90 Day Transformation: Full Day of Working Out

so recently I completed a 90 day fitness
challenge the transformation reignited my love for health and well-being and
ever since I have been fully incorporating Fitness back into my
lifestyle so it’s been a few months now after posting my 90-day transformation
and since then I have been getting a ton of questions everything from diet to the
specific workouts I did during my challenge in this video I’m gonna show
you what a full day of working out was like for me and some of the major
lessons I learned while getting my health back on track
and thanks to nutribullet for sponsoring this video it is 5 o’clock in the
morning on a Monday in New York City it’s dark it’s cold I am barely awake
and I’m on my way to my first training session of the day you know this video
is gonna be a bit more raw and open than the 90 day challenge and walking to the
gym at 5 o’clock in the morning is not fun
I mean it sucks but always in the back of your mind you got to think you know
what is fun achieving your goals one of the main lessons I learned while taking
hold of my fitness again is that you need to build a routine and you have to
have a very strong reason why you want to change when you have a solid reason
to be waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning it’s not hard it just gets to a
point where there’s no other option now this doesn’t mean that the workouts or
the routine are gonna be easy just because you have your magic reason why
but when it does hurt having that why is gonna be the catalyst to keep things
going I do cardio and core 3 times per week always in the morning on an empty
stomach today I’m doing a Sprint’s workout on the treadmill
this workout is interval training and takes 23 minutes total go ahead and
pause the video now to screenshot the workout my girlfriend Hannah actually
created this workout it is killer and by the end I’m dripping in sweat
afterwards I do a quick 12 minute ab circuit consisting of 4 exercises for
each exercise do as many reps as you can in 45 seconds then rest 15 seconds the
first exercise is a weighted Russian twist really working the obliques
followed by leg raises to hit the lower abs then a front plank really making
sure to squeeze the core and finally hanging leg raises repeat this circuit
three times for a total of 12 minutes and some days if I’m not feeling a run
on the treadmill I’ll do an outdoor workout on the streets where I sprint
one city block I’m talking all out as fast as you can go and then walk the
next block to recover I’ll usually go down ten blocks or so and back up for a
total of 20 blocks or anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes of cardio and this is all
followed of course by some light stretching that now more important than
the actual workout itself is the post-workout meal and I’ve found that
diet will make or break your fitness goal following a meal plan not only
removes all that guesswork you know what am I going to eat today but it also
helps you really build that routine comment down below if you’re interested
in seeing a full what I eat in a day video in the mornings I always start my
day off with a big shake in my nutribullet blender combo and thanks
again to nutribullet for sponsoring at this video I’ve been using nutribullet
since college for how many years is that too long
Wow just about a decade I’ve been using nutribullet the nutribullet blender
combo is a beast this thing has three precision speeds just shred up my
morning shake my normal post-workout smoothie consists of one cup of almond
milk one to one and a half cups of raw oats two scoops of 20 grams of
plant-based protein powder one scoop of veggie powder two tablespoons of hemp
seed for some extra protein and then some blueberries or strawberries and
just add a little bit more flavor and there you have it it doesn’t look
the prettiest but this has literally everything you need in it this has just
over 60 grams of protein the beauty of this is I can make a massive drink like
this in the blender combo cup or from on-the-go pour it into one of the
portable cups just like that and then pop on one of the to go tops nutribullet
keep doing your thing and thanks again to nutribullet for sponsoring this
portion of the video the second portion of my fitness program is designed our
unfunctional strength training it mainly with weights I’m very lucky I do work
for myself and I understand that if you do work a nine-to-five it can be pretty
challenging to workout twice per day these weight workouts I do anywhere from
three to four times per week in addition to doing cardio now today’s lift is a
push-pull split targeting the chest in the back it’s made up of six exercises
in total broken up into super sets meaning two workouts done back-to-back the first exercise is a flat bench press
with dumbbells today I’m using a weight on the lighter side at trying to hit the
12 to 15 rep range moving up to eight to twelve reps on the next few sets
afterwards go right into a normal grip pull-up for as many reps as you can after this rest for 60 seconds and
repeat this circuit four times through next up is the dumbbell bent row for my
first set I’d like to do a double arm row with a light weight really getting
warmed up hitting the 12 to 15 rep range for that first set then moving up and
wait on the next few sets really trying to hit the 8 to 12 range with a heavier
weight after bent rows go into a 15 second plank hold directly into 5
push-ups then back down into the plank hold for 15 seconds and repeat three
times through for a total of 45 seconds on the plank and 15 push-ups total then
rest for about 60 seconds and repeat this superset 4 times through next up is
an incline bench press for 12 to 15 reps really working the upper chest
afterwards go directly into a lat pulldown for 12 to 15 reps rest for 60
seconds and repeat this four times through and of course a full day of
training could not be complete without training your mind I tend to take a more
holistic approach to my health my wellness so at the end of a long day I
like to wind down by reading a good book I highly recommend this one or do some
light meditation or even to journal just to clear your mind and jot down your
thoughts from the day comment down below what your training plans are for the day
and also if you want to see a full ye-in add a video and with that I’ll see you
in the next one


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