6 Ways To Decrease Your Appetite (For Faster Weight Loss)

hey guys welcome to another video I just
need to do this to catch your attention so hopefully that worked so today I’m
gonna talk to you about six different ways you can decrease your cravings for
food right because that’s what’s probably holding you back if fat loss is
your goal you’ll get your getting cravings for food
you can’t decrease your appetite and you keep binging and eating the foods you
know you shouldn’t be eating and excess amounts so let’s talk about six ways to
get rid of that problem the first way is to eat enough protein eating enough
protein is something you should be doing regardless because I’m presuming you’re
going to the gym right you’re trying to lift weights you’re trying to exercise
and because you’re going to the gym you need to be consuming more protein than
the average person who isn’t exercising in order to build that muscle up and
recover from your workouts so protein is really good for fat loss and decrease in
your appetite protein has specific impacts on hormones that are responsible
responsible that are responsible for your appetite so eating enough protein
eating more protein is going to increase a peptide why why that’s gonna increase
glp-1 and these hormones are going to help decrease your appetite it’s also
going to decrease the hunger hormone ghrelin which again is going to help
decrease your appetite so protein is very filling it also increases your
metabolic rate when can more than carbs and fat so overall consuming enough
protein is a good idea about 0.7 to 1 grams per pound of body weight so 1.6 to
2.2 grams per kilogram of protein is a good amount go slightly above this if
your appetite is really a problem for you and you’re struggling with cravings
and this will help to decrease your appetite you can you can think back to
the last time you had a protein shake a protein shake only has like a hundred
and fifty calories but after a protein shake you feel relatively full and
that’s because of proteins effect on these hormones and and it really does
make you full so protein is number one number two is hydrate right drink enough
water drink water before meals it’s going to be much more difficult to
overeat if you have a big glass of water before you eat meal and a big glass of
water after you’re finished with you you’ve probably heard this before but it
works you know the it’s it’s a good trick I guess you could say to have um
and it’s a good habit as well just to make sure that you’re staying hydrated
so definitely recommend doing that water is also going to help increase your
metabolic rate as well and it’s as in general it’s important to stay hydrated
if you’re physically active so that’s the second one stay hydrated and drink
water before and after your meals in order to potentially decrease your
appetite number three is drink coffee and if you
don’t drink coffee drink decaf and here’s why there was a study and they
compared caffeinated water to normal coffee which has caffeine and decaf
coffee which doesn’t have caffeine well decaf actually has a little bit it
usually has between 5 to 14 milligrams of caffeine per cup so it’s not enough
to feel typically and what they were trying to find is whether it was
caffeine itself which decreased people’s appetites so let me be clear that this
is a relatively small study and more need to be done but it’s an interesting
one to mention so what they found is that decaf out of the decaf coffee
normal coffee in caffeinated water decreased of people’s appetites the most
right followed by normal coffee and then in last place caffeinated water so it
doesn’t seem to be the caffeine in and of itself which really helps decrease
your appetite but rather it’s the effects coffee has on the hormone
peptide YY which protein also increases so the results surprisingly showed that
decaf coffee increased this the most so regardless of whether you drink coffee
or whether you don’t because you don’t like too much caffeine like myself then
decaf coffee is always an option to drink in the morning or at times when
your appetite is super super high and it’s uncontrollable so that’s a small
trick to keep in mind and maybe it’s worthwhile having some decaf around your
house especially if this is a really big problem for you number four go this dog
won’t stop barking I’ve been waiting for like so long and it still hasn’t stopped
hopefully that’s not too loud ok hopefully number four and this is by far
the most important one number four is to be very aware about
you’re surrounding yourself with the quote you are the average of the five
people you surround yourself with is so fucking true it is so true you can’t
just determine your own actions your environment is what makes up who you are
in many ways so if you’re surrounded by people that are constantly eating
unhealthy foods that aren’t exercising that are stuffing their faces even if
either you’re really good friends chances are that you’re probably doing
the same thing for example I used to smoke for about six months and God do I
miss it and I just moved to Korea and I’m staying at my cousin’s apartment for
three months so they smoke indoors here and like it’s so fucking tempting all
the time right and I found myself by having two puffs once or twice and I
know it’s bad but I’m only human um but that would never have happened if I
wasn’t living here you know and it’s because of my environment
that’s what dictates so many of your actions and it’s hard to resist that so
be sure to be surrounding yourself with people who whose behavior and habits you
want to emulate so that’s very important to keep in mind and I know you can’t
just break up with some of your good friends because they stuff their faces
but just be sure to try and you know if they’re going out for pizza say maybe
I’m not gonna come this time until you can sort out your own habits and and
increase that willpower that you have okay so that’s number four surround
yourself with good people number five is to find the deep deep emotional reason
why you’re overeating in the first place when you go to eat that ice cream and
you know it’s gonna put you over your calories for the day you know when you
go to eat that meal and you know you shouldn’t be eating it right now you
know you know in your stomach you know that feeling when you know you should
not be doing it when you get that feeling and when you go and you eat it
anyway ask yourself what was the reason that
made me do that is it because I’m stressed because of a relationship
because of something that’s on my mind what’s that deep deep internal reason
why I’m not saying no and doing what I’m supposed to find that reason whether it
be a stressful relationship stress at work because you’re procrastinating on
something and solve that problem and when you solve that problem the rest
will come and it will sort itself out right so you need to focus on the
emotional reasons behind you giving in to these cravings and that’s something
important to ask yourself ask yourself why am i overeating why am i doing this
why didn’t I make the right decision ask yourself this throughout the day and
it’s gonna increase your self-awareness and over time it’s gonna be much easier
to be aware of when you’re making these wrong decisions decisions rather than
mindlessly just doing it okay you guys probably know that most people trying to
lose fat I don’t advocate for a ketogenic diet I typically say that you
should try and get away with as many carbs as possible they taste bitter it
makes dieting more enjoyable right but if you really are having trouble and and
you’re really having problems with your appetite then cutting your carbs down a
bit or potentially doing something like a ketogenic diet may really help to get
down your appetite the reason first of all for a low carb diet is because
you’re gonna increase protein a lot which we talked about before so
naturally your carbs are gonna have to go down so and a ketogenic diet is gonna
get you in that state of ketosis when you’re eating so few carbs that your
body begins to produce ketone bodies from burning its own fat and the fat you
get from food and there is some evidence that the state helps to decrease your
appetite which may be the reason why there are thousands of anecdotes of
people reporting that the appetite has completely disappeared on a ketogenic
diet so there may be something you want to consider if you’re really struggling
with your appetite you can also try fasting you can also try all these
little different things and see what works for you but again this isn’t
necessary and I would try out all the steps I just mentioned before this
before going in cutting out all carbs from your diet unless this diet you know
and that way of eating just works for you as an individual so I hope that
helped so that’s it for the video just to recap eat more protein drink water
around your meals find an emotional problem and that motional reason why
overeating surround yourself with good people potentially try cut carbs a bit
and maybe try ketogenic diet if this is really becoming a problem for you and
also drink coffee and decaf coffee as well as that may help to decrease your
appetite from changes in hormones in your body so hopefully this video helped
you out and let me know in the comment section down below whether you found
interesting and let me know what’s worked for you in the past or right now
if you’re struggling with your appetite so if you guys want more content that’s
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