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My name is Ace Hood. I am a platinum
recording artist. I am also a health
and wellness guru. I’m a creator,
and I’m also a father. In another life, I might have
been like a doctor or something like that,
you know what I mean? Because I always think of like
these holistic ways or just- or just come up with ideas, just basically live a better-
a healthier life. I think just studying, mainly. Just always remaining a student
even when it comes to fitness. You know, fitness is something
that I’ve always been a part of, always loved. I got into fitness seriously,
maybe about five years ago. Five years ago is when I started
to really take it serious. I had a trainer
for about two years. So, it- it’s, kind of, like my transition
into independence, in a sense. That’s when my whole
fitness journey, like, I think,
like really eclipsed everything. Forever, I was always outside.
Football was always my thing. Being from Florida, like,
it’s, kind of, like expected
for the most part, you know. So, yeah, I was always
an outside baby. I started to play Pop Warner, so I maybe was about 13,
14 years old, when I first started
to play football, maybe even a little younger
than that. But that was like
my first experience with, ah, pad football, you know,
and tackle football. The moment I- I got on the field,
I fell in love with it. You know, prior to the game
of football, like and me
actually playing it, like I always was just
a huge fan of it, of people like Deon Sanders
and Emmitt Smith and, like, you know, legendary
people who play before us. So, for us, I feel like
in my community growing up in Deerfield, was always like one
or the other, you know, you either like trying to do
what the- what the dope boys, or you either trying
to play ball. You trying to
further yourself in college. You know, for us,
football meant everything because, you know,
if we were great enough at it, we were able to go to,
ah, colleges for full scholarships
and stuff like that. So that was always the goal
in order for us to make it out of-
outside of our community and do something better
for our family. So, you know, it was
very like family oriented. Football was, like,
much bigger for us too. My diet is very important. I exercise a pescatarian
at this particular time. I do think at some point
I wanna transition to being, like, a vegetarian,
or something, and vegan. Ah, so, we’ll see. We’ll see.
It’s definitely a journey, but like I always felt
like food harried energy. You know, like,
whether you would have, ’cause growing up my mom
would always, you know, she made soul food
and anything like that, she would, every time
we would eat, you know,
we would feel like sluggish. As much as I love the food,
as much as I’m- I’m from the culture
and the collard greens and [inaudible] and all that good stuff,
in the same time, I understood that what
it was doing to my body. It was making me more tired,
you know what I mean, eating big meals like that.
So as I got older, I started to portion my food
and started to understand that your body don’t need
much to actually run. I’m teaching my children
about a healthy lifestyle, just about
if they want longer life, if you wanna happier life.
For my kids, man, it’s just, it’s easing ’em in,
you understand? And, it’s just like
holding ’em accountable too in the same token,
which is important to me. So, like, ‘Okay. Cool you all want to do this,
you all want to do that, I’m gonna need you
when I put these greens on here, I’m gonna need you all
to take care of it. You gotta go ahead and clean
that up, right? We got that?” My girl and my
[inaudible 00:02:49], just so you all know, and then,
you know, it’s all good. “Dad, I ate all my greens.”
I’m like, “Yeah, that’s gonna get you
strong like daddy, you dig?” So, you know,
and I know what the condition like between one and five, to try to get them
on something consistent so they can carry that
throughout life, you know ’cause
I want them to be healthy. I want them to be active, always wanted
to be mobile with my kids, and running around and do flips and do everything
that they doing, you know. So, that’s one of the reasons
too, largely that, ah, I’m honest
with my eating like that. Being a performer
and my lifestyle now, this is like so funny, man, because I used to think
that they were different, right? So, I think that they are one
and the same. My fitness goals and the things
that I wanna do, it’s like, because people known Ace Hood
in the past for, I’ve always dropped
hustling music and music to get you up and going
and music to motivate you. And, you know, that’s- that-
like that’s what also stems from the fitness
because in my mind, it’s like, “What if I could give you
the keys to fitness and living a healthier lifestyle and I could also attest
a soundtrack to how to do that,”
you know what I mean? Teach you how to trust
the process and teach you
how to be undefeated. You know what I’m saying, like,
meaning mentally, you know, mind, body and spirit,
the things that we control, like,
nobody else got that control, so that’s what I mean
by being undefeated. So, it’s like, also know that,
you know, and it’s not a perfect lifestyle
that I live. Just so you know, like,
I’m still in the club with nine chains on me,
like, you know, like solid up, like dip it down,
and everything blessed. We wanna pull up in big
[inaudible] and bless. But, it’s just knowing
how to balance that, you know what I’m saying. And, it’s just like knowing
where my safe place is. It’s like, yeah, it ain’t really
much changed. It’s just I’m batting more like,
yeah, like just that animal
more so for me, more control. So, that’s how I learned
to like balance a lifestyle. It’s not faking,
you know what I mean. Embrace it, like, I’m thankful
for who I am as an artist and a celebrity
and all that it’s brought me. But I’m also grateful
for my consciousness and like being able
to be centered in a world where I know,
it’s like, so much terrible things
happening and people need guidance
and just love. You understand? So, it’s like, for me,
that’s just how I stay true. It’s just like,
we waver back and forth. I ain’t trying to be perfect,
you know what I mean. Like, I’m gonna leave here
and go, you know what I mean, smoke one. We gonna, you know what I mean,
it’s like, it’s no difference. But, I am who I am
and I’m gonna be true to that.


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