7 Min Fat Burning HIIT for Summer

Hi everyone, it’s Lunden and it’s summer!
Summer is coming and today I have a 7-minute HIIT workout for you for summer. And, like the HIIT for holidays series that I did over Christmas and New Years, we’re using the Runtastic Timer app. So grab your phone or your iPad or
whatever you’re going to use for the Runtastic Timer app. We are going to do this workout & we’re going to get super sweaty. We’re going to work our body’s from head to toe because we want to look good from head to toe for swimsuit season, right? So – your Timer app. You’re going to set it for 7 sets because there are 7 exercises. We have 40 seconds of working out, intense working out & pushing to your maximum, and then 20 seconds of rest. So you really want to earn your rest during that 40 seconds. We have 1 repetition because we’re only going through these exercises 1 time. But trust me, this is going to be awesome! We will also set a preparation for 20 seconds. So, once you press start you’ll have 20
seconds to kinda psych yourself out to get ready for this workout. Okay, so we have 7 exercises, 40 seconds
workout, 20 seconds rest. We’re starting now! The first exercise is gonna be burpees with punches. So it’s a punching burpee,
if you will. You’re going to do 1 burpee, 5 punches. First exercise, we are starting in 8 seconds. I’m doing this with you. You guys
liked it in the HIIT for Holiday series so that’s why I’m doing it – for you! Here we go! Burpee 1-2-3-4-5…breathe. Keep your core nice and tight. 1-2-3-4-5… Really focus like you’re
punching something or someone. Burpee, tight core, push! 1-2-3-4-5… Give it all you’ve got, we are almost there about 10 seconds left. Push it! Rest. First exercise done. Next exercise Dynex exercise is a lunge with a heel raise, then switch. We’re getting the booty, the bikini booty. That’s what we’re doing with this move here. Alright, we have our rest. Calm down, Lunden…breath! Here we go! So we step back into a lunge, get a heel raise, back into a lunge and
then switch. Same thing on the other side. Lift & switch. If it’s hard for you to jump and switch, just do this. It’s okay if you can’t jump, it’s better to have good form and good control and
good stability then to be falling all over the place,
right? These are hard. Switch & lift. Lifting the booty for the summer. Five
more seconds people, let’s do it! Alright next, we have plank jacks. We’ve done these one’s before, these aren’t new. They’re hard, they’re really going to work that core I want you to keep your core tight the entire time. Super, super tight. Come down to a plank position on our hands and toes. And then we jack. We’re not getting jacked…well kinda! We’re jacking – jump, jack, jump, jack. Make sure your hips don’t
come up here to make it easier on your abs, stay nice and flat, nice and tight. Plank jacks are the best. They’re good cardio, good for your abs. Ten more seconds, keep breathing. Almost there. Take your rest down here the next
exercise will also be in the plank position. We’re doing plank skier jumps. This is another cardio intensive movement, working the core and working the upper body too because you’ve got to hold yourself up, right? Here we go, skier jumps. Both feet jump to one side, back to center, other side, center. Ah, there are hard especially after the plank jacks, give it all you’ve got squeeze your abs. You’re halfway there. If you need to take a break & rest in the plank position that’s okay, it’s hard. What was I thinking when I made this workout? Not really sure. But the next movement is a 2-2-2 push-up, we did this in the HIIT for Holidays. It’s where you do 2 narrow push-ups with your hands like this, 2 regular push-ups, 2 wide push-ups. Knees are totally okay, I’m going to do them on my knees. Here we go! Two push-ups here, 2 regular, and then 2 wider than your mat, get some more chest action here. The narrow ones get more of your triceps, the back of the arms, the tank top muscle. Regular push-ups, we’re getting a mixture of everything. Then we take it out to the wide push-ups to get a bit more chest here. Then, narrow. Fight for it, these are not easy. Next we’re going onto the back, we’re doing straight leg bicycle crunches. This is like your average bicycle crunch but with straight legs. Come onto your back. We’ll start with the legs straight up towards the sky and then you’re gonna scissor them while you’re doing the bicycle. But for real this time – here we go! Try to aim to get your elbow to the outside of the knee. Try it, you can do it. Squeeze those abs and make sure there’s no arch here you want your low back to be pressed to the mat. No hurting the low back. If you can only
do a range of motion like this go for it. But if you can twist and get that elbow to the outside of your knee, you’re in for a real treat. Alright, we have one more movement. It’s a narrow-to-wide jump squat. Narrow feet, wide feet, narrow feet, wide feet – jumping in and out. Okay? Last one. I’m really sweaty, but it’s good. Here we go, narrow-to-wide. Feet start close together. We have a narrow squat and then we jump it out to a wide squat. See how my toes are turned out? Narrow, wide. Tummy is activated and core engaged.
You’ll notice if your stomach is not engaged you’re gonna bend over. Not good for your low back. Core engaged, chest up, confidence. Bikini body, summer, only a 7 minute
workout but I’m dying. I feel like I’ve been working out for hours. We’re almost there. Come on, fight for it, it’s your last exercise. Woo, yeah – that was that. You can thank me later. You can thank me like 10 minutes after you’ve cooled down from this workout and
realize how great it was for your body. Thanks for watching this HIIT for summer workout. Leave comments because that’s how I knew that you liked these real time workout – from the comments in the HIIT for Holidays videos and don’t
forget to subscribe to the Runtastic Fitness Channel. Bye!


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