79 Weight Loss Are you successfully fat? How Persistence will change your mind Faster EFT NLP

now guys but you know you remember I don’t know if you remember this this little thing we had a discussion last week when you set the table hungers here stressed emotions here you set the table you lower your stressed emotions then you’ll just eat to satisfy hunger and so what we want to do is learn to how to eat consciously and the conscious eating is where you’re going to be in control again now some of you you have to be able to do this you need to break the number one emotional trigger and that is throwing that food away if you can break that trance food sacredness will disappear and you’ll only eat when you’re hungry and that’s what we really have to do we have to change that emotional relationship with food if it keeps coming back you do it again and tell it’s gone that’s the key what happened what happens if you’re tapping and you’re trying to get it down to zero and you just doesn’t seem like it’s getting down to zero you just and then you get frustrated and you start getting upset because it’s now getting to zero right yeah I got a tap on the frustration yeah honey you realize your problems didn’t just appear overnight do you realize that most of your problems you’ve accumulated over years now I know the tapping is very powerful and does create some fast changes if you don’t get it the first time or the second time or the third time the deal is persistence is your most powerful skill you have if you don’t get it the first time you stay on it now what happens if you say you know I give up it hadn’t tapped away on three three tries who is ultimately the loser in the whole deal if you give up you are so the deal is and I understand the frustration this is really true sometimes we’re so in it we can’t see it and that’s really sometimes a problem and that’s why i really suggest finding a tapping buddy because sometimes they can see that see it’s just as obvious as the nose on your face and you’re walking around it you know and those have been in my class or even seen me tap up here you know I’m just blatantly honest I mean if I see it I call it you know and that’s that’s really how honest I am is when I’m working with somebody i blatantly see it alright you’re a loser all right say I’m a loser then we tap it away say I’m a loser we tap it away say I’m a loser then they start laughing they was a loser before we started and now they’re not because it’s the emotional charge behind it and so the deal is is being persistent and now I understand to most of you this is such a new this is a new deal this is a new world a new way of thinking and and it works the problem is that most of the world thinks another way you thought another way I mean think about you can change and release negative emotions no other place that you can say hey I can get rid of negative emotions if you have a physical pain you can aim on aim at it feel it and eventually you’ll tap it away or lessen it now no other place that you can really do that and be consciously in control somebody asks goes and somebody mentioned well you know from the spiritual standpoint you know traditional churches is that well aren’t you taking the place of God I said of course not I mean honestly we are to be fully conscious of what we do take every thought captive be consciously in control what we feel I mean you’re fully responsible and so you must take that responsibility if you say okay God fix me and while you’re sitting around doing nothing how often will you get fixed you have to actively do something and that’s the key you’ve got to do it now if you expect me to come and fix you well I you you have to drive over to see me you have to write your check out or pull your credit card out and that true but I will not drive to your house unless you pay a little extra and I will do that by the way but but you know what I’m saying you have to actively do something you got to pick up the phone and call if you do nothing you get exactly what you so nothing that’s really really important you are fully responsible even if you don’t like that responsibility you’re still responsible for not liking the responsibility it’s still you does it make sense of course at first you know we do the sub unit subjective units of the stress light say for example you think about something and you feel it and when the emotional stress or whatever the emotion is it’s a 10 from 0 to 10 it’s a 10 and of course we want zero in order to get a zero we use the tote we test it we think about it we feel it we operate we tap and then we test it again let’s say we did it perfectly one time tapped it away it’s zero that means you got a smiley face you exit it’s all over with oftentimes with emotional issues or experiences you’re gonna be tests to operate test operate tests operators operators operators operators operate tests exit until you get zero all right and then of course when you get it all gone you want to go back to that memory and you want to make it feel good make it positive say hey you know love yourself make it positive changed the memory to where it’s a good feeling well we’re gonna help you understand is the structure of problems that is part of the structure now of course I believe and I know it’s a fact in order to have a problem in order to have a problem you’ve gotta have a way to have it you just can’t have a problem out of nowhere do you understand what I’m saying in order to have a problem you’ve got to have internal references you’ve got to have proof say for example we’re talking about the overweight seemingly problem right now how many you realize that the overweight being overweight is not a problem it’s a success that means in order to be overweight you’ve got to do all the right things to put the weight on what are the right things first of all you got to love food you got to have emotional connections with food secondly you got to eat when you’re not hungry thirdly you must clean your plate the main program if you always clean your plate when you’re not hungry you will guarantee eventually you will put on the way another program is you got a you know since food is sacred you can never throw it away and you if it’s on your plate or near and you don’t want to waste it you eat it another program if you’re stressed and emotionally upset or bored or lonely or everybody else eats guess what you do you eat when you’re not hungry right that’s how you put on weight and so if and then always if you go out with friends and family and you’re not hungry and they’re always going out to dinner guess what you do you eat and you don’t want to you don’t want to go one of those those those gatherings and not eat and then they say well aren’t we good enough for you so then they may use guilt on you since you don’t want people to feel sad or bad or upset you eat because you don’t want to feel sad and you go to Grandma’s house you’re gonna eat because you don’t wanna hurt grandma’s feelings right and that right and so if you’re all by yourself at night and there’s nobody there and you think well maybe if I eat some cookies or doughnuts maybe someone will show up or you find yourself comforted we’re having chips next to you while you’re eat that’s a great way to add weight on so are you broken if you have those programs absolutely not but if you don’t like what you’re currently producing all you have to do is say okay where is it I’m putting the weight on now of course here’s the problem if you love donuts and they always bring donuts to work you’re gonna have to break this love relationship you’re gonna have to release the emotional charge and the love that you feel in Donuts now if you try to deprive yourself from love in Donuts guess what happens when you say I can’t have doughnuts and then what are you doing you’re depriving yourself and that right and the next thing you know when nobody’s looking you’re gonna eat the whole box when they’re not looking because you have this emotion inside you called I’m deprived from my love in Donuts so what we do is we tap out those emotions and attachments we have with donuts now if you eat food that are unhealthy such as you know McDonald’s any fast foods most fast foods are very unhealthy for you and if you read anything or do a little study you realize that the food industry are putting chemicals in the food not only to make you fat to make you addicted and there’s very nutrition so in order to be fat you eat a lot of food that has no nutrition very addictive and by the way guys watch this movie supersize me watch the movie supersize me it will change your view about fast foods also you can read the Kevin Trudeau’s book miracle cures they don’t want you to know about read about the food industry what they do the food guys if I was in the food industry I want you to fall in love with my food I will put chemicals in it I will put flavorings in it I will do whatever it is to make you buy more of my food and the reason is the more food you buy from me the fatter my pockets get the better cars I get to drive does that make sense so you have to understand they want you to love their food they want you addicted they want you to eat all their food and tell all your friends right so so the weight gain problem is not the problem at all its programs installed from our experiences and it’s our belief systems all right so you got to have a way now this guy came in to see me and he says I hate water you remember why he said he hate water because he went to Puerto Rico so he went to Puerto Rico and he has this emotional experience that is that you know he’s got stuff floating around in it now let me ask you guys if you see floating swimming things swimming in your water how often would you want to drink water so here he is he had this experience over there and he didn’t let go that emotional experience you know what happened when he came here he thought all water was like what Porto Rico water


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