensive brand of sensory like you even have a full-on conversation and
that is networking and get and growing your network okay so that’s a way that I
respond to new likes new comments new views and I do spend a bulk of my time
doing that when I’m doing my my business activity tracker okay so what are some
of the other questions before I move on do I I don’t have an instagram oh you
don’t yes Jennifer yes yes you need to have an Instagram absolutely absolutely
Madonna’s is like a hard yes yes absolutely
Instagram is okay me explain Instagram Instagram is like hmm it is like okay
Kim Carver did a really great training and if I can find it I’ll put it in the
feed but was like the funnel training so when
you’re growing a business you need to have your funnel system that’s why this
that system is so great and him developed this bat system too and it’s
amazing so your funnel so when you are bringing people in you’re having
conversations when you talk about like your warm market your cold market
they’re all down here in the bottom of this funnel so Instagram is like a
continuous funnel of people it’s constant and it’s everywhere from
anywhere like all over the world right so and as we’re growing our companies as
we grow global within Beachbody and we go overseas and international you want
to make sure that you’re constantly adding to that funnel of people that
you’re talking to so like we’re in the UK you know are you hash tagging things
that are related to the UK so you can bring more of the you know United
Kingdom people into your funnel so this is the funnel right so as you’re having
conversations as you’re doing your connecting inviting in your follow ups
you’re building that funnel up to where like the opening of the funnel is like
think of like popcorn where people are popping over it’s the same thing so
they’re you’re building you’re having conversations you’re having
conversations you’re going up the funnel to where you’re like now what was once
your cold market is now you’re warm and hot market and that is how you grow on
Instagram now I will have the same conversations on Instagram you guys on
Facebook okay the exact same conversations so I
break up my time so if I’m if I’m doing a Power Hour and I’m spending and I’m
dedicating about you know 40 minutes into my connecting invites and
follow-ups then I’m gonna take 20 to 25 minutes so I’m going to put that in
Instagram and I’ll try to remember to set a timer because otherwise you can
get lost and I don’t go I don’t go anywhere else I just focus right there
and then once I’ve made that connection with them I write their names down okay
because if you’re doing this all day long
then it’s you’re gonna have a lot of people to scroll through right so I’ll
write their name down and I’ll write the date so like you know 5 2 or you know
whatever whatever a date of is and then I’ll know that within 4 or 5 days to
follow up if they didn’t respond for me to follow up with them and to go in to
check to see if they’re still following my story
if they’ve commented on anything recently I do the same thing in Facebook
okay so inside my Facebook page the exact same thing Facebook stories exact
same thing so thanking them thank you guys so much for liking my my store
following me on my facebook stories or following me on my Instagram stories
when they like something thank you so much for liking my pictures or liking my
transformation or liking my you know whatever it was that was really hard for
me to post and I just want to say thank you um so then so the follow-up so we
did that for 15 you know 15 20 minutes on both pages before I go into the next
which is part 3 let me just see I only have a personal Facebook page and I’m
not sure I want to use that for my business purposes okay why why wouldn’t
you want to use that for your business purposes remember like it you are your
business right so your family and your friends are going to be your biggest
supporters and they’re going your you want to use the people who already know
you and I know that it may seem weird at first but it’s not and I want to share
with you guys why so just yesterday I was picking up my daughter from
volleyball practice and a mom said to me Oh what shoes are those that Chloe is
wearing I’m like oh they’re the Nike shoes I’m like they’re the Nike 3s
I’m like they’re great I absolutely love them and she well cuz she loves them so
much and she wears them all the time I said they had him on sale over at
Nordstrom Rack and oh really when did you buy him him that is it I just
recommended those Nike 3s for Nike and I don’t get a commission for that
somebody asked me the other day what hair product am I using I’m like oh I
used this coconut oil and it’s dead of it I wrote it all out for them and I
sent them the information I don’t get a commission for that
hey girl what I make if you’re using I absolutely love it I don’t get a
commission for that so if you’re worried about people thinking that you’re being
sales because you’re sharing what you love and
what you do then you’re not sharing what you love and what you do okay it’s not
salesy it’s not weird it’s not awkward you’re just sharing what you love and
what you do if you love and you if you are number one being proof of a product
if you’re proof of our product then it’s easy to share if you’re not proof of our
product then you’re not coaching okay coaching remember it is about giving
sharing helping encouraging motivating okay that’s what a coach does so if it
