7 Minute Workout Video Chest, Shoulders, and Core Ab Blaster | Ben Booker | Razor Hybrid Fitness

What’s up, guys? This is Ben Booker here with Razor Hybrid Fitness. I’m excited to have you with me for an amazing seven minute workout. Seven minutes is all you need. There’s no excuses. We’ve got a Razor and we’ve got a box. We’re going to do a partner workout. It’s a one to one ratio. It’s as fast as you can go. This is all you need to do to get a total body workout. Okay, today the focus is on chest, shoulders, connecting the core, which is what makes it so efficient. Why we get it done in seven minutes is the ability to hit the entire body fast and hard and efficiently. If you want to watch it one time through and then do it yourself, whatever you want to do. But I guarantee you this is going to be one of the hardest workouts you’ve ever done if you do it correctly. So it’s 30 seconds on, and then 30 seconds off. Great partner exercise. If you don’t have a partner, just rest for 30. So again guys, get ready to tear it up. Here we go, seven minutes. Tell me when to go. We’ve got mountain climbers to start. Go. 15 to go. Hard as you can. Come on. Ten seconds. Ten seconds. Anybody can go hard for ten seconds. Come on! 3, 2, 1. Yeah, yeah. Fast as you can go for 30 seconds. Stabilize that total upper body. That Razor takes it in. There you go, there you go. You got this. As hard as you can go. Come on, guys. Here we go, here we go. Ten seconds. As hard as you go for ten seconds. Get those knees up. Knees up. There you go. 5. Here we go, here we go. 2, 1. 15. Come on, Ben. Almost done. Ten seconds. Five seconds. Come on. Come on, harder! 2, 1. Give it all you got, guys. Come on. You got this. Just literally as fast as you can go for 30 seconds. 14, 12. Almost there. Come on. Ten, ten, ten. Big rest after this. Big rest. Here we go, here we go. 3, 2, 1. Alright, side to side flies. That’s it. Come on. Come on, Ben. Come on, Ben. Five seconds. Come on, three more. Come on, get three. Use your body weight to get #[3:29] doing a pushup with this arm. You’re going to fly with that arm. Come on. You’re going to break through barriers right here. Future struggles get taken care of. Physically take it across that line and bring your mind with it. Five seconds, guys. Come on. 2, 1. Nice. 15. Do 20. Come on, got to get to 20. Come on, Ben. Got five seconds. Come on. You got to go, come on. Keep that core tight. Remember to keep that core tight. Find that line. Keep the same line every time. Come on. 12 seconds. Come on. 10 seconds. Here we go, here we go, here we go. Stay strong. Two seconds. 15. Come on, Ben. Just keep going. Seven seconds, come on. 3, 2, 1. Total core, total shoulders, total everything. Come on, guys. Keep that core tight. Go all the way down, all the way down. Come on. We’re almost there. Seven minutes. That’s all we’ve got. There you go, there you go. 2, 1. 13 seconds. Come on. Come on, Ben. Five seconds. Come on. 5. 1. See how I dropped to my knees? My core gave out. That’s fine. My biggest gains come at my most humble moments, when I’m on my knees. Here we go. Here we go, guys. All the way out, all the way in. Come on. Ten seconds. Ten seconds. Here we go, here we go. Come on. 3, 2, 1. That’s it. Awesome job. Way to finish that rep. One more. Guy’s got a hurt back, he’s got that wide stance. Protect that lower back. There you go. With wide stance, core tight. There you go. This is it. Seven minutes. That’s all you need. 3, 2, last one. Awesome job. That was it. Seven minutes. Baddest workout on the planet, right there. Stay motivated, that’s all you need. Wherever it’s at. In the gym, at home, on travel, it doesn’t matter. Seven minutes is all you need. Captions by GetTranscribed.com

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