96. Free: how to EFT tap to lose weight and energize (+ precaution)

Hello there; I am Yvonne Decelis coming to you today on YDCtv. It is Saturday October 12th and it’s about close to
10:30 in the morning I meant to do a video yesterday and I
didn’t get a chance to so I’m going to just do one clip one today this is going to
be a quick energy healing exercise video it’s partly based off request but it’s
also based on a conversation I had with someone just yesterday I was planning on
doing something else boom I didn’t get a chance to do that so I am gonna add some
point doing the raking distancing video I’m just natural one so that will be
coming up in the near future hopefully not too distant but for now
since the last few videos I did about waking up and energizing had a lot of
tapping in it I’m going to start off with that but before I get started with
anything else I’m just a word on Reiki breathing the best way to grieve is at
all possible breathe in through the nose out through the mouth if you can’t if
you don’t feel comfortable doing that or you don’t feel think about switching or
you’re just really congested and you can’t breathe through your nose at all
that’s okay just breathe however it moves cutable for you but you want to
make sure you have a focus on your breathing so the best thing to do
regardless of whether you’re doing nose or mouth breathing is when you inhale
your toes should be touching the roof of your mouth and if you want to know
exactly where to position that it should be touching me working around you can
feel it up against your teeth the back of your teeth and then when you exhale
let your to move off that helps your brain focus and you breathing and also
helps keep you hydrated so all that said I’m going to show you what’s happened
really new and also just one word of caution I want to talk about tapping I
talked about EFT which I have learned as emotional freedom technique by Nick
Ortner from his school the school would happen I’ve also learned tapping through
Donna Eden or energy healing book she’s got a book on energy and healing her
energy medicine she’s amazing she does do a lot of tapping the word of caution
is one of taps is right under the spleen right under neither pets about parallel
where the nipple would be one of the taps she recommends is tapping the
screen meridian points my word of caution about this is if you’re prone to
back spasms or you have really bad back problems if you hit this spot too hard
you might unwittingly give yourself back spasms I spoke to someone who did
actually give himself back mm they weren’t just happening here though they
were also tapping out to the sides one of the energy medicine exercises I
learned be it done even because this if you tap the screen reading points and
when I say tap I usually say tap really deeply like tough love to happen so in
other words if you went to someone else and you started doing this to them they
would want to know what the heck you were doing because it almost feels like
hitting you don’t want to do that down here at the spleen or in the end points
just want to lightly tap and if you do this about 13 times every single day and
then switch out and again don’t do this if you have back problems but then she
goes out about an inch to the sides and she does appear to and again you do not
want to tap these points over work them vigorously especially if you are prone
to back pain because you don’t want to accidentally give yourself back to
business the nice thing about tapping this from the meridian points sorry
expertise them if you’re tapping the screen radiant points and you go out to
this side and do this one of the nice things that that tap you can do with
this it can help you if you’ve got stuck on the weight that you just can’t get
rid of your metabolism just probably knots may be enough you want to get you
the table isn’t filming and speed it up tapping the spleen meridian points can
help get the metabolism in here and it can also speed your metabolism up so
this is a good way to lose weight stuff in a stubborn weight that just won’t
move but again if you have back pain problems I would not recommend doing it
so that’s one of the taps and it’s one of the taps that will help with losing
weight using really stubborn stubborn weights
another thing you can do is you could put your hands right at the sides of
your torso right underneath the pecs under the torso and you can just breathe
in and then just push and force that energy
excess weight whatever it is that you’re trying to get rid of a way I would say
stand near a window stand with a garbage can next you don’t want to be bringing
that negativity in to anybody else you don’t wanna be if you’re sitting it on
to anyone in front of you so just make sure there’s no one in front of you or
nobody in front of you and if you want even underneath you may not be able to
hear if you really looking for it I need a place to put any of your negative
energy the best thing to do is go in front of the window and you can just put
it put your hands underneath your pecs the sides of your torso get me then you