feels weird it’s because it probably is and I don’t know that making a separate
business page right now on Facebook is something that you should do just
because you have a huge warm market still that you haven’t even tapped into
and if anyone says to me like you know I don’t have my any my coaches say I don’t
have a warm market anymore I’m like what really I’ve been a coach for four years
and I have a warm market because I use that funnel system
so that means you’re not having those conversations if you don’t have a warm
market and you think you’ve exhausted your warm market it’s because you have
no one in your funnel you need to have constant conversations with people to
really truly grow this business do I have a specific time of day when I do my
Power Hour yes when I wake up like I do my Power Hour when I when I get up so I
get up I go I take my kids to school I should say right when I get up my kids
go to school I come home and it’s the first thing that I do is my Power Hour
and I turn off my feed I turn off my phone I only leave my phone I’ve
now started to turn my phone off my notifications my phone are off the only
ones who’ll get I’ll get a phone call coming through is if my kids call me or
if my husband but everything else is turned off and I do that because I don’t
want to get sidetracked remember I told you guys the very beginning of this call
I’m not the most organized person so if I I can easily get distracted and so
it’s very important for me to make sure that my vision is like
okay this is what I’m gonna do so I hope that helps sharing my business on my
personal page was difficult for me at first but now it’s my yes absolutely
Leslie yeah you guys it’s it’s all positive stuff
it’s all good it is hard and hey listen guys this is a big thing and I and I
want to share this earlier if you are with a team ask your teammates hello
we’re coaches ask your teammates to support you hey
guys I just made one of my first post or hey guys I just made a really difficult
post would you mind going and giving some support on it because you know the
hardest thing about posting anything on social media is because you’re worried
you’re not gonna get any likes or no one’s gonna like it
that’s why Facebook stories and Instagram stories is easy right because
nobody knows who and how many people are actually following you but on when
you’re putting something out there and it’s a picture it’s a graphic it does
become more personal so ask for your team’s support and help okay just ask
just say hey I just really made a hard post do you mind
supporting it and liking it okay alright and then get people results so then once
I’m done with my Power Hour I go into my challenge groups and that’s where I
start working inside my challenge groups I used to be in my challenge groups all
day every day and it absolutely was depleting of my energy and I felt felt
found that I was not getting I wasn’t enjoying the coaching aspect as much
anymore because I was in my groups too often okay so now I’m in my groups in
the morning and I check in with my challengers I do my daily post I post at
I’ll set my post at night sometimes like this morning it doesn’t post and so I
wake up in the morning and I go to check my my challenge around like wait where’s
all the posting and I’m like oh shoot it didn’t post so I’ll but generally
speaking it post at 4 o’clock in the morning or 4:15 in the morning Pacific
time I set it up on Facebook to post that way and I will go in in the morning
after I’m done with my power hour and I check in with my challengers I
check in to make sure everyone’s good if I have any tags if I need to respond to
anything if anyone has any questions about food if anyone has any questions
about you know their workouts if anyone’s has anything specific that’s
going on with them I respond then okay and then I will sometime during the
middle of the afternoon generally do a quick video in the morning after I’ve
checked in I’ll do a quick video I might recognize a few people’s achievement by
doing a video or I might answer if there’s enough questions and the fee
that we’re similar I might answer a question by doing a video and placing it
in the group right around 12:30 or 1:00 o’clock now
I tagged everyone in my challenge group so that they know that there’s a new
post that they need to go and see I close the wall down so there’s I don’t
have constant notifications coming in there’s no there’s no communication on
the wall other than what I’m sharing and what I’m doing so that’s how I run my
groups and that’s a whole nother conversation but so I’ll go in I’ll get
I’ll get that done and then I contribute to my challenge group I’ll go in again
I’ll check the feeds on both feeds now the one that I made at noon or 1:00
o’clock and the one that I made in the morning I’ll do that again at night so
I’m in my groups helping people get results and celebrating them and when
people talk about the things like yesterday I had someone who did a 3 day
refresh she lost almost 6 pounds I was like hey would you mind going and
sharing that’s so awesome I forget so much how amazing our
three-day refresh is would you mind going and talking about that in our
community pages so again it’s just recognizing how amazing that was thank
you so much for sharing and do you mind sharing that on our community page um ok
so lastly you guys and then I have a couple of like small little notes that I
want to share with you guys this is the most important thing ok we talk about
