5 WEIGHT LOSS DRINKS ? How to Lose Weight & Cut Fat (Healthy Drink Recipes)

they are still doing they WannabeLean challenge for January last week we did meal prepping I showed
you all my meal prepping tips and shared a bunch of my favorite healthy recipes
for weight loss and today I’m going to show you all my favorite healthy drink
recipes these drinks also help promote weight loss and my favorite cleansing
I’ve got five drinks here that I’m going to show you how to prepare a bunch of
drinks at the beginning of the week just like we do meal prepping I really think
that if you can take a little time to do a drink prepping it it just makes it so
much more fun when you have a fun healthy drink ready to go throughout the
week so here are all my favourite drinks I’m going to quickly show you step by
step how to make each one of these drinks anyone can make them you just
need a few simple ingredients and you can make them from home my first
favorite is the lemon apple cider vinegar drink I use the bribe organic
raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother very important that you get
the kind that’s organic and with the mother so do you like the sour drink
Owen likes what he calls it the sour drink this one is the woman that daddy
make it’s a yummy huh so it’s just apple cider vinegar some fresh squeezed lemon
some lime powder stevia and water we got our matcha drinks this is a beat
one and this is just the basic matcha of organic evolution you want to taste it
you just blend it up in a blender and yet I added a little bit of stevia gives
me a nice boost of energy and I just like it in wo in next drink is convinced as Owen is
kombucha I talk about kombucha on eBay I cut four videos about kombucha already
and I have a whole blog post teaching you how to make your own kombucha it’s
really simple I will put the link to the my kombucha recipe in the description of
this video so you can make your own kombucha it’s very simple in my kombucha
I like to add a little bit of the Isagenix ki shots
I love these this gives me a nice boost of energy this ya is real caffeine so
this is a plant-based caffeine from green tea and yerba mate’ no artificial
colors flavors or sweeteners 35 calories per serving so these are my favorite I’d
have one of these every morning first thing when I wake up gives me a nice
little boost of energy to wake me up and get me going for the day so I’ve had one
of these every day for the last oh I’d say three years and I love them danby blends I loved and Eaglin I did a
vlog for you like it too I did a blog post about all the
different ways you can flavor the dandy blend and make fun healthy drinks this
is like a coffee substitute a lot of people who are trying to quit coffee use
this dandy blend it’s an alternative to coffee it has kind of like a slight
coffee flavor without the coffee or caffeine it’s nice you can drink it hot
or cold so I like to I like to flavor these dandy blends all you need is a
little bit of water some dandy blend powder and some stevia I like to use the
sweet leaf sweet drops sea stevia because they have lots of fun flavors
like caramel and chocolate they also have a pumpkin spice with this
dandy blend you can always add you can add a little bit of almond milk tooth and last but not least this is one of my
favorites this is an amazing cleansing detoxifying 3 it’s made with yerba mate
a Isagenix cleanse for life this is what I use when I’m doing my full-on
cleansing days but you can also drink this daily cleanse for life nourishes
your body with antioxidants and plant botanicals that support your own
detoxification systems cleanser life is a fundamental component during cleanse
days to support metabolism weight loss and maintenance when used as a part of
the Isagenix system it’s made with cleanse for life
yerba montane fresh squeezed lemon juice and some chia seeds a little bit of
stevia and there you have it I’ve made a whole
bunch of all of these drinks I’m going to put them in my refrigerator now so
that I have lots of healthy drink options throughout this week and anytime
I’m craving a diet coke or something that’s not healthy for me I’ll just go
and grab one of my healthy drinks from my refrigerator so I have an extra
refrigerator in my garage and this is where I put all of my drinks and this is the mess that I’m left with
after doing all my drink prep I will be sure to link all the ingredients to
these drinks to the description of this video so if you’re looking for any of
these products that I use you can always find the links in the description of
this video be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for weekly
videos on healthy lifestyle living trying to find balance and purpose in
motherhood thank you for being in my video hope you
want to taste it okay so yummy huh


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