500 Calorie Burn Jump Rope Workout

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, I am Dan Whitmer, you know the drill we have another burn workout What’s up guys, I’m Dan Whitmer and as always we’re here to help you jump rope get lean and live more today’s Workout is going to be a burn workout. So it’s gonna use the lighter rope So if you just have a regular light rope Totally fine try to get one a little bit heavier than than like a steel cable speed rope the ropes that we use and love They’re linked up down below. All you got to do is enter do the thing I went and check out for 10% off again. Those are the cross ropes They are the best jump ropes on the market and especially for weight loss Don’t forget our main channels where you can check stuff out is Instagram official jump rope news our Facebook page. Just jump rope, dude and we recently started up the podcast again to tell you all the things going on in our life and what’s going on in the jump rope dude business outside of these YouTube videos Alright, ladies and gentlemen without further ado. Let’s burn some fat All right guys We’re gonna start off with a minute of warming up just doing some jumping jacks kind of got your own pace Like I always say in these the goal is to just get nice and warmed up. So don’t stop moving your body can do some squatting Good job, come on charity nation. Let’s get it in and then we’ll be done. Okay nice quick workout in 30 more seconds on the warm-up butt kick It’s Monday so you’ve probably been you know Like chilling all weekend or sitting at your desk all day. So Loosen it up, we’re gonna get after it guys One minute All right, guys We’re gonna get right to the workout this workout today Is we’re gonna be doing four minutes sets two minutes on the agility rope Two minutes on the sorry one minute on the half pound a thirty second plank Thirty Seconds push-ups rest a minute repeat that in additional three times, okay Charlie All right guys right into it now so this is more of a dorrance workout like I said Sure, you got a jump rope Good guys, so Freestyle you can do whatever you want. I like to do a lot of boxer. Skip cuz uh Don’t worry about message by the one boxers kids makes me feel really agile so I can do a lot of tricks from here Again guys girls just to get a great workout in so Go as hard as you can go, okay start to turn the intensity up to as we As we go through this workout Good guys, you’re gonna feel your shoulders burn a little bit. That’s not a bad thing. That’s lactic acid buildup things are doing it, right You guys get ready to get that half pound out, okay No reps in during the actual circuit guys, we gotta fit it after this We’ll just try to fight through just get it done. Okay? Over right here my good Come on pick it up get that half pound rope. Let me always talk about this set in particular It’s linked up below you can get lean set crossroad if you’re 110 percent off Am I gonna do is click the link and when you’re checking out intra words do the thing Oh, right, is it hashtag? Just do things no, hashtag. So we go guys blanket 30 seconds 104 down to four up keep the battery Push-up today some push-ups here. We want to try to get somewhere in the range of 10 to 20 beginner more like 10 to more advanced gophers money There’s almost in kite Let me deal All right guys just chill out this chill Chi’lan Start back up again with the core account You should be Out of breath after the first one my more advanced people. I Want you to do five circuits my beginners like three two or three Okay this circuit to this You wanna look all ninja one of these That kind of guy Come on Wrist control everything wrist control everything got Remember mess-ups, don’t worry about Guys don’t forget check us out on Instagram official jump rope, dudes Facebook just jump rip this And jump up, dude calm Nice and light guys That’s what jump rope helps you to Train for being nice and light on this toes. Okay. You don’t want to be on your heels when jumping 30 more here we go guys Keep it going switch to the half pound rope next Or if you have this to have your rope that’s fine as well, let’s go Come on turn it up a little bit. Here we go. Follow my lead run in place now regular Over here do some homey kicks Butt kicks Back to regular Okay everybody class Now you can plank like this. I’ll Pike like this this time you can do it in this position or on your elbows Rested up guys Two more left for this YouTube video, like I said if you’re advance do this another three times Also, I hope you’re doing well today I know it’s Monday Monday’s can be tough but You made the choice to show up you might as well finish it you might as well go as hard as you can back to this You can go home Show your couch Maybe do that But your workout will be done Rest it out with your Last ten seconds, press savor that rest too soon. It’s not gonna be here. Okay Go ahead, here we go guys our third set two minutes Now You want to be going as intense as possible? We don’t wanna kill yourself so much that you can’t finish the workout. You wanna find that kind of balance between Being really aggravated that it’s so hard but still being able to push through it Nice side swing Oh Careful of that. That’s not fun. What’s that man? Brandon see ya time guy got a minute left guys Come on Crazy 30 seconds Get intense Good guys pranking us. Here we go. Let’s go back to the elbows for this one Good swing those arms out. Let’s go right into push-up guys. Here we go Rats good guys Well the last round that’s how quick this goes. So like I said you’re not super tired biggest pet peeve, by the way is when people Comment. They’re like this workout. Was it hard? It has nothing to do with the workout it has to do with you. I can get super tired in four minutes of jumping rope Make sure that you’re going your highest intensity If you do not feel exhausted at this workout, you are not doing it, correct You have to turn off the heat if you want to get the result. I can’t stress that enough Yeah, you can’t handle the jump rope and get out of the dojo are you family think our dojo We go guys dig deep come on last round here Oh Yeah, oh yeah, I’m getting a big a big meal after this tell you what I Don’t know what yet gonna be awesome Maybe a bowl with meat and rice maybe a sandwich Greenzo Love it. So does Brandon that’s what we do these workouts so intensely because I’m not trying to You know, I mean, sometimes you gotta cut calories to lose weight, but I’m not trying to cut too hard Good guys minute 30 Black’s here we go Good I’ve got a couple of doubles here follow me Good run About a minute left guys, here we go Do a little little boxer straddle here right on the back Push it off one minute last don’t for upset here unless you’re advanced Good come on Nothing fancy you don’t need to do tricks to burn calories See this this how you burn calories You just stay simple You swing that heavy rope okay, come on guys Oh gosh, let’s go And then we finish with plank and push-ups, come on turn it up Last set. Here we go guys we get out real quick Thank you for tuning in to another burn workout you want more of these workouts And you’re a beginner check out our start here series If you are a I linked it up, by the way If you’re if you just want more of these workouts Check out our burn series and our tour series also linked up if you like this video and you found it Helpful, please go ahead and give it a thumbs up below Followed by a subscribe. If you’d like to continue receiving more information to help you jump rope get lean and live more I’m Dan Whitmer. This is the jump rope dudes always reminding you to do


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