Abs and Core workout at home. For athletes (Especially swimmers)

Abs and Core workout at home. For athletes (Specially swimmers). As I mention before in a lot of the videos,
building strong core muscles is very important in every aspect of swimming and life in general. So, here is a quick guide to the basics of
core muscles and how to strengthen them. Your core muscles are not just your abs. In fact, your core is composed of several
layers of muscles that surround the middle section of your body, the abs or six pack
are just this layer here. These muscles are essential for every motor
skill, and for athletes they are fundamentally important. Your core acts as the main stabilizer but
also transfers energy to other muscles of your limbs. This is why a strong core can help you prevent
injuries and improve your athletic performance. We will go over 10 exercises that require
no equipment and if done correctly they will increase the endurance, motor control and
function of your core. 10 – Front Plank This exercise activates you muscles from your
shoulders to your toes. To do this right you need to keep your body
tight to create a straight line from the top of your head to your feet. Keep your elbows at shoulder height. 9- Plank with leg and arm raise
Same as the plank but now lift an arm, hold it for 5 seconds and then the other arm. Then lift one leg and then the other for 5
seconds each. Try to keep your chest and your hips facing
the floor with minimum movement. 8- Push up position You can do the first two exercises in this
position or to make it even more challenging you can try lifting one arm and the opposite
leg. Focus on balance and tightening of your core
muscles. 7- Thread the needle This can be done with your elbow on the ground
or with your hand on the ground. Extend one arm to the sky and then thread
it under your body to the opposite side. Be sure to keep that straight line through
your body using all of your core muscles. 6- Side plank Just like the classic plank, but to the side. Focus on your obliques and hold this position. Remember to breathe normally. 5- Worm Keep your legs in one place and walk slowly
with your arms. Walk until your hands reach your shoulder
line. Then lower your hips and lift them up until
you reach your toes. Now that you have done this once, do it again
and focus on tightening the core. Feel how easier it is to do it this way. 4- Hollow rock The secret to doing a successful hollow rock
is to keep your lower back on the floor. The only way to do it again is to focusing
on your core muscles, specially the muscles in your lower back. Hold this for several seconds. Rest and do it again. 3- Star This one is a little more challenging. You have to use your balance and strength
to do this movement. This strengthens the obliques but also uses
the whole core. This exercise, as many on this list, will
help you transfer energy from your core to your limbs. 2- Inverted Hollow rock Start in a push up position now extend your
arms as far as you can and hold that position for several seconds. This position activates almost every muscle
in your body but specially your core. As you get more core endurance you will be
able to hold this position for longer stretches of time. 1- Carlton Banks This exercise, as far as I know, has no official
name. So my swim team and my coach came up with
“Carlton Banks”. This is the easier version of it. Originally it is done with the feet on a physioball. When you do this exercise, the pain makes
you want to yell out something! anything! Carlton Banks! I hope you enjoyed this video. I will do more swimming videos with the ocasional
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