7 tips to build endurance with the jump rope. For Beginners

The Jump rope is the boxers best friend, but
I say that every swimmer needs this exercise as much as they do. Jumping rope a few minutes every day can increase
your coordination rhythm and mental focus It is a good warm up exercise. There is no need to jump for very long periods
of time; jumping rope rapidly increases your blood flow. It is also good to improve your breathing
efficiency. Being a rhythmic exercise, like swimming,
will force you to coordinate your breathes with the movements of the jump. Having stated the main benefits, I will show
you some tips on how to jump rope better. You can read the benefits in more detail in
the description of this video. Now let’s see some tips on how to learn
to jump rope. 1- It is easier when the rope is the right
length for you. It should be at shoulder hight folded in half. 2- Grab it by the end of the handle and don’t
squeeze too tightly. The wrists are going to act like a whip so
have them loose while moving up and down. 3- You can start by jumping with the rope
by your side. This will help you start learning to coordinate
without hitting yourself with the rope or tripping over it. Don’t get use to this though because the
sooner you start making mistakes the faster you will learn. Start jumping high and moving the arms slow. Connect several jumps together and then start
building up speed. As you build up speed, start doing smaller
jumps. To the point where you no longer need to bend
your knees and just use your calves to push you up. 4- Look straight ahead watching as the rope
passes. Listen to the rope as it hits the floor, this
will help you coordinate the next jump. 5- When the rope hits the floor you should
reach the highest point of the jump. 6- Finally, just practice. If you are patient and persistent your body
will find ways to jump rope very fast and consistently. Remember that it is better to jump a 5 to
15 minutes every day or every other day, than trying to become a master jumper in a 2 hour
session and quit after. Here are some tricks you can learn in order
to build up your coordination, rythm and focus even further. If you want to buy a jump rope I will leave
some links for you in the description. You don’t need the best rope in order to
jump well. Find one at a medium price that can help you
learn faster and make it easier for you to jump often. Thanks for watching! Jump fast!

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