8-Minute Home Workout to Get an Amazing Body

Hey! I’ve got breaking news for ya: there
are no superheroes in reality. Well, it was kinda obvious, I get it. But still, have you
ever wondered how actors portraying superheroes get in such a fantastic shape? In fact, although
it’s quite a complex routine, it’s nothing that you or I can’t do. And today, I’m
gonna tell you about the workout that can make Wonder Woman out of any given girl out
there! First things first: I’m going to build the
routine around the actual Gal Gadot’s workout and schedule, but there are some modifications
to make things easier and avoid using complex equipment. Most exercises can be adapted to
your body type and level of training as well. So let’s get started!
According to Gal Gadot’s personal trainers, to get that lean, sprinter’s body Wonder
Woman boasts, you need a one-hour full body workout at the gym. Here’s what it consists
of. 1. Rowing
Rowing is a nice exercise that can be used both as a warm-up and as a general cardio
routine. It’s a low-risk kind of training compared to running, for example, because
it doesn’t hurt your back and especially joints as much. Also, as opposed to running,
which mainly targets your legs, rowing is good for both your upper and lower body. The
pushing motion gets your legs working, while the row itself targets your core and arms.
But anyway, if you’re unable to use the rowing machine for some reason, it can be
easily substituted with running, swimming, or any other cardio exercise that fits you
best. The main thing right now is to get your blood pumping and your body ready for some
real action. Do 5 minutes of warm-up, then 5 more minutes of intense interval training:
10 seconds sprint, 50 seconds going easy. And now for the superhero part! 2. Mountain climbers
This one is a classic full body exercise that comprises a cardio workout and strength training,
targeting almost every muscle in your body. To perform it correctly, get into a plank
position, propping your entire body on your hands and toes. Make sure your hands are directly
below your shoulders and your body makes a straight line from the neck down.
Now pull your right knee as close to your chest as you can without losing the form.
Tighten your abs to make sure your body doesn’t sag. Then switch your legs, straightening
the right one back into its initial position and pulling your left knee to your chest at
the same time. It’s important to do these motions simultaneously so that your core is
tight all the time. Keep switching your legs and do it quickly enough — ideally, you
should be running in place with your upper body propped on your hands. 1 minute of mountain
climbers should do the trick. 3. Bird dogs
Bird dogs are a staple in learning core stability: they engage your abs and back muscles at the
same time, they teach you balance, and as an added bonus they’re safe for you even
if you’ve had a back injury recently. Stand on all fours with your hands directly
underneath your shoulders and your knees making a straight line with your hips. Keep your
back straight and pull in your abs. Now raise your right arm, reaching forward with it,
and your left leg as well, reaching back. Focus on staying stable, especially while
straightening your leg behind you. It’s crucial that you shouldn’t wobble from side
to side or let your core sag. Hold the peak position for a couple of seconds and return
to the initial one. Repeat it with your left arm and right leg. Since we’re talking Wonder
Woman training here, don’t count the reps — just perform the exercise for 1 minute
straight. 4. Burpee broad jumps
Yeah, nobody loves burpees, but they’re essential in a full body workout. Burpee broad
jumps, however, take them to an even more hardcore level.
You’ll need some space to perform this exercise, so make sure you have a room large enough
not to break anything in your way. Start out with a regular plank position, tighten your
core, and pull your legs to your chest in a swift motion. Next, push yourself up to
a standing position with your feet at hip width. Now, without pause, bend your knees,
incline forward, keeping your back straight, and leap forward as far as you can. Try landing
firmly on both feet, then crouch with your hands planted on the floor and kick your legs
back into the plank position. Once again, don’t count the reps and do
the jumps for 1 minute. 5. Pull-ups
Well, this one is among the basic strength exercises for your upper body. Its additional
benefit is that it can be done with different grips that target different muscles. The standard
pull-ups are performed with medium grip, targeting your back and shoulders, so that’s what
we’re going to do. The only equipment you’ll need is a horizontal bar, so find one and
let’s get started. To perform a pull-up, grab the bar with your
palms facing outward, hands shoulder-width apart. Incline your torso a bit back bringing
your chest forward. Now pull yourself up with your arms and shoulders, squeezing your back
muscles at the top. You should raise yourself until your chin is above the bar. Don’t
forget to exhale while doing the pull-up. Then, in a slow and controlled movement bring
yourself back to the initial position, inhaling while you do it.
Gal Gadot does 7 sets of 3 reps of this exercise. If you’re unprepared for such a challenge
yet, simply do as many sets of 3 reps as you can until you get to the necessary level. 6. Pushups
This is the final exercise of the full body workout to become Wonder Woman — yay! Pushups
are another basic thing to do, strengthening your chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles.
Get into a plank position with your hands directly below your shoulders. Slowly start
lowering yourself to the floor, and as soon as you touch it with your chest, push yourself
up. And that’s actually it! Try doing 5 sets of 3 reps or, just like with pull-ups,
as many sets of three as you physically can. And that’s it for the Wonder Woman full
body workout! To follow the routine more closely and see the best results, perform the exercises
above in the following order: • Warm-up rowing — 5 minutes, then 5 minutes
of interval rowing. • Mountain climbers — 1 minute.
• Bird dogs — 1 minute. • Burpee broad jumps — 1 minute.
• Bird dogs — 1 minute. • Mountain climbers — 1 minute.
• Burpee broad jumps — 1 minute. • Pull-ups — 7 sets of 3 reps.
• Pushups — 5 sets of 3 reps. Like I said at the beginning, most of these
exercises can be substituted with others, more or less intense than the ones above.
For example, if you find mountain climbers too easy, you can try bear crawls instead,
which are sort of an advanced version of mountain climbers where you have to move forward on
all fours. On the other hand, if standard pushups from a plank position are too hard
for you, for instance, you can replace them with an easier variation, propping your lower
body on your knees. This will lift some of the weight you have to push up.
And last but not least, you should take a rest between every exercise in your workout,
but no longer than 2 minutes. This kind of training is intense, and you need your muscle
tone and heart rate up to achieve best results. To add some muscle to the lean and sprinter-like
bod, you should also do some barbell exercises. They will complete your Wonder Woman look
and up your strength and endurance. However, barbell exercises heavily depend on your constitution,
body type, and health restrictions, so before you decide which ones to perform, consult
your doctor and a professional gym trainer. I’ve no doubt you know that, but still it’s
important to mention that diet is crucial when it comes to getting in shape — especially
if it’s a superhero shape! Gal Gadot shared the secrets of her diet in 2016 for the Muscle
& Fitness journal. She said her diet was created by her trainer, and to build muscle and lose
excess fat she focused on green vegetables, lean proteins, and drinking plenty of water.
However, she also confessed that she’s a foodie and can’t resist a piece of cake
or a spoonful of ice cream from time to time. The key, she says, is in moderation and respecting
what you eat. So never drink coke while you’re driving, guys! Would you dare to try the Wonder Woman workout
yourself? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
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