go to the window move out and push that negativity or badness in front of move
toward the window if it goes out into the air or harm anyone it’ll dissipate
so that’s the first thing that was the word option I don’t want anyone to
accidentally get themself back spasms I’d get spasms I know how bad those can
be I would hate to find out that someone had back spasms because of something
they did that I showed them so that’s my first one that’s just the spleen ringing
points can help you with losing weight with getting your metabolism going and
getting rid of those stubborn pounds the other tapping points I just want to go
over one more time because I’ve heard from somebody else who has a lot of
problems as to why with fatigue she found the EFT tapping to be very helpful
in waking her up so I’m gonna skip those please Meridian points I just want to
show you the other tapping points one more time and one last time when you do
these tapping points you can actually give yourself affirmations as you’re
doing them so this is one of the tapping but it’s the cheekbones you can give
yourself affirmations when they’re tapping these points I do not do my
affirmations aloud I’ve seen mccourt nerd in his verbally and it’s probably
because he’s a presenter but a lot of people do do their affirmations out loud
I just I keep them to myself but if I were to do my affirmations aloud it
would be something like this I hate having MS I can’t stand it multiple
sclerosis is really effectively under the chin under the lower lip
I’m not gonna let this condition win though I’m not gonna let it when I’m
going to beat the EMS EMS doesn’t have me I might have it doesn’t have me also
skin right between the upper lip who knows he can tap there so in under the
lips and over them between the mouth and the nose off back to the cheeks you did
the sides of your eyes get there I’m not gonna let the 5-row get to me it’s just
irritating to have these conditions but I’m not gonna let them stop me
also you too when you’re doing this part the eyebrows you can do the outside edge
or the inside edge of the eyebrows and you can have them both at the same time
or you can just do one side if that feels more comfortable with as with
energy medicine or energy feeling it’s not being is the same you want to do
what feels right if it feels forced or it feels beautiful it doesn’t feel great
means you’re not properly benefiting from it you want to make sure you’re
doing it regularly and it should feel right having the very top of the head
right in the center point at the top sorry I’m not being very good about
keeping these verbal affirmations going they’re just not used to doing them out
loud so again for the head points underneath with the lips right at the
chin the space between your mouth and your nose the cheeks sides of the eyes
up side corners outside of the eyebrow or the inside you can do again but at
the same time you do top of the head you can also do the karate chop this is one
of my favorites actually just the side of the hand are the four fingers just
happened inst and also underneath the arm and last but not least this is part
of dummies daily routine part of what she does is
three thumps what the first want to do is find you take 27 points and the
easiest way to do that is to trace your collarbone through that
the front sorry about that if I bumped the microphone you want to trace the
freight to the front there almost meets and then just drop your finger down on
and out about an inch you just want to find it dig around and feel for these
two little soft spots most people have two little dimples or two little soft
spots great where the collarbone meets again down about an inch without you
should be able to feel two little dimples those little soft spots you can
tap those I usually tap the K 27 points with my index finger and my middle
finger but you can do index finger too if you want and do the little
three-finger pinch which is index finger middle finger and thumb that’s another
one that people prefer to do sometimes as three fingers and the slime is right
at the center of your chest you can use your fist you can punch it this way you
can give you jars and tap that can be very invigorating this last one that
Tarzan tap or the finest thump is very good for breathing problems if you find
yourself running out of air the thymus gland as we get older it shrinks and it
it’s harder to fill it with oxygen so doing the finest function actually free
up the gland which can make breathing easier if you pull any a long way in
your just address and you have a hard time catching your breath try and funny
stuff for that too it’s really good for waking up and it’s also really good for
catching your breath I unfortunately have to go and I will be back in about a
week I may do another walk and talk video in the next few days I’m April
Petrie park near where I live it looks really gorgeous right now it’s got the
odd and feller scheme though I mean it looks fantastic if I have time to do a
video there I will otherwise I will be doing another energy healing video soon
as I can so as always namaste

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