A Comparison of the 21 Day Fix vs PiYo Workout Programs

hi it’s bethany lyn strothers from the
fitness focus and what I want to share with you today is the video that’s going
to go over the differences between the piyo and 21 day fix at home workout
programs so you can decide which program is right for you know I have done both
programs so if you want to see some results I’ll share those with you at the
end so stay tuned first we’re going to go over who these
programs are for because as you know being able to stick with the program and
enjoying the program is actually the most important thing when choosing your
program so a couple of things to take into account are that either program is great
for beginners or if you’re more advanced there is always a dedicated modifier
on-screen if you can keep up piyo is very low impact there’s very
little jumping 21 day fix has more jumping but again there’s the dedicated
modifiers so you always have someone to follow when you need to and the 21 day fix uses those nifty
little containers to teach you portion control and recognize how much you
should be eating getting you eating healthy and easy way and piyo does have
you measure your food although it’s still very easy to follow and one thing
piyo I do enjoy is that it does travel very well because there’s no equipment
which leads us to what equipment you need for these programs now for the 21
day fix you need dumbbells or resistance bands and you do need varying weight
dumbbells because you’ll be using anything from probably three to fifteen-pound
weights especially as you get more advanced and you do need a yoga mat
which you also would need for piyo because there’s a lot of floor work and
also for piyo besides a yoga mat you would want sliders if you get the
ultimate package or for the strength workouts another important thing to look at when
you’re deciding which program to choose is the schedule in what fits best with
your schedule now the 21 day fix is 21 days which is great if you’d like to
lose a few pounds for that upcoming event it promises weight loss of up to
15 pounds in three weeks the averaged workout time is a half hour out of your
day that’s it and it is seven days a week for piyo the program is eight
weeks long a little bit longer than the three weeks
the average workout time is 30 minutes the shortest workout is twenty minutes
in the longest is about 50 minutes and piyo is six days a week and is meant to
link then strengthen and tone while the 21 day fix is more about habit forming
in teaching you the habit of daily exercise and healthy eating now you’re
probably thinking about how much each program is which is important to what
fits in your budget the great news is that they’re the same
price so that shouldn’t be a huge deciding factor in which program you
choose now for each program you get the challenge pack for 160 the essential
package for the 21 day fix includes the workouts the containers the Shakeology
shaker cup and the tools for success the ultimate 21 day fix package includes
everything in the essential for us to accelerated workouts and extra set of
those nifty containers a large blue container for your meals on the go and a
tote bag for piyo the challenge pack which if you don’t know what a challenge
pack is it is the best offer because you do receive the basic package of the
program with a month’s supply of Shakeology on home direct shipping for the piyo base package you
receive the piyo workouts the tools for success and then a few free gifts
including two extra workouts for the piyo deluxe package you get everything
with the regular package plus you’ll also get two accelerated work out the
strengths sliders with the slider booties a yoga mat and if you were
wondering about what kind of results you can expect with either program I said I
would share my results and here they are these are my twenty one day 21 day fix
results the measurements are basically weight lost four and a half pounds total
inches seven and three quarter inches as you can see there’s overall toning I got
stronger I can see some abs and there you can start seeing my leg muscles and
this is only after three weeks so think if you repeat the program 1 2 3 many times
you will get a shapely lean toned body here are my sixty-day piyo results
which as you can see I am lengthened strengthened and toned this program does work
your core alot so you’ll notice the four pack coming through and I swear it did
improve my posture a little bit it helped just feel better overall more flexible
more limber and just healthy as you can see my measurements weight loss was 13.2
pounds and 15 and a half inches lost total close this video I just wanna say
that I hope this has helped you decide which program is right for you because
the most important thing when beginning any program is that you do a program you
going to stick with not just for a couple days before the duration of the
program and beyond and now if you’d like to learn more
about either program make sure to visit my blog at the http://thefitnessfocus.com/
and see the reviews more detailed than what we’ve gone over today about each
program thank you very much for watching and good luck

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