this all the time that success leaves clues and in this business is no
different success leaves Clues there’s two things
that I want to share with you guys today because it’s so so important that you
guys understand this my coaches do the same thing too first of all if you are
on social media and all you follow is Beachbody Coaches
especially on Instagram then your entire feed is going to be Beachbody Coaches I
have coaches that I admire and I love seeing their content I write their names
down and when I am going through my daily checklist at the end of the day I
go to those coaches pages okay I follow my team and I assume my team follows me
as well but as far as following every single top coach and every single elite
coach what’s gonna happen is your entire feed and Instagram is gonna be all
coaches and you’re not gonna grow from there okay you need to write down your
favorite coach’s names that’s why names are important right so
you want to write down your favorite coaches names and go to their pages and
and be inspired get inspired but I guarantee you those top coaches probably
aren’t following you and less your there’s personally sponsored coach so
utilize that feed for your business okay and then write down those coaches names
and go and get inspired because those coaches are brilliant and do get
inspired and do you know spark that creativity within yourself but your
business is your business okay your business is your brand and the only way
you’re gonna build your brand is if you are putting yourself out there and doing
these daily behaviors inside of the success Club tracker you will hit
success club but do not expect to hit it overnight guys you are not going to
build this following if you are you know posting every once in a long blue moon
it’s not gonna happen that way consistency I have a little fraction it
says consistency over time equals success so if you are consistent over
time you will be successful but if you are not if you are not consistent you
cannot be successful because I would never have signed up with my coach had
she had not been posting and sharing and talking you know who I would have signed
up with the other person and I also said this to my team too if you are
talking and cheering and if you’re sharing and talking and you’re not
consistent you know who they’re gonna sign up with someone else on my team if
they’re not gonna sign up with you they’re gonna sign up with somebody else
on my team because somebody else on my team that is friends with you is going
to be posting and sharing and be is gonna be
Uber’s consistent because that’s how we train them to be because that’s how the
success Club system has trained us to be success leaves Clues so if you want to
be successful you have to do every single top coach is gonna tell you every
single one of a four-time elite coach I’ve been a year I’ve been a coach for
four years so that means I’ve been elite every single year that I’ve been a coach
this is what I use consistency consistency over time equals success and
last but not least last but not least oh you guys this is it do personal
development don’t roll your eyes I want to see those eyes rolls because you know
what I was that girl I don’t need personal development I said you know
what I’m good I’m good I got this I got this coaching thing I I can do this I
don’t need to how do you develop my brain my brains good wrong it’s not
about you see coaching again is not about you it’s about who you’re going to
help and how you’re going to be able to handle developing yourself into a leader
I didn’t come into this with any kind of marketing or any kind of sales degree or
anything like that had any of that so I had no clue but I knew that I had to
develop myself so I figured you know I don’t just do all these like
walkthroughs on Instagram and you know walkthroughs on YouTube ya know you need
to really understand that in order to develop yourself to becoming a strong
person in this business a strong coach in this business a strong business owner
in this business you have to develop a strong mindset it is everything it is
the key to success it is that’s why I left it to the end of this call because
if you guys are all still with me then you’re you’re invested you’re
invested right now and because you’re so invested
in what I have to share I have got to tell you that if you do not do personal
development then you are only doing yourself a big disservice and you are
doing your coaches your team a huge disservice I was the girl who thought I
didn’t need it and I’m telling you that I was wrong you need it so you don’t
have to you don’t have to read some crazy long book it just has to be
something that’s going to speak to you and grow you and there’s so many
recommendations you can ask your coach for recommendations you can ask in here
I can put down my the books that I’m reading right now and I’m reading two or
three at different times so please you guys please develop yourself into a
strong leader become a strong leader because then you will stand the test of
time as a coach and that’s what we want is longevity in this business and I want
to see you guys around here for the next five six ten twenty years because
Beachbody’s not going anywhere alright guys I hope I’ve helped you guys out
today I’ll go through the feed and I will periodically jump in here and
answer questions so alright go do your power or if you guys haven’t done it
already alright bye guys

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