8 Tips about Muscle-Building Lunches | Bodybuilding Diet

It’s really, really important to consider
what you’re going to be eating for lunch and how that lunch is going to affect the rest
of the day, the afternoon, into the evening. When you work out is obviously going to play
a part in quite possibly what you might eat for lunch, but lunch is, again, one of the
very, very important meals of the day. As far as lunch specifically, you want to
consider how your body responds to certain types of carbs and proteins and so on so that
you make sure your body’s going to be energized after lunch and not have a drop. For instance, when you think about lunch,
remember that lunch is not happening in a vacuum or in a bubble because you’re also
going to have hopefully an early morning snack, or a mid-morning snack, and then you’re also
going to have an afternoon snack. So if you’re having snacks on both sides of
lunch, lunch doesn’t need to be this huge meal that’s going to just fill you up with
lots of calories that aren’t going to go anywhere. Make your snacks healthy on both sides of
lunch, and make lunch maybe a little bit leaner and lighter. Lunch should also be the same thing as your
other meals – healthy forms of lean protein, complex carbohydrates. Grilled chicken salad – you may be someone
who needs a little bit more than lettuce because your body responds differently to certain
kinds of carbs. You can have higher glycemic carbs and do
well. So you may want to have chicken and yams or
you might want to have a grilled chicken on a multi-grain wrap or multi-grain bread so
you’re bringing in the complex carbs and the proteins – turkey burgers, lean cuts of meat,
or even fish are good. But again, watch portions at lunch time because
you want to balance your calories. You’re getting calories from lunch, but you’re
getting calories from breakfast, you’re getting calories from dinner, you’re getting calories
from your snacks, you’re getting calories from your post-workout nutrients and shakes
as well. Hopefully you’re also incorporating a pre
and post workout shake. That’s also going to give you more calories,
so you need to base all this on the understanding of a healthy meal plan that’s going to have
you eating at least five, six, seven meals a day and then spacing those calories out.


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