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– What is going on, FitPro? My name is Los, and I’m excited to have
you guys here today. I’mma show you a quick little case study; it’s not gonna take 50, 45
minutes or anything like that. It’s gonna be simple,
concise, and strategic on how you guys can grow like my man, Aaron, did just now. So, Aaron is a fitness
trainer who was doing local, and then he jumped on doing online, got online and started
making $20k a month; he thought that was everything. He thought that he had it all, and then he started getting overwhelmed; too much time for money, he
was still stuck in that trap. He needed more, he wanted a scale and he didn’t know how to do it. So we helped him implement a system that in a few short months got him from $20k months to $70,000
a month consistently, and your boy is scaling, okay? So, I’mma show you guys
exactly what we did, and it is something that we call the Social Pro System. See, there’s only three
things you need to do when you are selling a product
online for fitness coaches, and that is you need to
have the right content, and the right content needs to lead to the right conversations, and you can close people left and right. Okay, now listen; I’mma tell you a quick story, I’mma take a sip of my White Claw first. Now I’mma show you guys some proof. Boom! So, as you can see, we helped Aaron go from
20 to $70,000 months. Okay, so I’m gonna give you guys this; you guys can go implement this
in your business right now. This is just one of the
many things that we teach inside of the Social Pro System, it’s a 90-day accelerator
where we help you scale your business online, whether you are a local trainer, an online guy or girl, and you just wanna get more, you wanna have more freedom,
more financial success, and be able to travel,
be able to have money come in without you having
to be inside of the gym. So what we did with Aaron; Aaron was going well. Aaron was doing pretty good. He was creating a lot of content; he got a good social following and he had consistent people kind of coming to him enough to where he was
generating $20,000 a month, okay? Now, when he came to us, he was like, “Guys, I don’t have any way to scale. “I don’t know what to do to take this up. “I’m buried right now in calls, “I don’t know what to do, “I’m kind of like stuck here.” So we helped him structure the
content that he already had into a system that allowed him to have more conversations at scale. So what he didn’t have was
a simple process, right? We helped him build out the pages that spoke to the exact ideal audience, and it’s not a lot of work. A lot of people think that
it’s crazy, tech is heavy. It’s none of that stuff, man. We did all of this stuff
using social media; all his social platforms is all he used to be able to do this, and now he’s taken it the next level, and he’s starting to use paid media, which is a total different thing, we can talk about that later, but for now, we were
able to create a system that levers his content
into having people apply to work with him. Once they apply to work with him, they were going through an application that told him everything
about these people, making the phone calls easy, systemized, and scalable, so he can
have more conversations. He was getting on the phone with people and closing people left and right, he was able to put someone
on the phone for him, he was able to remove himself, and now he is traveling, he
is enjoying life a lot more, he’s creating really good content that speaks to a specific audience, and when he gets on the phone, one out of three people are closing. Now, wouldn’t you wanna have that? Wouldn’t you wanna have a system when one out of three people
that you’re on the phone with, you are closing? That is exactly the system
that we can help you build out. You’re probably stuck
in one of these ways. You’re stuck in content. You don’t know what kind
of content to create, and that could because you don’t know who you’re speaking to,
we can help you with that. You probably don’t have system that allows you to have
conversations at scale; it can overwhelming, talking
to everybody on Instagram, jumping on, replying to people on DMs, having to go on YouTube
and reply to comments, Facebook groups, that
stuff’s too much, man. You gotta make it simple; you gotta make it a simple
solution to scale, okay? Simple solutions is what scales, okay? If you guys wanna get a simple solution inside of your business, then we can help you, because we know how to
build simple solutions so you can scale your business, you can have more time, more
impact, make more money, and have the freedom to do as you wish and not have to be stuck in a cubicle, not have to be stuck
working inside of a gym, waiting on people to come in. You can build the system
that you wanna build, and you can build the
business that you wanna build. So if you guys want us to help you, we set aside some time
for you guys to apply and work with us directly. Click on the link below,
and we’ll help you implement a strategy to help you scale your online fitness business. Talk soon.

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