About Rachel Buschert Vaziralli | Boot Camp Workout

I’m Rachel Buschert Vaziralli and I’m a fitness
professional. I work as a trainer and a group fitness instructor,
mostly teaching at Equinox Fitness, in New York city. I teach a wide variety of classes, everything
from kettle bell training to viper, metabolic conditioning, heavy strength rope training
and my favorite is indoor cycling. I’m also a master trainer with Schwinn Fitness,
so I travel and I certify instructors in their indoor cycling education program. I’m currently working on my master’s in Exercise
Science and Cardiac Rehabilitation. I originally came to New York as a dance major,
I was a dance major at NYU and there was actually a period of time between being a dance major
at NYU and working as a fitness professional, where I was pretty much, NOT active, I was
waiting tables, I was bartending and I managed to pack on a good forty-five pounds, in about
a years time and it was right around that time where I realized something had to change,
I was very unhappy with what I was doing for a living, very unhappy with my physique and
my overall health and so I started working towards my personal training certification
and I started working as a trainer. And from there, I got into group fitness and
I really fell in love with group fitness, just the energy and the dynamics of teaching
to a group and I really felt like I could impact a larger audience, as apposed to just
teaching one on one and that’s what I continue to do today, is just share my passion with
fitness, I want to help other people reach their goals, I want people to be able to figure
out what workouts could be most effective for them, you can find out more about me at
my website. I’ve even got my before and after photos on
there. If you don’t live in New York and you still
wanna take an indoor cycling class with me, there’s a link to my iTunes workout, where
all you need is a bike and headphones and you can ride with me and it’s all on my website


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