500 Lb Man Gets Fit, Loses Weight in Las Vegas

Whew! I never thought being fit feels
so good but it feels GOOD! You know thought you got your “wham” back. You know you get your mojo working. (and all the fellas know that means. I hope you do)
Levy chuckles… My camp time at Debra Stefan’s physical camp… being here has been really an adventure.
Because working out is so hard to do sometimes and it feels so good to have
somebody take and motivate you to get you out of bed, to take the time with you. You’ll be grumpy as hell, she’ll take her time with you. She’s the kind of trainer she sticks
in there with you whether you fussy griping and whatever else you wanna go
through and she understands you don’t need be… and that’s great right there
that’s great that’s what you call GREAT. Hard work pays off. You know, her as a trainer… if I had octopus hands I give her ten hands up because she is a
fantastic trainer I mean her training skills are remarkable. You can’t get
her type of training at a gym. I mean she’s gonna be kind of trainer that she’s gonna take her time with you. She’s not gonna push you to do nothing.
She understands that you come here all hurt and beat up, out of shape. It’s hard sometimes because you’re living away from your family and now you’re here. You know, but I tell everybody out there waiting you’re not going to be embarrassed. Come here! She’s not gonna embarrass you. She’s not
gonna put you out there. She’s not going to do none of that. I appreciate me losing weight and I’m going to continue to lose weight. Because… see one thing about here is, yes. It is a weight loss program and also a stepping stone to a new life. So when you leave here just don’t come here to lose weight and then go home and put it back on. Believe me, you’ll be danged if you want to go back home and gain it all back. Oooh, it is a struggle to lose but it feels good for it to be gone. When I came here I could barely walk and I’d walk a little bit my lower back would feel like somebody would take 20 bricks and just set ’em on my back. Now I can walk, ride bikes, lift weights. I have incredible strength! I mean, I got strength…
I never had strength like this since I was about eighteen. This journey has just begun, cuz you come here this is just the beginning of the journey. When you go home that’s really when you go onto your big journey because now you have to be held… you gotta hold yourself
accountable for what you eat what you do and I learned how to eat here and I learned what to eat and what not eat. I learned when to eat and those things are big. They’re really big. This is the most I think I’ve ever done and I feel great! I
mean, like wow! I have energy. I don’t know what my body has started to go through all kinds of changes and I’ve got energy. I’m not lying to you. It ain’t easy. But, at the end of the day RESULTS are amazing. So, I’ve been here almost two months something like 50 days, 55 days it will be and I’m
down forty pounds. So let’s just say 20 pounds a month. Five pounds a week. Do the math. You know, this is only beginning. This is only the beginning. It comes down to a live or die situation. Or go home and continue to work out. If it wasn’t for my family I probably stay longer but, this is definitely a lifestyle.
It ain’t just teaching you how to work out. It’s teaching you how to eat, what
time to eat, what to eat, what not to eat. How to prepare it.
I mean there’s so many different tools you can get from here and take on to
your journey. You know, cuz you gotta go go on to your journey. I like this better than going to the gym and you know get somebody 45 minutes, then they scoop you off to the back and go to the next client. Now, I don’t need anyone at the gym. I have my schedule, I’ll go in there I’m not gonna be an hour and a half. Once you keep that schedule… I wouldn’t have picked another trainer, no better trainer in the world. She’s a hell of a trainer. I guarantee that. Without her, I don’t know how
long I will live so I’m forever grateful every day. I don’t care what you see on
TV, who you see on TV, what they do on TV, well how many miracle pills you can pop, how many milkshakes you can drink… She is the truth. This has been my success story she’s a definitely successful coach and she’s been doing it for some time and she knows what she’s doing. It was worth my life. “Alright Levi! Step it, step it, step it! That’s how it’s done!


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