Hey everybody and welcome to the video. This is Josh here and today we’re talking
about 5 diet hacks to easily save on your calories. Now these 5 tips are things I’ve come up with
over the years that take very little effort and have had a big impact on my overall calories
throughout the day. Alright, so tip #1. Swap out the ketchup for mustard. If you’re someone that always douses your
chicken with barbecue sauce, or ketchup, or puts a bunch on a hamburger or foods like
that, mustard is a really great transition. You know, it’s something that’s cheap and
easy to switch, and has practically no calories in comparison. That leads into tip #2 which is take the time
to look at the calorie labels at the grocery store. If you’re looking for a specific item, different
brands will have different calorie amounts, so try and find the one that has the least. Bread is a great example for this. You can see anything from 35 calories a slice
up through 200 calories a slice. So take those few extra minutes and really
study those calorie labels and pick the one that has the least amount of calories. Alright, so tip #3 is another easy tweak. Weigh out your food when you’re tracking it. This is such a simple change that has had
a huge impact when I first got my kitchen scale. When you track your food and you go by volume
there can be such a big margin of error there, and that margin of error— Say it’s only
5 or 10 calories for whatever you’re tracking at the time, but if you’re tracking 20 different
foods throughout the day that can be eating away at your deficit that you might think
you have. This is often times the culprit for people
that struggle with plateau’s but don’t actually weigh out their food. Taking that extra step to actually weigh it
instead of going by volume measurement will save you a ton of calories. And this brings me to my next point, that
is actually track and log your food. I’ve talked to a lot of people on the channel
that are making an effort to make healthier meals, or lower calorie meals, but aren’t
actually tracking. That can work for some people, and especially
in the early stages that can work, but as you go forward you need to understand how
many calories are in the different foods. For the rest of your weight loss and for maintenance
you’re not going to be able to fix and adjust what you don’t know is wrong. Taking that time to actually weigh your food
and log everything is going to give you the knowledge that you’re going to need going
forward to finish your weight loss and to keep the weight off in your maintenance. Alright, the next tip I’m going to go over,
when you’re eating out at a restaurant, cut the meal in half. So wether you want to share it with a friend,
or a significant other, meals at restaurants are notoriously high in calories and will
usually satiate you for two full meals. When you first get that food at the restaurant,
think in your mind you’re going to cut this meal in half, save the rest for tomorrow,
share it with someone you know, it’s going to make your restaurant experience much less
stressful from a diet standpoint, and it’s going to let you enjoy it that much more knowing
that you can fit it into your diet that much easier. So I hope these tips helped you, I’ve talked
about this on the channel before but I hadn’t really shared the things that I do to make
that happen, so if you got any benefit from this make sure to like the video and leave
me a comment down below. What’s your #1 tip to save on calories during
your diet? And be sure to subscribe if you’re not already,
I put out new videos every Monday and Friday. But until next time, I will talk to you all
later. Have a good one.


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