6 Different Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home

Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness
Adviser and these are six cardio exercises you can do at home. Simple, yet effective. You can do them any time, any where. We’re going to start with running in place. A nice simple exercise
yet it’s extremely effective. The faster she goes, the harder the exercise will be.
From there we’re gonna go into jumping jacks. Again full body movement, elevating her
heart rate, burning calories, and also strengthening her heart. From there were
gonna go into some lateral movements, some skaters. So she’s gonna go side to
side. Not only is she burning calories now she’s also strengthening those legs/those hip muscles. From here we’re gonna do a few boxing movements. So she’s gonna start doing some punches. She’s gonna punch to the right, punch to the left. Again the faster
she goes, the more her heart rate will be elevated, the more calories she’ll burn. From there we’ll take it to a lower body move. She’s gonna do side kicks. So Elsa will kick to one side, kick to the other. Again toning the legs, elevating the heart rate, burning calories. And now we’re gonna take it up a notch. We’re gonna go to burpees. So the hardest exercise at the end. Again, do
what you can to start. Full body movement up and down, burning calories, toning the
entire body. And there you have it – 6 cardio exercises you can do right in your
own home. For more quick workout and fitness
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